Sunday, August 31, 2008

picnic party pics and my new obsession.

I have a new obsession... cardmaking!

Who knew i'd ever become a cardy....??

Not me that's for sure, but there you go. I love it. I know i'm not that great but I don't even mind that... and that's weird. For me...

Anyway - first up is my card for this week's daring cardmakers challenge, in which were asked to make a card using pipe cleaners

(your love gives me warm fuzzies!)

Then I made these just to use up some scraps

and one I made before

So, we had a good time in the the end - though it was fraught getting there if I'm honest. People were not in the right kind of mood to be meeting up with folks to have fun... but eventually it all worked out ok. I was in the right kind of mood, having spent all day looking forward to it and preparing food etc, but it's amazing how quickly others can bring you down if they're not. Anyway, enough said. Everybody had a good time eventually whatever kind of mood they'd started out in.

When we got there it wasn't that busy...

....but by 8pm it was packed. The weather was fantastic and it was good to see people we haven't seen for ages and catch up with them. It was all very relaxed with a festival air and you couldn't help but wish there was more of that sort of thing happening more often round here. Oh well. We live in hope...And at least it didn't rain and ruin it.

The kids enjoyed the picnic and the grown ups enjoyed the pimms, beer and wine.. Oh, and the bands of course! We were there to see the bands.... lol :-)

Me and Donzo

Donz and Jon-boy Brown

So that's it from me today. Til next time :-)

jk xx

Saturday, August 30, 2008

mojo Friday

Nothing going on but the rent...

Are you with me? Everythings going up! Sheesh!

Spent another small fortune on the car yesterday... Exhaust and brake cables... good money after bad if you listen to my dad... But what can you do..? you got to get to work.

Anyway... tomorrow there's a music fest in town. Actually today - It started today. There was a Santana tribute band at the theatre whicj we really fancied, but the car probs put paid to that. Maybe next time.

Tomorrow however, there are free concerts in the park, featuring the blues band the Hamsters ( above), and others, so we're off with folding chairs and picnics and drinkies, and meeting up with D J & the Brownies, so should be a laugh. Pics to follow, no doubt.

On Friday's Mojoholder we lifted a great layout by Rita Weiss

Here's the sketch Sandie made for us

And here's my LO.

Everyone's a teensy bit raw here still and this LO probably reflects that, but I just loved the verse from Corinthians (13:4) and without thinking really, it came together like that. Nice colour combi tho, if I do say so myself ;-)

So, that's it from me...Have a fab weekend girlies... pls say hi if you pop by.

jk xx

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

offers and news

Woohoo! Anyone want the chance to WIN a 3 month sub to a super new kit - from sugar-n-spice scrapbook????

Seems like all you have to do is order a kit - any kit - and you get entered into a draw to win a 3 months sub... flippin heck! You can't say fairer than thatnow, can you? I've had a look at the kits and I don't think it would be very hard to persuade yourself that you want (need) one... lol. But don't take my word for it - go look. They're AbFab!

NOT that I can afford one, obviously... but I just thought i'd share a bit of eye candy and let you know about the offer that's going on over there. I really like the look of those ghostie butterflies tho... sigh.

And great news! we've managed to secure the boy a place at College... thank heavens. It's like a weight off my mind, it really is. I've felt sick ever since last thursday, but tonight Vin's looking forward to a whole fresh start - and we're gonna trust that he's learned, and will work hard to prove to himself, and everyone else, that he can do it. And I'm sure he will... but as a precaution we'll be providing more support this time round to ensure he doesn't go off track again :-) It's all we can do.

I was a proud Mum today because despite the knock to his confidence he did really well at his interview and ended up being offered a 2 year National Diploma course which assuming he does ok, would be enough to get him into Uni, or provide plenty of opportunities for employment, even abroad. So.....He starts his induction on Monday!

Lol....Nothing like the deep end eh?

Check out these photos of him at the fun fair in Arrecife last week - on the hammers with Erk.
Classic pics!

Just sitting in the ride... Ah... doesn't look so clever now, does he?
And they're off! Lol!!!

But this is the BEST one!! ROFLOL!!!!

Feelin ok Vin?....And yes... that IS the right way up!

Gotta laugh eh?

More tomorrow! Please say hi if you drop in :-)


Sunday, August 24, 2008

tomorrow's another day.

Tomorrows another day?

Tomorrows the day!!

The day the boy comes home.... lol.

How much can one set of parents miss their kid? Even when they know he's having a great time - even when he's only with family... even when it's only been a week.

God help us when he leaves home forever....

Erk sent me this pic from his phone today of the boy himself enjoying his last day in the sunshine by his sister's pool.

I would love to say... on his last holiday before he comes home to start his A level's, but I can't say that unfortunately... because... um....he flunked his exams. (We're not quite sure how... ) but it's now on to plan B, whatever that might be...

