Saturday, March 28, 2009

no apoligies, no bloggin... no time, no inclination.

I haven't been scrapping, so there's been nothing to post about. I'm sure nobody wants to know that I got up, went to work, came home and went to bed.... so... no posts for a while. I've just been hiding my head in the sand and had no mojo at all. First time I've ever been like that for more than a day or two, but I really had no interest and couldn't even be bothered to try as all that happened was I sat in here doing nothing for hours on end... Buuuut....I have finally managed to break the spell and get crafting again! I thought the scrapbook fairy had deserted me completely... but I feel a little mojo creeping back. Thank goodness.

I managed to do last night's mojoholder LO, but it's not my best by any means... however, seeing as I was making nothing - it's an improvement on that. We scraplifted Kimberley Garofolo Neddo this week and you can find links to her work and Sarah's sketch on the blog.

Then this is what I did with my new Magistical Memories Scrap Easel! These are amazing, and you all definitely need one... really you (and I) need several because you can do so much with them :-)There are some lovely examples on MM's blog here

The piccy's are of my baby grand-daughter Jenna, dressed up to go to the carnival 2009- the family had a cowboy theme. She is such a little dot and SO adorable, everyone loves her to pieces!

Anyway, not much doing so just a quickie today to ease myself back in.
happy weekend all :-)
tfl - and get yourseld an easel if you don't have one!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

what a start to the year...

2009 is not turning out to be such a great year for my family. In fact so far, it's been pretty crap all round, and that's not how I'd hoped it was going to be... not at all.

More bad news yesterday has just about drowned me in a funk. To say I'm gutted is not the word, and I can't see any good outcome from it at this point. I hate being sad, being so down... and I really don't want to be.... but. I just am. And I can't help it.

So...Not much heart in this today but here goes...

A simple quick layout I made from a Janelle Lee sketch, picked up on Magistical Memories forum. We have sketches, contests and challenges all the time - and the chance to win free chippies, so it's always worth having a look to see if something inspires you. Plus - it's a happy, no drama forum... so if you come by, stop and say hello. Lot's of friendly peeps on there and a lovely gallery too with work from some very inspiring gals. Not me - them!

And this is my mojoholder LO - no 102

This week we lifted super talented Marla Kress - see her original on the blog and check out Sarah's sketch.

Lots of different takes on it will hopefully inspire you to have a go yourself, we love to see your interpretations too :-)

As usual my LO's a bit of a pee take of myself... can't be doing with taking myself seriously, and I do love a bit of kicking back and chillin in my flip flops... well, who doesn't?

I can't seem to make a layout these days without using Kate's gorge doodles, and holiday feet has doodles from a kit called Caribbean Sunrise. Not sure if it's been retired or not, but Kate might be persuaded to offer it again if anyone particularly wanted it ;-)

Anyways.. time to go. I want to set some seeds and see something grow. I need to keep busy.

hugs for the weekend.
Spare a prayor for us.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

silly and sad

A silly layout today - and yes, I know i'm a tad early for St Pat's.... but why not? Get you all in the mood and give a bit of advanced info about where you can get some brill St Paddy's doodles ready for your pictures when you get them.

First you can get them here:

Yep, good ole katie-girl's come up trumps again :-)

And here's what I did with the kit - plus a few additions from other kits:

On this hybrid LO are :

Spring Greens.
Happy go lucky
Let's celebrate

also a magistical memories chipboard frame - bubble frame straight frame -

Enter the comp on magistical memories forum for the chance to win free chippies - and you don't need ST Patricks photos either! ;-)

Sad because it's the anniversary of the day we lost our beautiful jen jen. The pain and sadness never go away, but it does get easier with the passing years. RIP Queen Wah xx

Sunday, March 08, 2009

ooops.. I did it again..

bad bad blogger... No time, and too stressed for words.

I seem to have less and less time to do the things I want to lately, never mind write posts about them. Luckily for me, no one misses me eh?

A couple of bits to add today

First up Mojoholder 101:

A scraplift of a Jill Godon LO - we all loved the clean lines and uncluttered look of her beautiful page and you can see it, and all the team's individual takes on it on the blog.

Sarah's sketch :-)
Then I made this little thing for IACW

Digi Decoupage Pot

You’ll need a regular sized terracotta pot, and holder.

White acrylic paint

Some printed and cut out digi images

Napkin podge, or similar

A couple of lolly sticks

And a potted primrose – usually only about 60-75p

First you need to paint your pot and saucer. I find several light coats are best.

While the pot is drying, and in between coats, print some pretty digi images and cut them out. Normally for hybrid projects I’d print them out on card, but for decoupage, plain white paper is better.

I used Kate Hadfield's

Sunburst Alpha

Spring Flora Doodles

available from the Lilypad

Using napkin podge, stick the images to your pot and smooth out any bubbles gently with your fingertips. It’s pretty fast drying so you might want to mark where the images are to go first.

Print the sentiment onto card and cut it out. Ink the edges if desired. Glue a lolly stick across the back of the sentiment for stability, and another one in the opposite direction – this will go into the soil of your plant to hold the word above the flowers.

Pop the potted plant into the holder and add the word – and you’re done!

You could use shellac or clear varnish to coat the pot but I didn’t bother and the whole thing took no time to make. Might be a nice Mother’s Day gift, or Easter pressie for a special Nan, but as I have neither I put it on my kitchen windowsill - a pressie to myself :-)

happy weekend all

Monday, March 02, 2009

it's nice to know someone cares....

My darling sister takes it upon herself to look out for my health (apart from when she's pickling my liver with copious amounts of red wine, of course... which she'll then tenderly repair with milk thistle if I allow her... ;-) ) .

She has trained me in the art of daily Green Tea drinking - something I am now happily addicted to... and regularly sends me little parcels of healthy treats, which she feels will benefit my constitution.

The latest parcel arrived this week, full of wolf berries, pumkin seeds and other delicious nibbles.

And then there's this! yummm...!

Raw chocolate pie:
"Very rich, very moorish but sugar and dairy free... Ingredients: raw chocolate, yacon powder, maccademia nuts, pecans, ground almonds, coconut butter, lucuma, agave, carob flour". And they do a chili chocolate too... which strange as it sounds, is actually quite amazing :-)

She buys them here:

Or more precisely, from their branch at Truro, on the Lemon street Market.

And they do mail order with FREE P&P! Check it out guys ... healthy can be GOOD!
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