Saturday, March 31, 2007


Just finished my pencillines LO for tomorrow... it's definately a bit different for me... but at the same time very much the same if that makes any sense?

I'm gonna be completely honest here; it's been a while since I scrapped anything and enjoyed doing it. My buddies have been at me... why am I not scrapping? What's the prob? What's going on...?

The answer is, I'm just too damn busy.

Yes, I knocked a couple of bits together last week for Scissor Sisters... but it was rushed stuff, and I feel very bad about that now. I like to make things in my own time normally, and to do a good job... I like to enjoy the process, even if I'm working for someone else. Deadlines I can deal with - but I had no idea at all that this ridiculous situation was going to suddenly appear on the domestic front - so thrown all out of kilter, I was getting late, and had to rush... But I will make it up in effort. I'm not known for being one who shirks or lets the side down, and I don't want anyone to think anything's changed there.

To get back to the LO I just finished... A dear friend sent me the papers... she claimed they were more me than her...... Oh Yeah! They were me alright! I loved them!

A Fabby pic too... But how come some people are JUST SO photogenic.. eh?? I mean, I'm not... why should they be ??

Will put a sneaky up in tghe morning - If I manage to find my camera

Friday, March 30, 2007

Scissor Sisters quickies

(Wonky scan alert! ... Grr hate scanners!) A couple of quick bits today - These have been whipped up fairly snappy like, in order to catch up but I actually quite like the simple page of Izzy, (cutting those teeny letters out was no fun however, and Boy! do I sometimes wish I was loaded and could just go and buy the stickers like everyone else).... And the lil jigsaw book features Mimi the wonder dog, so I gotta love that, eh?
Today the floor comes up - Yikes. Better start shifting stash to a place of safety. I'll let you know if I find anything nice buried under the mountain of junk!

til then... jk x

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Got a couple of quick snippets:

Check out the pencillines blog - they have a couple of fabby blinkies to share with loyal readers, so if like me you are a fan (groupie? Lol) you can pick yourself one up and get flashin right away.... :-)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Also, I'll back there for a short stint from Sunday, standing in for Annie, who's off to see family for a couple of weeks. We got a great sketch for ya, and a real variety of styles and interpretations so be sure to pop in Sunday night for your weekly fix :-)

My craft room floor is coming up!! Eeeek! The electrician needs to get some boards up to fit outside lighting..... and this is the only place - well, the easiest place he can do it from. You have NO idea how much stuff I have to clear to let this happen.......Wait...... I'm talking to scrappers... so you probably do....

Still, as Carl pointed out, on a brighter note I'm likely to find all sorts of stash, stamps, tools etc I've forgotten I ever had..... Lol! (I'm not convinced, but it will force me to have a clear out, and that can only be a good thing I guess).

Can't wait for my kits to come, and a little birdie told me Anna has a seriously scrummy Scrapping Angels kit coming out too, so look out for that ;-)

Kate has now added an ampersand to her feebie on offer yesterday, so if you missed it get over there and grab it quick. Oh, and she has news to share too - congrats Kate, on your celeb status!!

And that's it. Too Too busy for any more chat today!

Hugs to all

JK xx

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Congrats Suzanne!

Suzanne is through to the MM Idol top ten!!!

An amazing scrapper and one lovely girl too... this is just SO well deserved.

Don't forget to check her entry out when it's voting time again ;-)

Keep that UK flag flying for us girly!

Yay!! freebies from Kate!

Kate has freebies on her blog today!!


If you downloaded the freebie doodled alphabet and goodies a while back, you might want to add to the collection with the extra doodled punctuation pack she is offering today. Don't forget this is not just for digi artists... more and more of us are downloading digi elements to print out and use on our paper creations, so if you haven't yet ventured into the realms of hybrid scrapping, now's your chance to try for free!

While you're there check out her other amazing digi packs, available from
The Lily Pad

Thanks Kate - Love your stuff girly!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ok, lots of you have expressed interest from the thread on UKS about this kit from cupcakescrapshop but it seems some of you have had trouble registering? Don't panic - you can contact Colleen on : These kits are a terrific bargain and I know they're flying off the shelves now, so if you want them, mail her quick and she'll give you her paypal details... and how great is that... Paypal?? She is our friend, this girl... she is! Lol!

What strange weather we're experiencing lately... this week I've been leaving the house and driving to work in thick fog... lights on, can't see more than a few feet... by mid morning the sun is shining.... and by hometime, I have my sunroof up and windows down!

WooHoo! Sunnies on... and wind in your hair... feels like summer!

