Monday, July 23, 2007

Challenge #3 is live!!

Wow.. I deliberately didn't look at any of the Eve's layouts this time, so i've just been over for a peek now and it's blown me away. I love my teamies - love everything they do :-) And Annie's pulled a corker out as our guest - thank you darl!

If you fancy a challenge or just wanna eye up a bit of creativity to get your mojo flowing, pop over and see what you think - better still come join us! You have until aug 4th to get your work in.. are you going to be one of our favourites this round?

All About Eve
- all about you.

Challenge #3 - My escape.

Anyone got a minute they can spare... if I get enough, it'll give me an hour :-)

Lots of things:

First - the weather scuppered something cool for me.

Nice. And up to now I wasn't even taking it personally....

...but due to the vile conditions, someone dear went through unimaginable trauma... which in a strange way managed to reflect on me! It's funny how everything that happens has a repercussion for so many others - even if in a minor way. Like ripples on a pond I guess....

- how profound, and for so early on a monday morning.... lol!

Seriously, I'm just so glad that the lovely lady involved is ok, her family is ok, and I hope the event doesn't leave too many horrible scary memories in times to come.

As for my involvement - pah! It's as of nothing.

I'm still running about like a headless chicken at the moment - even though I'm supposed to be doing nothing. The hand however is healing nicely without the prescribed rest, so with a pinch of luck, I might just meet my commitments, get everything else done, sort my Dad's hospital stay out/transport problems out, get packed, and still actually get to the airport on time next weekend.

Scrapnews - at MOJO we spent a few hours trawling galleries and poring over layouts, and finally settled on 7 people to add to the DT! yes... seven. Lol!! We actually wanted four - but they were all just TOO good! So, seven it is, but as there's only four of us now, this'll round it out nicely, and take the pressure off if anyone needs a week's break or goes on holiday or whatever. Check the blog for the list of names... followers of the challenges are going to be in for such a treat in the coming weeks - we have star quality designers on this team. The work's going to be amazing!

At Eve, we have picked some favourites from the Age challenge, and they are now up on the blog -These you must see! Incredible work came in - you guys are awesome, and we thank you so much for taking part and making it all so rewarding for us. As a blog, we're not trying to set the world on fire... we have fun, chat a lot, and throw out a challenge once a fortnight. If no one played, we'd still be having the crack with it - but the response was out of this world, and we thank you talented souls for taking the time to share your ideas and creations with us - WTG girls!

Friday, July 20, 2007

how many days...?

Well, quite a few, actually.... Since I last blogged, that is. Not like me really, but I've had a lot going on and haven't had the time to get on here and update.

So what's new... well, I took my dad for his pre-ops last tuesday. Only sat around the L&D for about 5 hrs, so not bad I spose, but it's done now, and his op is next week, all being well.

I've been very busy making layouts and stuff - so busy that I actually managed to knacker my hand trying to do too much at once, and i'm paying for it now with an extremely poor paw. Had to go to the doc's yesterday when my right hand (yep, I'm right handed...) blew up like a balloon and I was in so much pain around my thumb and wrist area that I wanted to cry. Seems I have acute extensior tendonitis - which is a friggin sore hand to me and you. Thing is - I even know how I did it. I was cutting with blade and mat... blunt blade, thin paper, so pressing very very hard to avoid tears... between gripping tight and pressing down, i've aggravated the tendon and boy - does it kill. Got some very good tablets tho and anti-imflammatory/painkilling gel and with some rest the doc reckons it will be alright. He did say tho - NO SCRAPPING!!!

The man jests..... surely?

This is this weeks
mojoholder layout - and it was was done before the injury - honest:

I also have some more stuff which I think will be on view tomorrow... :-) which I did for some very talented friends of mine :-D and you can see that on a fabby inspiration blog, and no, I have no sneakies.... bad enough typing with my left hand only, without trying to use the scanner or camera single mitted as well!

Mojoholders will be announcing our new DT teamies within the next few days - though how we're ever going to pick just one or two I do NOT know... The stuff we've had in is so gorgeous. I want you all!

And talking of entries, the work we've had in in response to our last All About Eve challenge, 'Age' has blown us away! You ladies are phenominal! Trying to choose our faves has been so hard, because the work is great and it's wonderful to see how many of you have played along considering it's only our second challenge. Thank you each and everyone of you. We've set them up in a gallery - and believe me - they are an impressive sight. Lots of ooohing and ahhing from the eve's camp this last week or so I can tell you.... lol!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday... so what?

Saturday again. 2 weeks from now we'll be on hols - yippee!

