Sunday, January 28, 2007

Love it Elsie!

Elsie Flannigan's new range - lovin it lovin it lovin it.....!!!

Now where can we see more.... of this girl....and her stuff ? ;)

YES IRENE! Here......... at Pencillines - GDT this week - awesome :-)


Irene said...

Here maybe:

Debbie said...

OMG I've gotto have some of those .. wonder if the other half would notice the grocery bill doubled this week?

suebaru said...

Loving all the new Elsie stuff!

Paula said...

I am having a crack at that pencil lines sketch eventually this week.
I love Elsie, her new stuff is cool but a bit "safe" I feel.
I think the ladies on pencil lines did fantastic jobs of that page, I loved them all!!!!!

domestic goddess said...

and she is too darn cute , and her collectionis really good, love it, and i have a "love elsie" ki badge thing, mwah
hugs hun xoxoxo

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