Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What a day I've had...

Blimey - it's been some day.

First thing this morning, on my way to work, I raced to the shop I bought our new Christmas decs from hoping to buy a replacement for the one Vinnie broke the other day throwing cushions at his Dad...

I mean, for heaven's sake! Was Carl on the ceiling??

And anyway - did he not get enough under the tree to keep him busy, that he had to resort to such boisterous games in the living room as a means of entertainment? I wasn't that annoyed when I thought I'd be able to replace it but now I know I can't, I'm cross. The lady told me to come back again in October... Oh ok... great. Like I'll remember that, eh?

Then into work to a mountain of admin I let slide in December when it was all happening.
Ho hum.

Then back into town, to buy Carl some birthday presents and cards. Vin went to Dunstable for the books that he'd asked for and I went into LB for whatever else caught my eye. While I was there I picked up a couple of bits and bobs as little gifts for my afternoon visitors. One of whom I felt I owed for an earlier kindness... :-) and the other who is just so damned cute!

Back at work in a flap, I somehow managed to break my key in half in the lock on my door....!! And so had to get the maintenance man to break in again... Need a new lock now, new set of keys, making good to the door... tut tut tut...

And Paula - didn't I tell you I was a menace with keys and locks and things? :-(

So, trying to keep out of trouble, I busied myself on the PC, until the nurse on duty came up and told me I'd had a phone call, but she thought I'd gone for the day and had told my caller so.


Anam and Ian and Fay were supposed to be coming after leaving Anna's... and coming quite out of their way too - by a couple of hours! OH NO! Talk about panic. Too late, I realised I had no one's numbers, so tried emailing peeps to seek help.... no good - got no one's email addy at work! No phone book either... I called Lemon - well, she was no help - stuck in hobbycraft... where else?? Lol! Tried Dolly... a couple of others. No help at all.

Then, just as I was getting really despondent - they turned up at the door! Nurse Nancy had told someone ELSE I'd gone home... So it was all alright Lol.

We had a lovely little visit - Fay is such a doll -I could have taken her home all too easily... so sweet and small and pretty... and that accent! And it was great to see Anam and have a gas while she was here. Too soon they had to go as they still had a long drive down south ahead of them, but I'm glad we managed to catch up, if only for a flying visit.

So - here's some piccies!

And there you have it - a terribly nerve jangling day for me altogether - and I've still got to get me flaming lock fixed tomorrow!

Anyone want to joing me in saying.....Bugger!!


Sprogpaws said...


Melly said...

ha ha!

Paula said...

Well you did warn me but these things always happen when you are busy trying to do the other 100 things!!!
Fab pictures you look really well & so does Anam after all her upset of late. Fay is the cutest isn't she!!!

suebaru said...

But gald your visitors got there safely in the end, fab photos!

Anam_Kihaku said...

you rock girlie!! caterpilar the puppy is found a fabby home udner fays arm!! not left it since :) and everything you did for us is totally appreciated and i have sorted out that other problem too ;)

jaihn said...

Lovely pics, Jakey.
Happy New Year to you!

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