Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bloggers - just a quick message to say I may not be about much... we have a heap of stuff to do here, and tomorrow sees the start of the BIG PULL together - we're hoping to gather momentum and really get things done in the next couple of weeks. Our bedroom furniture is now on order, and new bedding bought. On Sunday we go carpet hunting and next week we start to strip walls and get serious. Carl has a weekend project.... Today I bought a lovely old pine dressing table for a song... reason being it's rough as hell round the edges... That is - cosmetically. It's actually lovely, and a good rub down, and some stain and varnish and it's going to be beautiful. So, while I take 17 of my residents to the Pantomime a the local theatre on Saturday, Carl will be lavishing love on the wood... I hope!

The management and I have decided to treat our old dears to see 'Mother Goose'. I've booked the whole front row, and one seat in row C ( for a lady who refuses to be seen with us! Lol!) and we're all off for a bit of booing and hissing at the Matinee... wish me luck.

Had a very bad KEYS incident today - I can't even bring myself to talk about it yet as I'm still reeling.......! But suffice to say Paula... it beats all others to date! Lol!!

Have a fabby weekend everyone - think of me on Saturday.... ;-)

jk x


scrapdolly said...

Will think of you on Saturday and good luck with the projects hun

Irene said...

Sounds like a lovely project. I want a piccie of the dresser afterwards.

Paula said...

Oh Jakey, we seem to be in competition for plonker key loser award don't we. I put mine down & couldn't find them for half an hour & thought Oh No, here we go again!!! They were in my drawer, phew.
Have a fabulous weekend, I love changing rooms in my flat. Love painting walls...

Debbie said...

Jakey ... hope your trip to the matinee today is a blast ...certainly sounds fun, I'm still giggling about the 'one' who won't been seen sitting with your lot!

joanna said...

Hope you had a fabbo old time at the Panto yesterday, darl - Ed is taking the girls this afternoon!! Your project sounds fab, and I want to see a photo of the finished dressing table :) xxx

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