But then in the evening it's gets cold again... In fact, it was so chilly last night I couldn't sleep - had to go get a fleecey blanket to snuggle in and switch the heating back on. Most unusual, eh?

Have to confess to being a bit naughty on the kit front... had a small splurge and have some yummy pretties on their way to me as I write ;-) Ah well... you have to treat yourself and allow yourself to be treated, sometimes... No?

It's just that as I'm feeling happy again and things are on the up, I wanted to keep my spirits smilin so I succumbed to 3 kits... well, four, coz 2 from one place, but they were in the sale, so don't count... do they? :-D

If they all arrive on the same day, my postie will kill me.... hee hee.

I've got a few bits lined up to do, so will need some sassy and scrummy stash to work with, and i'm almost ready to upload my SS work.... just a bit of faffing to do and then I can share.

Yeah... I've been a busy bee!

LOOK! What I found..... :-)

Now here's something to cheer up even the most miserable scrapper......

Check out the sale - utter bargains!! Includes March kit!

And Colleen is a doll ;-) Go on... you know you wanna.....

Monday, March 26, 2007

A lovely Rak for me...

Last week (I've just been too busy to blog about it til now) a friend sent me the most gorgeous Rak, just out of the blue. A magazine I've been dying to try, some really cool arty stuff I'd never have dared buy (and which I'm going to need help with) a gorge mini book kit, Cosmo Cricket Halfway Cafe papers and embellies(from this range here), a rubber stamp and other little trinkets... All very lush... and all for ME!

I was quite overwhelmed tbh as it was completely unexpected, and too wonderful for words, and much as I'd love to thank her on here, I get the feeling she'd rather I didn't go blurting her name out.. so enough to say thank you sweetie, for my fantastic present and for such a lovely surprise :-) SO very much appreciated, you wouldn't believe.

This weeks projects round the house are fitting lighting outside, floor laying in hall and kitchen, and floating shelves in the bedroom. And the best bit....? I'm not doing any of it... Yay!
Work is still manic - even more so as we have one off as her dad died suddenly last night, another who lost her Mum in Law on Saturday, and another who's marriage is breaking down... I feel so badly for them all. Makes me feel ashamed and humbled for all my grumbling and whining.
I've ordered a kit - it's my reward for all my hard work of late, but boy was it difficuly to decide which one to choose. It's from a US club, and they seem nice peeps tho I've never ordered from them before, but the kit looks divine and I can't wait to see it IRL. I never realised there were SO many kits on offer now... how does anyone ever know what to buy? I used to have about 3 regularly, but gave them up ages ago as I couldn't afford it. Now I just buy the odd one here and there, as and when, but let me tell you - if i had the dosh, I could take 6, 10....possibly 12 a month no prob! Never seen such choice.. oh, for some spenders... :-)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pushing the wrong buttons...

Lemon said I've been pushing the wrong buttons again... I guess she must be right, eh?

Thing is, i've been so tired. Tired and a bit blue. Worn down physically, and mentally as well. I've had no time for me, no time to scrap, read a book, listen to my music, talk to friends... no time for anything but work. And it seems it's payback time.

I've had a few sweet messages from people in the last couple of days, and I want to say thanks for this support and concern. It 's been quite heartening to hear from peeps I haven't been in contact with for ages. So nice to find people are thinking of you when you go awol and are maybe feeling down.

I try to basically be a happy kind of girl. Sure I worry, but I hate to bring others down with me, and I feel all i've had to say lately - when I've had a minute to say anything at all - has been negative and miserable... and why does anyone want to hear that?

I've still got family health problems going on and I can't help but worry about all that but I'm trying to step back a little and ease up on myself a bit... I can't carry on like this without something giving... and I don't want it to be me. Been there and done that, thank you very much, and I'm not looking for another ride on that particular roundabout I can tell you.

On a postive note, a few of my pressures have eased now, and not a minute too soon either. I had a lovely evening Friday night with family, and yesterday I did nothing. Nothing at all. Well apart from loading up my new pretty pink Mp3 player - a mother's day pressie from Jazz and Vin.
I'm gonna maybe try and scrap a little today... heaven know's I'm scared of gettimg behind with committments cos that worries me also. I don't like to let people down.

Sadly though, it seems I've done that anyway.... though goodness knows I felt I had personal reason enough... I guess we just don't all think the same though, do we.... but it's pretty crushing to offer the olive branch and find yourself completely rebuffed.

Ah well... such is life eh?