Vin will be celebrating his 15th birthday... no way can my boy be that big. Oh, I know he's a lump, getting tall, growing up... but 15? Where did the time go? I remember the day he was born - course I do - there was only me and him there. Yep. Just me and my boy... all alone on the bedroom floor. And after 3 girls, it was certainly a surprise to see that this tiny new born baby in my arms was a boy. Unbelievable in fact, just like the whole thing. Giving birth alone, getting this boy... The midwife had been in twice and left me. She said I wasn't in advanced labour... oh no? Think I don't know with my fourth baby??

huh! Showed her didn't we?

Anyway. Obviously we both survived, and I made no complaint. I was just happy to have it all over with, and get on with mothering my baby.

And now here he is - a fine young man, almost grown up. And still the light of my life, even though he drives me insane being the teenager he is.... Kids! One minute they're asleep on your shoulder - the next they're taller than you, and walking out the door.

My mojoholder this week features our adorable lil Matilda. This girlie is SO cute and pretty! She has beautiful eyes, with the longest laffs... a cute lil grin, and ... dimples!!! I just LOVE dimples!

Have a great day all

jk x

Monday, July 09, 2007

Challenge #2 is live

Our 2nd challenge is up and looking good!

Lol at Maria's - that one really tickled me for some reason... just so cheeky :-) Anyway... It made me smile.

The girls have done a great job again - lots of diversity and different ideas, and we've decided that we'll be inviting some guests from the participants, so check out the challenge and get yours in - either by email or through a link in comments - and just wait for the call ;-)

Found a fab new sketch site offering monthly prizes, plus weekly inspiration - check out
'getting sketchy' here gorgeous sketches and some lovely work on show.

Must dash - I have a million crafty things to make for our work Fete on Sunday. It's going to be a great day - dedicated to Chris. We've a professional 6 piece Jazz band lined up - a Rock and Roll dance group coming in to do a show, and our own group of gospel singing carers, plus all the usual stalls and sideshow stuff - with all the proceeds are going to Chris's family for their donation to the Intensive Care Unit where Chris was nursed.

Wish us luck with the weather!

Here's my All About Eve layout - check the blog for the other Eve's interpretations:

And I leave you with a few random lines from a dodgy MP3:

Thought we could live forever

But there's more to life than we'll ever know

Tell me why'd you have to leave so soon

When I've got a thousand questions to ask of you

The Jayhawks - Will I see you in heaven : Rainy Day Music

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Challenge number 2!!

All about Eve unveils it's 2nd challenge tomorrow!

And my, those two weeks have flown... Personally, I've had a lot of stuff happen in that time and the most important thing - losing my friend at just 50, so suddenly and without any warning - has only endorsed my feelings about being part of this blog. It's made me realise just how important is the idea that we women, we scrappers and family book keepers, should be paying more attention to getting ourselves inside those family history books - while there's still time to do so.

Chris, my mate and colleague, was a girl who loved to take photo's. Her daughter bought her a new digi camera for Christmas and the first day back at work we both brought our new toys in to compare and admire them. I know that most of the pics she took were of her grandkids and family, because when it was her birthday party, we had a helluva time finding photo's we could use for a collage. Most of the ones eventually came from others - she had so few of her own.

I don't imagine I'm ever going to feel comfortable being on the wrong side of the lens, but I'm making an effort to accept that while I may not think I look great in pictures, or have anything interesting going on, my family probably don't feel the same.

My sister and I mourn the lack of photo's we have of our own Mum, and I'm determined to make sure my kids never end up feeling like that. So while my Eve layouts won't always be a facial portrait or posed shot, I will at least try to inject the spirit of me into my work.

As far as this week is concerned, we've had some fun with it, and we've got a fantastically talented guest joining us too, so check the blog tomorrow and please do join in if you've got time. We had some fabby links left on the blog, and received loads of lovely work by email too - we don't mind how you share with us and we love seeing your interpretations!

You can see our fave's from the last challenge up now and challenge 2 goes live tomorrow :-)

Random Lines form a dodgy MP3

Sometimes I just can't get enough of you.
Sunshine, you just blow my mind.
Gonna take it all, gonna change it all for you.
And I'm so gald that you found me,
Yeah, you made it just in time.Yeah, I'm so glad now - I'm getting delerious.

World Party - Sunshine : Bang.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Trying to get on as normal round here. It's finally stopped raining - and wow, it makes a difference to your mood. The weather's been so depressing.

We've booked a little holiday. It'll do us good to have a break, and be so nice to wake up to sunshine instead of rain - if only for a week. Under fierce opposition from Carlos, I booked Ibiza, which he claims is full of foamy clubbers intent on taking over the entire island.... I don't believe him. Sure, I know they hang out round the San An area, and maybe venture up as far as Ibiza town even, but the north's always been the home of hippies and the like - so I reckon we'll fit in perfectly.

We're staying in a tiny town where not a lot happens, but it's got a stunning beach and there's some gorgeous coastal paths that take us to nearby towns in either direction, and it's near the famous hippy market at Punta Arabi, where musicans and buskers play to the crowds who flock there from all over the island every wednesday, to check out the colourful stalls and beautiful people.

