Friday, February 29, 2008

Big girls don't cry....

Not this one anyway... the big girl's getting smaller... :-D

I lost another couple of pounds this week, meaning i've lost one pound short of a stone now. Not bad in 6 weeks eh?

Tomorrow morning bright and early we are off to London to see the brand new show Jersey Boys - at the Prince Edward theatre; and staying at the Grosvenor overnight. Really looking forward to a weekend away and hope to take in some museums while we're there, like Winston Churchill's War in London, and St Thomas' Old Operating Theatre and herb garret. This was a women's hospital, bricked up and discovered many many years later... just as it was left. Fantastic!

click on 'music' on the widget and select tracks from the juke box to listen to what we'll be bopping in our seats to on Saturday night!

Right, must dash now - got to get some shoes with heels as my trousers are too long and I don't want to be tripping up from anything other than Champagne... ;-)

Have a fab weekend bloggers!
Will return with piccies of the weekend later!
jk xx

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Roll on summer....

Jeez, i'm totally fed up of grey skies. Another grey miserable saturday here.

Just watched the sixth sense again as Vin's covering it in his GCSE coursework, and I want to be able to help him with that so it was a necessity really. Great film tho. Even more fantastic when you study it and realise how cleverly it was all put together. M Night Shamalam is a genius of direction, and actually from his interviews seems a thoroughly nice guy.

This is just one piece of work Vin needs to do, and there seems so much....I just hope he can get good grades because we have to try and get him into another school as his won't be offering the A levels he wants.

TBH, in many ways I won't be sorry to see him leave his present school. It was not our 1st choice, and after the upper school of the nearest town to us closed, this school took the bulk of students from there. Between that and other problems the school ended up on special measures and though the new head tries there are still many many problems with staffing, discipline and reputation.

It's hard for a kid who wants to do well to thrive in a place where so much is wrong. Vin's had no continuity at all. Half the time he doesn't have a teacher for half his subjects... and if he does, they are not British so there are often problems with language and communication. Mostly they are teachers from all over the world - most just out of college, and some barely speak English. How can they teach our kids with so little experience or support? I'm not being racist here - just honest.

The other problem is money - the school is in financial straits. This week, they had to send home all the year 9 and 10 students as the boiler was broken. The year 11's stayed in school as GCSE's are so close. They were allowed a mufti day on Friday. Not for charity though... their £1's went towards helping pay for the heating to be fixed!

Only in England eh.... you couldn't make it up could you?


Last night's mojo was a fun one for me. We scraplifted Hebe and the original is on site, along with a great sketch from Sandie. My LO features Isabella riding on a donkey on an Irish beach. All the kids in my family have always been animal mad... including me when I was little. Pet's we've had include:

A donkey! - naughty!
A goat - naughtier
Chickens - roamed in and out, and loved to be petted. Most often seen carried about under a little girl's arm....
Guinea pigs
woolly mice
a mynah bird - noisy and rude!
budgies - shocking mess makers!
and probably more... the trouble is, whatever creature one of the kids comes into contact with - they always want to take it home!

Have a great day!
jk xx

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

and there's more...

..... two posts in one day... "has the woman gone mad?" I hear you cry...

But no, I just wanted to pop a lil LO up as rach seems to have trouble sometimes getting my images to appear on the site.... we're working on it to see what we can do, but until then, i'll just put stuff up here so at least it's seen - such a lovely kit it's a shame not to show off the goodies inside ;-)

So here's rubie being a clown at his school carnival. I just Luuurve this paintable paper by Prima! Gimme more!! More I tell you!! It even had me getting my old watercolour pencils out.. now there's a blast from the past... lol!

Watched the footie last night - bloody hell, did Liverpool string it out or what? Got the result in the end tho, so at least we're still in that, if nothing else ;-) The FA cup won't be the same for us without them, and with England out of everything too... it's gonna be a long time with not much to cheer for.

This is another layout I made for ScrappingGoodies. See below. This is one I'm quite proud of as I finally conquered a technique i've wanted to try for literally years.... :-) Ok, I know to most people manipulating spot colour on a photo is no big thing... but to a technically challenged plonker like me it's a huge accomplishment. Especially as I worked it out for myself... all by myself! yay!!!

Look out you digi stars out there... ha ha!