A couple of days ago I couldn't have even talked about this, never mind blogged about it... and I won't pretend I wasn't disappointed and frankly in shock. But there you go. Kids make mistakes, and as a parent you have to be there to help them pick up the pieces and move on.

The fact is, he blew his GCSE's - well, not all of them - he passed some; but he got disappointing marks in others. This shows he's not ready for A levels yet, though it's hardly the end of the world... No one died, nothing's happened that can't be dealt with and he only turned 16 a couple of weeks ago... . He wouldn't be the first kid to suffer a setback, and he won't be the last either. We'll get him back on track in the new academic year one way or another and if he gets there by the scenic route... well what the hell? Think anyone's gonna remember when he's forty that he fluffed stuff when he was fifteen? Think they'll care? Nah... me neither.

We still love him. Can't wait to give him a hug tomorrow. And we know he'll get there. It just might take a little longer than we thought.

I made him a welcome home card today - I'm really enjoying card making! I never thought I'd say that - and please don't all jump on me... but I used to think it was boriing and old fashioned and... fuddy duddy!!! OK OK - I said don't jump on me! Lol!

here it is. Very fiddly, but I love it :-)

Saturday, August 23, 2008


It's pretty quiet around here without the boy. I never thought I'd miss his dreadful music or his mess... but I do. Actually not the mess... Just his prescence... and maybe even his music a little. Heaven help me if he ever reads this :-) I'll be forced to listen to dragonforce or something with my eyes propped open.... shudder... hhmmmnn..perhaps he can stay out there a bit longer after all.

Yesterday over on mojoholder a new challenge went up. We were lifting a page by Layle Koncar and this was my take on it.

As usual our Sandie did a fab sketch for you to follow:

You can see the other girls takes on the blog .

Y'know, if not for this challenge, I doubt these photos would ever have been scrapped. They're hardly perfect, no big smiles, no special event, in fact Vin's not even looking at the camera - but they do tell a tale, and while the page itself is not really 'me' i'm still glad it's completed. If only to remind me that there was a time in Vinnie's life when ROCK meant something other than thrash metal :-) lol.

A forum friend, Sherry Steveson, has just written a book on this very subject - When Life Gives You Lemons:

And has started a challenge blog making sweet lemonade where she challenges and encourages us to scrap the less than perfect shots as well as giving tips and ideas on how to do so. Check it out, I think you'll like ;-)

Well, that's it from me for now. I'm off to get a coffee and some toast this lazy saturday morning, and seeing as we're not awash with dosh at present, I doubt i'll be doing much more than a bit of crafting, reading, and telly watching for the next few days, but hey - what's wrong with that? A bit of slobbing's good for the soul somethimes, eh? I hope you all have a fantastic bank holiday weekend whatever you're doing and if you pop by my blog for a visit, please say hi. I love to see who's called in so I can come your way on one of my blurfing expeditions and see what you're up to :-)

more later! jk xx

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Daring cardmakers - my first challenge!

I've finally done it... I've finally made a card for daring cardmakers

It might not seem very daring to you, but to me it's a big deal. I've never been a cardmaker. Never really yearned to be one... but lately I've been thinking about trying it out more and more... Plus I'm really determined to start using some of this stash up. I have so many scraps etc, and i'm starting to think it's obscenely wasteful... sooooo..... I thought I'd make a start and join a challenge. I know I have a lot to learn.

Todays lesson learnt was, if you want to do faux stitching on elements, do it before you pop the thing with foam pads. Really - make sure you do that. Trying to do a straight line on it once it's stuck up on those things is nigh on impossible... it was for me anyway. More lessons to follow no doubt;-)

You had to make a 'jacket/wrap of some kind.. and I chose vellum (Yikes! I told you I was using up stuff!), and punched the stars out to match the theme. It's ok, I'm learning and I don't hate it :-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The tax man cometh...

What a bummer. The tax man collared me again after catching me attempting to sneak stash into the country without paying my dues....

Seems I'm allowed £18 worth without paying duty.... but (shock horror)I'd snuck nearly twenty quids worth in, or at least I'd tried to, and I'd been caught red handed. So, they siezed my stash, sent me a shirty note, and made me pay £11.32 to get it back.


Have they no idea how sodding skint I am right now? You cannot fathom how mad I was in the office, esp when they wouldn't take payment off my card.... oh no. Only cash would do the Royal Mail depot. Or blood presumably. Fortunately someone I knew stumped up the wonga before I could be arrested for causing an affray and I eventually escaped with my parcel muttering darkly about two bit tossers and the trials of the UK tax payer...

Anyone out there who's been me, knows my pain today.

