Saturday, January 13, 2007

searching for a game...

I am desperately searching for a game... it's an old one, and we played it for hours on end when the kids were small. Heaven only knows what happened to it - but we badly want it again.

It was called Taboo - and no, NOT the game where you have to guess what someone has on their card by listening to them describe it without saying certain words... Not that one at all.

This was an old game, perhaps called Taboo or maybe Tabu?

There were cards I recall, and I think dice too. The colours were muted and dark, and I think there were pictures of anchors and possibly compasses on the cards...

If anyone reading this knows this game PLEASE get in touch. I have googled and searched... and can't find anything out about it. I don't even know who made the game... but I must find it.

Edited to add:
The game I am looking for IS NOT the Hasbro one on Amazon. It is a completely different game to this. But thanks to those that have tried to help.

Further Edit!!

Guys! I know you are all trying to help........ but trust me........ the game on Amazon is NOT the game I want!!!!!! I want a completely different one!! Lol!!!!

I think my one may have had fake money involved... might even have been a bit piratey or something - it was not a game involving a buzzer and words you mustn't say! It was more of a gambling game/ a game of chance... it was weird... and it wasn't the hasbro one... HONESTLY!


Anonymous said...

it here :)

Anonymous said...

Crikey Jakey. Think you'll have to see a psychic about this one.

Gillian Hamilton said...

Good luck... with this one!
I hope you find it.

Anam_Kihaku said...

ian will know - i'll ask him when he wakes up.

Anonymous said...

the one that is on amazon is the same game. we played this when i was younger with my parents and I always failed because kept saying the words that was on the card. duh.

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