On a happier level I've discovered a couple of day's complete rest can make a huge difference to your outlook. Being around people who love you, sharing laughs and memories and just having fun... ignoring the clock and the lists and the nagging voice in your head that says Get on, you don't have time to stop.... it's well.... what can I say.....? It's rejuvenated me, and today I'm feeling fine. On top of the world, even.

I want to get back to crafting now. I realise I need to create little scrappy things... not because it's important - scrapping's a hobby and a pastime, it's not actually important is it - not compared to really important stuff I mean, like child poverty, and kids murdering each other on the streets, and cancer and other devastating diseases.... though there are probably some who would disagree with me, I know.

But anyway, I've missed having the chance to dabble and mess about with papers and paint and glue - and unbelievably, I haven't even ordered my photos from the carnival, and that's just not me... Usually I have them uploaded, ordered, and in my grubby little paws within days... So I'm really looking forward to getting back my 'play' time.

So, enough waffling. I wish you all a lovely relaxing Sunday, Oh... and Jazzabelle? ... these are the flowers you sent, and obviously haven't seen... :-) gorgeous aren't they? thanks baba x x x

Adios mi Amiga's - hasta luego!

jk x

Monday, March 19, 2007

Return to normality? Not quite.... :-(

Several quick things to report.

On the home front, the last drop of paint has dried, the last piece of border has been stuck down, and the funky soft furnishings are in place. The carpet people are coming tonight with samples and as soon as it's laid we can put the new pine furniture together and get our clothes out of black bags and back on hangers... thank heaven's. I can't believe how much upheaval decorating can make in a house. The landing and hall are full of bags, my scraproom is completely stuffed, the dining room looks like a bombs hit it with boxes halfway to the ceiling, and everywhere's full of dust.

I just hope I get it all sorted by Friday as my sister and bil are coming up from Cornwall for the weekend. Right now, it's hard to even find my dining table let alone attempt to set a meal out...

I've had two pieces of worrying news in the last couple of days. First off is that Jazz has been confined to bed rest following problems in her pregnancy. We got a call from the hospital to say she'd been rushed in and was awaiting the arrival of her gynae to take tests. It seemed to be hours before they knew anything, and it was awful being here and worrying, and not knowing what was going on. They did bloods and a scan, and then the consultant arrived and after examining her he said she could go home but only if she rested completely - or he'd have her in. As that lot cost almost 300 Euro, they were glad to be allowed home. If she'd been kept in they'd have needed to find 2000 up front as a deposit. Obviously, the only important thing is that she and the baby are ok, but it's such a worry being so far away, and knowing she's scared and sad. She also has an infection, so has medication for that, and spent Mother's day yesterday in bed with little Ruben, watching disney dvd's and colouring.... he was as good as gold, and asked her "is your baby ok Mummy?" Bless him.

Saw Donz and the kids when they popped round bearing flowers and gifts and hot cross buns to share. We talked about their imminent house move (haven't had a date for exchange yet but all looking good so far) and we can't wait to see the place first chance we get. It sounds lovely and though they won't have such a big garden for the kids - and they'll be further away from us - not walking distance anymore, they'll have more room as it's a town house so they're very excited. Had a pretty card from Lally and a text wishing me happy mother's day, and got breakfast in bed from my boys and more chocs and flowers, then a gorgeos vase containg a rainbow of tulips arrived from Jazzabelle so I had a lovely day, and think myself very lucky to have such smashing kids.

The second piece of worrying news came this morning though, when Carlo's dad mailed to say that Grandad is in the hospital again, very poorly and now in the HDU. We'll go tonight to see how he is, but it doesn't sound good tbh. He's had serious heart problems for years, many operations and many scares... but he's a lovely lovely man, and Carl loves him to pieces so we're praying for another miracle. There's not much else to do now it seems.

Still no time for anything scrappy as I have to work today, have the carpet man and then the hospital tonight. I have a long day tomorrow as I'm at a meeting after work and will be there until 8.30 ish, so I imagine by the time I get home I'll be exhausted and just wanna flop.

I really cannot wait for things to get back to normal so I can scrap and play and wallow in stash.... Oh! And one piece of GREAT news! Carlo got his cheque finally!!!!! yay! he's only been waiting for this money since AUGUST last year... so you can imagine our delight when it finally plopped onto the mat the other day! :-)

Hope to be back soon with pictures and layouts and mini books and projects......!!
Love to all my bloggin buddies.... Mwuaaah!

jk x

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Texas Hold 'em

My fave boys playing one of their never ending games of Texas Hold 'em.

I'm the one who found the game... I'm the one who taught them... but it's them who became obsessed - to the point of buying books, PS2 games, board games, dvd's.... and in Erks case watching it 24/7 on sky!

