Tuesday, June 23, 2009

achin all over...!

Yeah, I do mean achin, not shakin.

Aching from the garden... and achin a lot!
From lugging and carrying, and stooping and bending... crouching and kneeling, stretching and balancing... and yeah that's not good.


Pretty things are happening - and that is good! :-)

Bear in mind all this is newly planted so everything's new and young and still quite small, but it'll grow! The pots and troughs are filling out already.... we haven't lost any plants that we've put in the ground though one did suffer from Carl's big feet when he was planning his excursion up the tree... It may yet survive - but he's set it back a bit I think :-(

And after all the work.... a small reward!
Note only ONE glass lol! Go me!!! lol! Wine's not for sharing, eh girls?

And when night falls, it looks like this:

So, there it is... some of it anyway. Might not look much, but boy... i'm achin.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day Carlo!

Just been reading the online editions of the Sunday papers, so sad to see Peter Andre sobbing on his Mum's shoulder. I've witnessed pain like that on someone's face very long ago, and that terrible look of anguish has stayed with me ever since. You can't help but feel sorry for the guy. I'd never really paid much attention to them before - I thought Jordan was awful tbh, though I did think she was sort of ok-ish when they were together, but this week.... well. Anyway hope he has a nice day today with his family and his kids.

We'll be having a busy day, but spending it together. Just me and Carlo and Vin as we have no daughter's around, lol. Two in Lanza where they live, and one in Menorca on hols. ah well... Had a call from first born already, no doubt he'll hear from the others later on. So, we'll get cracking in the garden, and then i'll make us a nice roast, the clouds look threatening but I think it'll pass.

HOPE it'll pass!

Carl's card, I made yesterday :-)

Finally used my cuttlebug for something! oh, and the flying V guitar is a chippie from Mag Mem if you have rockstars in da house ;-)

If you get some nice Father's Day pics you might want to hop over to the Lilypad to pick this up?

Well, gotta run... the foreman's calling me!
Have a lovely day everyone

Saturday, June 20, 2009

loss's and gains.

My blog's loss is the garden's gain, ha ha... :-)
yep, i've been awol again.

More to the point my creativity's been awol - and still is... so I haven't had much to blog about. I really don't have much going on craft wise so it seems a bit dumb to try and blog when i've nothing to say. The sun's been out, i've been outside and it's been a relief just to say sod it, and not even try to scrap. I've had a heap of crap thrown at me this year and it's really starting to have a negative effect on my creativity, so i've gone to ground and just got back to pottering round the yard, greenhouse and garden centre.

We'd let it turn into a wilderness so it's been hard taming it. Plus - it's hard to make good when you have no sheckles... having money makes gardening easy... trying to do it on pennies is harder, but we're getting there bit by bit. Today Carlo went up an enormous ladder to try and tackle one of the trees. Jesus! I thought I was going to die of fright! So much so I ran out - fled to my Dad's and then to the supermarket. I couldn't watch him killing himself could I? His mate who lent him the ladders was quaking... but fortunately they were only 25 feet tall, so he could only go so far... and with just a hand saw it was hard going but he got a good few branches down. I think we'll have to get a scaffold and a power tool... and a flight somewhere for me. My nerves are shot.

Last weekend we enjoyed the sunshine and had a lil barbie, and my boys played for me. I love to sit and listen to them. I love them.....! {maybe too much}.

Mojoholder LO from last night incorporates goodies from my two fave places - Magistical Memories and Kate Hadfield designs @ the Lilypad.

We lifted Laura Price Fiore who is a friend of mine and an amazing scrapper. Check her out here and here .


did a brill sketch:

And the hybrid parts of the LO can be purchased here as part of this amazing kit

all you scrappers will surely want this this - it's US guys to a tee!

Happy Saturday from me!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The bucket List

Made this last night but was just too knackered to scan and upload. Very tongue in cheek LO about a game my 'men' play in the Summer... well, used to play - Vinnie's much too concerned about his hair and being cool nowadays to engage in such foolhardy antics as this anymore.... more's the pity, eh?
Him poor old Dad's got no mates! Stoopid bunny.... ;-)

Anyway the LO:
As soon as I saw Kate's new Comic Capers kit I knew I had to search out these old pics, and I had a great laugh putting it together. The rules of the game - the list - states:

Must be a very very hot day
ICY water only - add ice cubes if poss
Place bucket in freezer for a minimum of 20 mins...
NO running away!
Lower head for max brain freeze effect
NO dodging!
Squeeling however, is allowed....
and last but by no means least.... TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!

Nutters, obviously... and obviously..... I don't play!

Katie's kits used:
Comic Capers
Kate Hadfield
Backyard Bliss
Spring Greens

Kate Hadfield

jake xx

Saturday, June 06, 2009

quite a week!

we got a lot done in the garden - but as it was so terrible before there's still a looooong way to go. I will get pics if it stops raining.... at least my new plants are getting a good soaking in.

I felt ill for much of last week which was a complete pain in the bum as I have no time for such things. Too much to do to waste time feeling rough so I soldiered on, and i'm fine again now :-)

At work I've been making loads of cards to sell at our fete, but again no piccies. Last time I took my camera to work it ended up broken, and i've never liked the replacement... i'd give my eye teeth for my old fuji back, but you can't get them, the model's been discontinued and they're like gold dust on ebay. what a bummer.

Did my mojoholder late as I had various meetings yesterday and ended up missing the deadline. It's up there now though. We lifted Danielle Flanders who is one of the most talented people I know. If you haven't checked her blog/galleries you're in for a real treat.. Layouts, cards, altered whatnots.. there's nothing this girl can't do well. Her work is just SO lovely! I always leave her blog in complete awe lol!

Anyway, here's mine: Shame it hasn't scanned too well. The piccy's a bit poor too as my dd's camera is failing but Jenna looks so adorable and as Sherry Steveson says, you can't let a poor pic stop you scrapping it!

It is one of those LO's that really does look so much nicer IRL, but I can't get the colour and contrast right, and I can't be bothered to keep trying.

Sarah did us a fabby sketch, and there's loads of takes on the original from my teamies on the blog.

That's it from me for now
happy bloggin
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