No seriously, I'm dead chuffed that I've finally done it, and actually remember how to do it again. I can see lots of otherwise unusable photo's getting the treatment now - and it wasn't even hard. Why didn't I do this before? :-)

In the piccy Jenna had on a pink and white stripey top, with a dark denim dress. Sev's top clashed and the dummy was a different shade of pink. Printed out, it was a bit chaotic, so I tried it in B+W.... but the ring didn't show up too well then - and the ring was what I wanted emphasised... So there was only one way to do that, and I went for it. Even added a little flash to the bling.... blimey - I was giddy with excitement when it worked lol!

So - here in all it's glory (actually, the scan has spoilt it, but you know about scans...) is Jenna wearing Aunties Sev's ring. Sev is tiny - really really petite, and takes a teeny size ring... so it's really cute how it looks so massive on the baby's weeny lil finger!

The layout aptly titled: ROCK your baby!

All i've got to do now is work out how to scan a layout without altering the colours beyond all recognition!

have a great day bloggers!
jk x

Monday, February 18, 2008

crikey, it's cold!

It's been totally freezing today. I couldn't even get warm at work and that place is a veritable hot house normally. I'm bored to death of frozen windscreens and locks, wet washing all over and grey mornings. In short, i'm pining for sunny skies and warm weather. I want to sit out in the garden at night with my boys, listening to music and sipping a nice glass of wine while Carlo barbeques. I want to hang out in shorts and a vest, and I want bare feet... I just want summer.

Well, don't you?

A couple of layouts to share now. These were made with the gorgeous February kit from ScrappingGoodies. I'm still working on others, but these are two I finished over the weekend. Rach has reduced the price of the kits but trust me, there's no scrimping on quality. There's still stacks of super stuff in there - including two full alphabets, brads, Prima paper flowers, CS, PP's and lots of other embellies, and this month there's even a chance for one lucky person to win the fabby new 'Recipe' book from Autumn Leaves!

Sadly, the DT can't apply... awww... ;-), but go check out the new kit for yourself, and you will see all the deets on site :-) You know you gotta be in it to win it, as they say....

Oh! And a lil TOOT for me!! Sandie mentioned on the Mojo Forum the other day that I'd been picked for UKS Layout of the week last week with my 'sunshine' layout... I couldn't even think which LO it was at first as I never called it that, but after checking, sure enough, it was there! No idea who chooses the layouts, but it was a lovely surprise and a real honour too, so big thanks to whoever spotted it and made my day :-)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

God, it does you good to laugh, don't it? We never stopped laughing from the minute we got to the theatre til the last knockings when Vin got in the queue to get his new book we bought him signed by the man himself.

Ricky was great - came out in his ripped, stained vest, turned up jeans and grey slippers... well, what would you expect? But it was the guests that made the show. Duncan Norville was a scream (I don't remember him being funny in the 80's, but he was hysterical last night), and Pauline Daniels was brilliant :-) She was so scouse it just made me laugh. It was like listening to my Mum and aunties back in the old days.... go way!!

Check out Vin's new look - just LOVE the hat! Very Synyster Gates apparently

I've been tagged by Em - Yeah again! But this one's different so I'll have a go.

what makes you blog? Dunno really, partly so my far flung family can pop in and see what we're up to, and also as a place to put my scrappy stuff, because I don't upload to online galleries much anymore. And partly just as a sorta diary I guess. I've always kept diaries of some sort or another.

do you search other friends blogs or those of the same interest? Yeah, I do like to browse round a few friends blogs, but i'm no blog hopper like some people are. I don't do the scrappin celebs for example though I might look if a mate pointed something out to me. I also loathe the bloggers who are so desperate to get you on there that they'd stop at nothing to get a hit. Such neediness bores me to death.

what draws you to someone elses blog a 2/3/4th time? Maybe they have a scrapping style I like, or i'm involved with them in some way, like their my buddy or something. I did get drawn into one girls blog who was going through a terrible time as her husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She was so brave and honest I felt I had to keep going back to let her know people were with her if that makes sense. I still pop in now and again to check on her and sometimes drop a comment and send a bit of love.

if you could waste 8 hours in a day doing anything on the computer, what would you do? Definitely get to grips with PSE and digi scrapping in general. I've had various versions of Elements for years and i'm still pathetically useless!

do you have more than 5 blogs bookmarked? Only dt teamies and stuff... some shops for ease of use.

is your blog a diary, a hobby or just a place to babble? Probably more for babbling than anything :-) but yeah a diary, and a pastime too.

do you find yourself thinking of things to blog about when you're nowhere near the computer? Er no..... lol!

what online addiction do you have, or would like to have? I read the news online as we gave up buying papers because they were just full of rubbish and depressing things. I admit to following the madeleine story with more than necessary fervour... I can't help it. I'm hooked. I love trash mags too, so always enjoy a bit of silly celeb gossip!

do you tell your real life friends about yours or other blogs you've read? Not really.

if blogs became extinct, what would you replace it with? Nothing, it's no biggie in my world. People are always trying to get me on facebook, but I don't have the time for another thing which needs constantly updating.

how many blogs do you have? This one, and one I keep for tesing and stuff. It was supposed to be somewhere to put my artwork and that but I'm too thick to get it going how I want to. I did have All About Eve which was mine and Colleen's really but that's gone now and I can't see me starting another due to the fact that I never seem to have a minute to myself as it is!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

a long awaited event...