They are so funny - so much shouting... so much cheating and whining.... nothing 'poker faced' about this lot.

They play at the table, on the floor, in the garden, on a sunbed round the pool.. anywhere with a flat surface to lay their cards.

They make a big noise about how good they are.. and then Ruth walks in in whips the lot of them!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

all scrapping suspended

Nothing new to show as I'm really busy, and all scrapping is suspended at the moment (due to decorating and works going on here). I have two.. no, three pieces of work outstanding for scissor sisters - I just hope the girls can be patient for a couple more weeks... I will catch up on DT assignments and challenges as soon as I have access again to my stash.

I'm having a break from everything right now as I'm simply under too much stress to work creatively or productively. It's not that I have no mojo... I have plenty of ideas, just no time at all to play or scrap.

A couple of problems that have been troubling me have ironed out finally, and that's a relief - and on a happy note I finally got paid for certain overdues magazine commissions dating back to December and January! Yay!! Happy dance all round!! We're still waiting for the monies owed to Carlos... but it will come. It will come.

No time for more now - missing everyone like mad - be good without me! I'll leave you with a picture of my brown eyed girl... snapped on holiday. Just luuurve that l'il dawg!

jk x

Minnie-Moo-Max. How cute is she? She was sitting on my lap and turned around... and....SNAP.....! Gotcha ....! :-)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I was hoping to post something happy for my next post, but today I can't.

I've kept myself hellishly busy all day, trying to squash down feelings about the anniversary of the death of my beautiful, unique, funny... and so, so naughty sister... but finally it's got me, and so a small piece here just for her... for my jen jen.

When we played this in the church that day, I'll never forget the gasp and intake of breath that echoed round St Giles's... I don't know what they thought we'd play... and although I was given the job of choosing the song... I couldn't actually do it when it came to it. I had no idea what to play, and I remember just crumpling on the stairs sobbing when I tried to work it out. Sanna came to my rescue, then. She said we're gonna play this... and play it we did.

My two big world. They were hippies, they were flower girls... went to festivals, hitch hiked up and down the country, singing and playing, did the whole hippie scene...they lived the life. Me? I just tagged along when I was allowed... living in their shadow... the baby one.

Then I grew up and became jen's best friend... and we shared everything... holidayed together, worked together, ran a business together, lived so far in each other's pocket it was sometimes hard to tell where one ended and the other began... then one day she left me.

Just upped and went. And i'm still here..... trying to get by. Missing her not by the day, or by the week, but by the hour. by the minute.

Was she pretty? yes, ever so, did I love her? yes I did so.... whatcha doing jennifer, my love.....?

Jennifer Juniper lives upon the hill,
Jennifer Juniper, sitting very still.
Is she sleeping ? I don't think so.
Is she breathing ? Yes, very low.
Whatcha doing, Jennifer, my love ?
Jennifer Juniper, rides a dappled mare,
Jennifer Juniper, lilacs in her hair.
Is she dreaming ? Yes, I think so.
Is she pretty ? Yes, ever so.
Whatcha doing, Jennifer, my love ?
I'm thinking of what it would be like if she loved me.
You know just lately this happy song it came along
And I like to somehow try and tell you.
Jennifer Juniper, hair of golden flax.
Jennifer Juniper longs for what she lacks.
Do you like her ? Yes, I do, Sir.
Would you love her ? Yes, I would, Sir.
Whatcha doing Jennifer, my love ?
Jennifer Juniper, Jennifer Juniper, Jennifer Juniper.
Jennifer Juniper vit sur la colline,
Jennifer Juniper assise trs tranquille.
Dort-elle ? Je ne crois pas.
Respire-t-elle ? Oui, mais tout bas.
Qu'est-ce que tu fais, Jenny mon amour ?
Jennifer Juniper, Jennifer Juniper, Jennifer Juniper

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I can't look!

Carl is drilling - putting all the new shelves etc up in the finally finished bathroom... and I can't look. Mr DIY he's not, but he's determined to have a go, and is, as I write, drilling holes through my new tiles (!!!) in order to put up the window blind... pray for me girls....please.

Went into town yesterday and bought a white blind and white shower curtain, plus lots of new chrome and glass shelves and bathroom accessories. Our bathroom is small so we need to keep it light and airy and I think it's gonna look lovely by tonight.

I hope, anyway ;-)

I had an accident yesterday while painting. I was up on a set of ally steps and didn't notice a nut had come loose... next thing the bolt's slipped and I went flying - paint brush in hand. Thankfully, I didn't make a mess anywhere with paint, but I did land awkwardly against a door (+handle) and hurt my back. Flipping caning me now too, but and worse that that the steps are buckled and have had to be chucked out and I've loads more decorating to do.... Bugger! I knew I shouldn't have eaten all that bread on holiday (Lol Jazz!)