Carlo's had a bit of ribbing at work from his mates who are now calling him an 18-30 wannabe, but I think he'll love it once there, and i'm starting to pack tomorrow so there's not much to be done about it now lol!! Nothing if not impulsive once my mind's made up, that's me.

My Mojo layout for last night was a bit flung together - it was hard to relax and scrap as I just wasn't in the mood for anything after all the bad things that happened, but it turned out ok-ish I guess, given the circumstances.

At Mojo, we've decided to extend the DT deadline, as we've had a few peeps say they're away etc, and as Kelly's away herself next week, so it just makes sense to give it another few days.

So! I'f you haven't had a go yet, do check it out, it's a fun scraplift challenge each week and we're looking for more than one person.. more than two even... ;-) wink nice to see what you come up with. Deets can be found on the blog here

At All about Eve our 2nd challenge goes up on Monday and it's a cracker. I had great fun making my offering even though I'd dreaded it initially - thanks Emine - I didn't want it, did I? lol!!

Anyway, the girls have come up with some really lovely work again so pop by next week and see if it's a challenge you fancy doing yourself.

Finished some work I did for a GD spot yesterday and got that sent off, so that's sorted now - Oh! and my stamps came.. yay! Got me some Art Warehouse Fresh decor, a wooden chandelier, and my freestyle alpha finally got here too. So will be playing later I hope.

Well, as the sun is actually attempting to peep through the clouds now I'm going to go into the garden and have a little tidy up. Might even get the lawn chairs out and follow it round all day if it looks like staying - I can't go on holiday like this - I'm so white i'm almost Lumo!

Have a great day whatever you're doing :-)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

very sad day

Such a very sad day here.

My friend i've been talking about... Well, she didn't make it....

Chris slipped away late last night with all her family and loved one's around her.

I went into work this morning to be hustled into the office by the manager and housekeeper - and these girls - who are my friends, almost my family really... we sat and cried together when they told me Chris was gone.

And I'm so bloody sad now . Distraught really... bereft. I can't stop crying and f'ing everything's crap.

I sat there today and made a total friggin pigs ear of the invoices, and extra's, and the letter to the relative's about Chris, and I thought "Oh girlie, come on, you're the administrator, not me... help me here..." and it was awful. Me and Sue and Dawn - it took us three days, and we broke the PC somehow, and frigged up the printer and we bodged everything on the paperwork too - and it took us three days to create this mayhem... and Chris used to do this trouble free on her own in less than a morning... with NOTHING damaged beyond repair - even if there was a few frazzled nerves...

God, I'm so gutted. Just so sad. I miss hernow, and I don't know what the hell I'm ever going to say to her lovely family in the days to come.

And you know what? Her body was given to medical science, because that was one thing she insisted her family knew she wanted - just in case.

How very like Chris to be thinking of others, even in her last moments. Bless her heart.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bloggin hell

What the hell is wrong with bloody blogger these last few days????

I can't post comments on blogs, I can't even read comments if there are a lot of them! On Eve's I know there are comments I haven't read, but I just keep getting the little box pop up asking if I want to view things or not.... and whatever I tick, it just keeps popping back up!! Grr! And of course when it's open you can't scroll... so I am constantly stuck at the top of the comments page!

I've tried to commenti on several blooger blogs today - is it blogger - or is it ME???


no time for anything....

I've been busy. Had hardly any time for anything as I've had to assume all the admin and reception duties at work following my colleague's collapse and subsequent stay in hospital.

No happy news there, i'm afraid.

She's still gravely ill and we're all feeling terribly down about it. Chris is a friend, and all we can think about is how unbelievable all this is... I keep thinking back to late last year when she had her fancy dress birthday party and all the fun we had then... coming out of the blue like this, it's shaken me to the core. Doesn't help that she's the same age as me. I'm having trouble sleeping and can't stop thinking about her and all that's happened.

Off to the cemetry tomorrow with flowers for my MUm's birthday. She always liked that she and Princess Diana shared their birthday... but we won't be having a barbeque this year. We always had a barbi for Nanny on her birthday - me, my kids and sister always barbeque wherever in the world we are... all eating under the same stars... but this year the weather is too awful. I don't know where all this rain is coming from. It's shocking.

Here's last night's mojoholder layout - better late than never I guess, eh?

This is of course, the adorable MeeMee - Jazz's cute lil chi. Gotta love that sweet face! I looove this doggie so much it's not real. For a girl who only stands barely 8 ins high she has more character than any pup I know! She was sitting on my knee and turned round to look at me - so I snapped her :-) Love this pic.

We've been getting some gorgeous work in for the DT call! I'm dreading having to choose between them when the time comes to vote. Check out the blog for details on how to enter - there's still plenty of time to have a go!

jk x
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