Thursday, January 11, 2007

And it's a hat trick!

The christmas layouts are back.... If you can take any more...
I just got too many fabby pictures and papers and stuff, to stop doing them yet. Hope I am not driving my faithful few readers away in a sea of red and green Lol!
These Rusty Pickle papers are quite scrummy actually, with pinks and blue smudged in with the trad colours making an unusual combi, but I liked them for these daft shots of us in the Santa hat. Had to call it a hat trick what with us three stooges all lined up - well, what else?
I've had the ghost letters a while and used them once or twice but i'm bored to death of them now, so stamped flourishes over them in an attempt to alter them slightly. Looks ok, I think. The tags list our Christmas goodies, and the journalling's just notes about our day.
Was offered some work, but while it sounded good, I think I'll just continue taking it wasy for a while. I can't even keep up with my on goals and deadlines at the mo - without taking on anything more.
I'm feeling very tired and truthfully more than a bit bored with my self imposed diet and booze ban. I usually have a break in Jan and go on the wagon for a couple of weeks - I always used to do a month - easy. But the last couple of years I've just cut back, but with the Carnival looming in 5 weeks, I need to be a bit stricter... still, it's no fun and I'm starting to miss my wine and treats.
Roll on Feb, I say! Lol! Talk about wishing your life away.... :-)


Gillian Hamilton said...

Very Cute LO Jake, love how you've done the Journaling.. awesome PP, and really fun photo's..

Kathy said...

I love the LO - especailly the tags with the pressies on - what a great idea - better than the list of gifts given and received that I keep on the pc (well, in theory...)

I hate January and February - if I was rich I'd head off somewhere warmer and sunnier on 2nd Jan and not come back till March.

Debbie said...

Love, love, love the layout hun!! Makes me feel and chrismassy and cheerful.
I admire your willpower ... I keep using my visitors as an excuse to keep treats in the house (..and to keep indulging LOL... thank goodness for January sales as I can no longer fit into any of my clothes!!!)

Paula said...

keep then coming, it is so cold it still feels like it must be Christmas!!!

As for the diet & booze ban, I know how you feel. I have banned cappuccino out of my working day as I swaer they are half my problem with the weight.It sucks drinking green tea!!!!

Irene said...

I love red and green, Christmassy layouts and I'm right in the middle of some Christmas stuff myself, so no, I'll not tire of it.

And treat yourself too - to a wee glass of red and a bar of dairy milk. I hear you can download it from the internet now. ;)

Sprogpaws said...

Loving the hats! :oD

Hun, don't worry to much about your diet - you only get one life to live, so live it loud!

jake said...

Irene! Don't tempt me - you know how weak I am...!

Wine and chocolate... well well... is there no end to the junk you can download on the internet - for free...? ;)

suebaru said...

Wine and chocolate sounds good!! Love the layout!

domestic goddess said...

oh what fun photos and so jakey!

domestic goddess said...

oh what fun photos and so jakey!

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