On the scrapping front I got a lovely parcel from Scissor Sisters with lots of gorge DT stuff in, and I see our new website is now up and running - check out their range of sweet Bella Blooms, tiny tins and new chipboard books - and lucky me - I have loads to play with :-)Lol!

Kate has some fabby free Musical notes to download on her site here . Perfect for anyone with a music mad kid like I have.

And Anna closes the door on BumbleBee crafts today (big sale going on), but re-opens next week with Scrapping Angels so bookmark that for kits, retreats, news etc.

Congrats to Suzanne and Caz for getting into the top 50 on MM Idol comp!! Way to go girlies!

So, til later I'lll leave you with a couple more pic's from the carnival

Friday, March 02, 2007


And we're home....

I can't honestly say I was happy to leave Lanza or the family behind... but leave we did, and got back here in the early hours of Wednesday morning. There were tears at the airport... too much emotion, and I thought we were over all that, but no... it was awful and i've been very sad ever since, so you can just imagine how much I wanted to go to work later that day can't you... However, having previously arranged for performers from the charity Music in Hospitals to come in and play and sing for the resi's, I really had to be there.

Anyway it was a lovely performance, and they all thoroughly enjoyed it, so worth the effort of struggling in to work with matchticks propping my red golf ball eyes open.

The tree there was snapped from my usual prone position... sprawled on a sun lounger in Jazz's garden, watching the baby play, Mee-mee by my side... talking and laughing about everything, as though these happy hours would never end.... oh lazy sunny days.... why do visits have to be so short?

We did lots of things... simple things, and I took a lot of pictures, but I haven't felt like putting anything on my blog in the last day or so as to be honest I haven't been feeling very much like communicating with anyone at all. I came home to find there has been all kinds of upset in the scrapping world (... again) and it's brought me down big time. Bad enough when things kick off and you don't know those involved. So much worse when it's friends.

Strange, but my blog appears to have had a furious flurry of hits over the last few days... even though I've been away for over a week and posted nothing....Either there's a LOT of folk out there desperate to see my pirate pic's, or else they're expecting me to comment on the events which took place while I was on a tiny little island, 4 hours away on a plane.

So it's like this, if it's holiday piccies you're looking for, then you've come to the right place... anything else, and you won't find it here - sorry. Of course, I'm sad that people were hurt, but I was not involved, and I just wish it would all go away before any more harm is done to anyone. TBH, I have problems enough in the real world, without looking for trouble within my hobby. I seem to spend my life walking away from stuff which threatens to make me unhappy. Life's just too short for all this, you know?

So, on with my pics:

Me and my boy, lunching in the San Miguel bar. This is the place we get great big pots of steamed mussels dripping in garlic and white wine sauce, served up with fresh chunks of crusty bread and crispy sea salt chips, just great for dipping :-) Every time we go out we make sure we have a meal there coz it's so relaxed and the food's gorgeous. Unfortunately, we also tend to get sunburned... not sure if it's a total suntrap - or if we stay to long owing to having Sangria legs....!

Vin with his little (big) Sis. First time he's ever been taller than Jazz. This is them at the Park at the bottom of their road. Lovely sunset over the mountains and sea.

Ruth and the boys round the pool at her new appartment. At this point she was desperately hungover and said she was never drinking again... ahem....she said.... ;-)

Ahoy Me Hearties!!! (Dontcha think Carl bears a striking resemblance to Peter Powell's JC! Lol)

Such serious Pirate faces! This is Rubie doing his 'eyes darting' look! Is he still at it Jazz? And check out Erk's gnashers.... Eeeuw!

The wenches ;-) Jazzabelle and Rufus

The boys - look at the love affair between Ruben and GramGram.... :-)

The entire crew! This was early before the parades, proper

Carlos appeared to strike a challenging pose as every self respecting pirate who passed on a float felt compelled to leap down and cross swords with him, much to the amusement of the crowd!
Me and the little man in matching costume (quite by accident, but how funny!)
I had a helluva job keeping Polly on straight too! The darned thing had been at me Rum Bottle methinks!

So there you go - a few piccies out of many hundreds :-) I have some great photo's from the bird park too, and plan a mini book with those I think. Doubtful I'll have much time for scrapping for a bit however as I have a lot on... but we live in hope, don't we?

Til next time then - love and hugs to all

jk x

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