... is taking place tonight!

Yeah, we're finally off to see Ricky Tomlinson in his touring laughter show, and we can't wait! Vin's long been a huge fan of Ricky - or his alter ego Jim Royale at any rate. He has all the Royale family videos, and knows them word for word. He can recite Mary next door's phone number at the drop of a hat and does a fair impression of old My Arse himself, when pushed. So I couldn't let tickets for the show in our own town pass us by, now could I?

I'll let you know how we get on. I think it'll be fab. We're starting off in the Gay Cooper next door for drinks and a bite to eat.... I think it's supposed to be the Gary Cooper, but the R's fell off... can't help but wonder what Jim'll make of that...! Lol!

Last night's mojoholder layout was a bit rushed. It was a lovely sketch by Becky Fleck, but I somehow couldn't get my own LO to gel in the way I wanted it to... Anyway, it turned out ok, but I'm not all that happy with it, though i'm glad it's made, ifkwim?

Here it is:

I'm taking part in a 10 a month crafty things challenge over on the Craft Diner forum. Just as well I am as it's keeping my nose to the grindstone. Just lately I don't seem to have the same enthusiasm for scrapping as I used to... really not certain why but suspect it's a combination of a few things. Oh well, no doubt the old mojo will come bouncing back when I least expect it - until then, challenges like this one help me stay focussed. Everyone's welcome to join in, so if your mojo's gone walkabout and like me, you need a lil push, pop in and sign yourself onto the thread - it's a nice friendly place to chat too :-)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I've been tagged by Kelly, so here goes:

10 Years Ago: I'd recently graduated from a four year women's health and psychology degree with a BA hons, 1st class. (Don't ask me how...) but I was in a mess having just lost my sister and my mum to the same disease within six months of each other. I was studying for a BSc in midwifery, something I gave up on after realising there was more to life than work and study.

Things on my to-do list today: Well, today's almost over so hopefully all I have left to do is bath and bed! But tomorrow, I need to do my Mojo layout as Vin and I are going out on Friday when I usually do it, call my dad, take some bags of stuff to the charity shop... and of course go to work!

What I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire: SPEND SPEND SPEND!!!!!

3 of my bad habits: I'm bone idle, I snore (allegedly), and I expect too much by way of perfection in others. Nice huh?

3 places I have lived: In a pub - in several actually, 2 In a Victorian townhouse, 3 In a cottage with no running water.

5 jobs that I have had: 1.Administrator 2.Hairdresser 3.Counsellor 4.Not sure what I was called, but I used to make Carburettor's for Lawnmowers!! 5.Hobby Therapist.

5 Things people don't know about me: 1. I can wiggle my ears 2.My first camera was a brownie 127 - it's on the shelf above my PC. 3. I love the smell of hot tar 4. When I was expecting Vin I became obsessed with coconut... I had to eat a bounty bar everyday (never eat chocolate normally), and spent hours in the supermarket sniffing coconut scented shampoo's etc 5. I used to be a champ at the cardinal poof - a pub drinking game involving a pint of beer and lots of ridiculous movements and memory tricks.

Not sure who to tag, so if anyone wants to join in, go right ahead :-)

Monday, February 11, 2008


Yay! The fricken tyres are done at last!

And thank the Lord for that... using a footpump in a car park when you've got a proper flat and it's freezing and dark, is no fun at all, let me tell you.

Fingers crossed all my car troubles are over now for a while. I don't think I could take another calamity or drama with it. Enough is enough, after all.

I don't know what's wrong with me lately either, but I just can't seem to get going in the scrap room at all the last few days. I've nice papers and stuff sitting untouched here... photos printed out all ready... I don't know why, but I've got no energy. Hope it passes soon as I really don't like feeling this way. I think maybe I need some sleep... I know I need a holiday! ;-)

I did make this over the weekend, and it's not all that really, but perhaps my scrapping goodies kit will inspire me. Dt stash usually gets me going... :-)

More later!

jk x

Saturday, February 09, 2008

What am I like?

