Saturday, August 08, 2009

Goin WILD with Sanna!

Lotta birthdays going on round here...
I'm surrounded by Leo's. Lucky I like em, eh? :-)

Brother, Sister, Son, Grandson, Daughter, Son in Law, Granddaughter... like I said - a LOT!

But today's celebration is my sister's... the animal print madwoman we all love to pieces, and tonight we're going wild with her. Oh yeah!You can guess the theme for the party... We've been planning this for months! So today's ultra busy for me - hall preparations, picking up gas for balloons, picking up the cake etc etc. Plus, I still have to help dispose of the old kitchen and all that related crap, and do a million other things as well, Sooooo..... best crack on now!


Last night's MOJOHOLDER , based on a layout by Micayla Metcalf- lots more fabby inspo on the blog, plus Sarah's brilliant sketch :-) Micayla Metcalf

Have a great weekend peeps!

Friday, August 07, 2009

coming together

Yep, things are definitely coming together now. And I'm personally feeling much happier since I cut back on all my crafty commitments. Now when I craft it's when I have time, when I feel like it, and I do whatever I feel like doing - without guilt. Years ago I loved the buzz of beating deadlines, and getting free product, and seeing my stuff in print etc, but all that's just not imortant any more. I still love to look at my friends wonderful creations, and obviously share their joy at their every success - I just want no more of it for myself :-) I guess I simply don't have time... there are just so many other things I want to be doing.

I still dabble, I still enjoy creating, it just isn't taking over my life anymore lol.

I made this little card for last weeks daring card makers challenge in between supervising plumbing, electrics and fitting of kitchen... the kitchen's almost all in now - and i'm going to love it when it's finished. One bad thing did happen - I discovered the tiles i've covetted for months had gone down to half price in the Homebase sale... and I MISSED it! I was WILD! I wanted those tiles badly - now I have to start a new search, and then pay full whack - what a bummer!

Still, I'm not going to moan. All the good Karma from last year is coming back to us finally and a small thing like sold out tiles is not going to spoil it. It's funny... you do good things and try to be the best you can and you sometimes wonder why you get no luck for it. Then suddenly you do, and it's a great feeling.

So, remember today - try to be a little kinder than is strictly necessary to everyone you encounter... at the very least you've been good, and maybe made someone's day. At best, you may one day find your good heart is rewarded in some way. Maybe not in the way you expect, and possibly not when you expect it either. But good may still come your way sometime... you just never know.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

looking ahead

Great news - I think we've found someone to take on the kitchen work. Our initial plan had been to have a go ourselves but faced with such a hugely daunting task we've chickened out and decided we need a man who can... so the chosen one's coming later to take a look, draw up some plans and let us know what it's going to cost. Being poor as church mice we're praying it's not more than we can afford... the fact it's someone we know may help tho... so, fingers crossed for us, pls!

This week's mojoholder guest designer was Jennifer Maguire and you can see her LO, Sarah's sketch and the team's interpretations on the blog here

Here's mine:

thanks for dropping in! :-)


Saturday, August 01, 2009

dark clouds looming (silver lining maybe?)

I was hoping for sunny weather as I have a lot to do outside - but no such luck. As a matter of fact we need nice weather so we can EAT outside! Our table - our entire dining room - is engulfed in kitchen fitments awaiting fitting.... not much fun but there's work to be done before they can go in.... and well... i've just got to get on and accept I guess, so no good moaning. That said, I hate eating off my lap in the living room... so need the weather to be resonable so I can eat al fresco - even if it's with my coat on lol!

I tried for insp from daring card makers and joined in with their challenge to make a card with pretty edging... got it done, but forgot to upload and link... doh!

Anyway, it was fun doing the scalloping :-) and I have another card now for my 'just in case' box.

I hope to have a go at this week's too - not that I play bejewelled blitz or whatever it's called on facebook - but only because I have an addictive personality and I wouldn't dare start something else that might steal my (too little) time! I waste too much time on there already.... No, I just fancy having a go at something glitzy and sparkly :-) So thanks to the girls for the idea.

OK, garden jobs now
thanks for popping by
jk xx
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