Worse thing was, I then had to drive to the co-ey to get money to repay my friend, and felt compelled to buy a bottle of wine to calm my fury - how else could I ask for cash-back - and so ended up spending another four quid on top! Jeeeez!! I need to give up this hobby. I can no way afford it, and that's a fact!

Just a couple of cards today. While blurfing the other day I came across a post from a talented scrapper who gave me one of those eureka moments. Use your crud papers and scraps for cards she said. Just like that. Now... many of you have probably been doing this for years... but I haven't, and it was an electric light bulb moment, I tell you. Crud papers? I have mountains.... bags of scraps..? whole worlds...

So today - my foray into the world of card-making. I know i'm not much good yet but these are probably the 3rd and 4th cards i've ever made over 9 years... so I can only get better. Please say I can... I must.

Anyway, for what it's worth - here they are:

And Female-ish

I probably should have photographed them, because I don't like those backgrounds I used on the scanner but it's late and i'm knackered and still tetchy about the tax man shit ... plus I want some of that wine, so it's goodnight from me, and's goodnight from... me... hic!.

til next time !!
jk x


Scrapdragons is back with a new challenge! You can check it out here, and catch up with the CT to see what they've been up to creatively, by visiting their personal blogs and having a nose around - links on the sidebar :-)

Most of us girls have had a busy summer - well haven't we all? and the challenges have been very relaxed and laid back - but we have some great challenges coming up in the next few weeks and as always, the chance to get featured, and to win prizes.... and we all like to win prizes, right?

I've been working on my layout for the next SD challenge so haven't got much to share today, other than these pens:

which I picked up in the Woollies sale for £4.99 for a set of 12...!!

Bargain eh? I can't wait to get doodling in colour!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

cocktail anyone?

I stumbled across this last week.... you must have a go, it's brilliant!

The Recipe For jakey

3 parts Brilliance
2 parts Drive

1 part Allure

Splash of Moxie

Sip slowly on the beach...

What's" the Recipe for Your Personality?

Oh yeah...Someone knows me so well.... well, the beach part fits,!


And this is last weeks mojoholder layout. I've always loved this mad pic of Carlo, with his face all puckered up from the strong slug of Strawberry Margarita he just took... :-) We were on holiday with Jazz and Erk celebrating their engagement and the jugs just kept flowing... let's say after the first one we were feeling no pain.... You can see why lol!

Have a great day, and please say hi if you pop in! :-D

Monday, August 18, 2008

Teen doorhanger

I made this doorhanger last week for its a creative world

Just a bit of fun really and a chance to use this freebie advert I picked up in the co-op which I felt was just begging to be altered, lol ;-)

Vin supplied his list of VIP's who could gain entry.. and the message is of course - if you're name ain't on the list... you ain't getting in!

(please click on images to supersize)

Have a fab day everyone!

jk x

Sunday, August 17, 2008

back bloggin...

Well, there goes a week without a post from me.... I'm rubbish!

As usual, I've been busy tho, and I've have had the family over too, but they've gone home this morning, and have taken my boy with them... Gonna miss the lil jerk, that's for sure
See...he's my fave dude in all the world and best buddy as a rule (even if he does make me listen to his 'music'... and he's out there til next Monday night, so I'll have time on my hands now... maybe I'll even get some crafting done... I can't see me getting out in the garden much with this crap weather going on so I might as well do something eh?

Jazz had her birthday here - last one at home was her 21st, and the one before that her 18th, but we didn't do a lot this time. They're just back from a fortnight in Cyprus and exhausted, and we're completely skint so it was a small family affair, but nice, if quiet.

We went to Tring Museum on Friday as Ruben's never been before and he loved all the animals... shame galleries 5 & 6 were closed for refurb as we never got to see the doggies (which has always been my fave part.. lol) but we saw some big scary critters ;-) which was fab for Rubes, as they just don't really have that kind of thing where he lives and he was fascinated by the bugs in the cases too... and yes, if you're wondering - they DO still have the fleas in clothes - amazing! Lol

We had a lovely pub lunch by the canal afterwards and then went for a walk along the tow path in the sunshine. The weather forcast had said torrential rain, so we felt completely blessed that it stayed so nice the entire weekend :-)

Later we sat in the garden and scoffed gorgeous indian food and loadsa drinks while the kids played, and when it got dark we lit the chiminea and noised each other up and sang songs til far too late.... as you do...y'know...

We managed to demolish Carlo's wood pile no problem (and everything else that wasn't tied down and looked combustible!) and it was hyesterical to see them all sneaking up the back of the garden to find more wood and running down terrified with the few pathetic twigs they'd managed to snatch up before freaking out and fleeing... wimps!

Really guys... It wasn't THAT dark up there!!

So, all in all, we had a pretty good time, shared some love and captured a few more memories to add to pile... and ain't that what it's all about in the end?

What would scrapbooking be without the memories Ladies....?

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