Well, what am I like...??

I was so determined to try and keep up with my blog this year... but again I've let a whole week go by and not updated. TBH, I've been flat out at work again, and with all the car and bank troubles I've just not been in the frame of mind to bother. Plus, my sub copy of BHG scrap magazine arrived this week (totally fab), and also CK's Creativity Tips for Scrapbookers came {which was only bought to make up an order and get free postage on you do, y'know ;-)} So i've had plenty of reading material to keep me occupied.

Actually the CK book's quite good, tho I never buy their mag anymore :-). Usually, scrapping books disappoint me too these days, but this one's ok, and at only nine quid it was quite cheap, so if you fancy a little treat, give it a go. I've enjoyed dipping into it anyway.

Also, I got this from my dad:

I suppose everyone knows Liverpool is the European Capital of Culture this year, well, this book tells the tale of the 'Pool's amazing 800 years from being a muddy pond by the Mersey, to the cosmopolitan city it is today. Fascinating stuff. I could listen all day when my dad starts telling me about old Liverpool and what it was like when he was a lad... Oh for a time machine, eh? One of my real regrets is that I never wrote down all the stuff my Mum and her sister's used to talk about when they got together... they had some incredible tales, and though us kids loved to listen, none of us ever thought to jot it all down. Wish I had the chance now, but it's too late, they've all gone, and my opportunity to record it gone with them...

Not been very industrious on the scrapping front either of late... Only managed my MOJO layout this week, and the same LO that's been on the desk for days, is still there half done. I need a good kick up the bum... anyone fancy administering it? :-D


Today we should be at the Carnival in Lanza... we always go and i'm gutted that we can't make it this year. Me and Jazz were both so sad on Thursday, when we should have been flying, but there you go. There's no money in the pot so bad luck for us. Would have loved to see the kids though, and join in all the fun. When I told Rubes on the phone yesterday that nannie couldn't come, he said:

"yes, her can come... my daddy will send the plane, and you can stay at MY house..."

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all live in Rubie's world?

This is him at his School's Carnival last week.

My girls said it was wonderful - all the kiddies, all the teachers dressed up, and the local shops and business all make something of it, and they parade in the street near the tooting and everyone smiling and waving. Imagine that here... never happen would it?

Anyway, off to scrap now, so have a good weekend everyone - I hope to be back bloggin before next saturday... but don't go holding your breath....!
jk xx

Saturday, February 02, 2008

bit's n bobs

So, my new banner is finally in place. I thought I was so clever actually managing to make one - and all by myself too! But hen I found it was the wrong size and shape! Doh!!! Anyway, dear Lemon helped me with understanding the layers part a bit, and so i did it again, properly this time.

Still prefer the first one below, but it donesn't fit, so it's no good. Bum!

Anyway, I think I could have a go at digi scrapping if i felt like it now, so maybe I will, but I'm still a real novice. I'd need to do some tutorial reading before I made anything remotely real looking I think.

Then I got in trouble with it again... couldn't get it to work as it kept coming up as several tiny versions instead of one big banner... Sarah helped me here, so thanks hon for that. I'd really like to change the colour of my blog too, to match it a bit better, but as i'm still on old blogger style it's not quite as easy as with layout. Ah well, at least it's up there.

Got the old banger back this morning, with a new clutch, slave cylinder and modified pipe. Cost an arm and a leg.... and the clutch is SO light it's terrifying, but I'll get used to it. I hope! Also, now it needs new tyres.. bloody nightmare, but Carlo's come to my rescue again, so will get them next week, as soon as I can be fitted in.

Really peeved about the £400 odd quid it's cost tho, as I can think of a lot better things I'd like us to have spent that on, but there you go. Necessity and all that.

Here's my mojo layout from last night.

Loved all the girls work this week and wanna say big congrats to my lovely teamies Carrie Harville and Sandie Vincent, who both appear on February Page Maps this month! Also to Em and Angie for their recent good news - and say what a team! Really proud of them all and love being part of mojo with them.

Also wanna share a couple of pics of my lil birdie Carl bought me in Amsterdam recently. She now sits on my daylight lamp above my desk... aint she purdy?? :-)

Oh! Have you seen the Golden Compass? WOW! I just Loved it! I now want a demon, but would probably spend my life worrying in case it got hurt like Pan did.... Soft in the head, I know.

It's a film. Fiction. Get real. Lol!

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