Saturday, January 20, 2007

So behind...

After yesterday's happenings I am so behind - but like I care, eh?

For those who've asked, the boy is ok. Thank you.
He had his mate over last night for a sleepover and they had all the usual treats... He's off out now with his Dad to teach guitar - it's his new job - started recently, and he's very good at it too. He drafts a lesson plan, combines some music theory with practice, introduces new concepts and chords in a measured way, and all for a fiver an hour. Bless.

He has one pupil so far - starting with a new one this week tho'. Grown men who don't mind being taught by a 14 year old - well they were paying £19 and learning nothing they said, so they're well happy - and my lad's on his way to a new pined for amp. And some pedals. And a Led Zep hoody. And a My Chem Tee.....big ideas eh?

So I hope to get a bit done today but not sure I'll manage Shim's book. Shame - I fancied that.

Have a good day all, and keep your loved ones close.
You daren't let them out of your sight, dare you?

jk x


Paula said...

I'm glad he is feeling better & happy. I think you must feel relieved that he isn't locked away in his room.
I have almost completed Shimelle's class. It was getting too late for photos so have left the journalling for tomorrow.
You'd be surprised how quick it is to make, & will surely find the time.
Eleni isn't starting hers' until Monday. Me, I had a gap between challenges!! Except I forgot to make the Art journal cards!!!! oops!

scrapdolly said...

Good for him with his enterprise

and good for him for just moving on - Lord knows it must be hard. He sure is one in a million

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