Monday, January 15, 2007

Time please!

Oh dear.... Once again my time has run away with me... I really don't seem to be getting to grips with this word very well as yet, despite it being my 'one little word' for the year, for AliE's 2007 challenge.

This week, we were asked to find a definition of our word, and make a 3x5 card with the meaning on. This, so we could place it near us in a prominent postion, or somewhere we would see it often.

I searched for hours for a definition of time that wasn't totally scientific, or that somehow made some sense to me.... but it wasn't easy,and though I found one I quite liked...

Time is always changing. Time never stands still. Time is continuous, and not stationary. Time changes our perceptions, and our perceptions of time change continuously. Time is infinite; change is essential to time. wasn't really saying much that I wanted to hear, so I thought about using a quote or something similar instead and hit on the lyrics of the song TIME by Pink Floyd

So.... finally.

Here is my card. Made pretty with beady dangly downs, and hung on the cork board which sits behing my PC desk.

Lyrics are:

Every year is getting shorter
Never seem to find the time
Plans that either come to naught
or half a page of scribbled lines
hanging on in quiet desperation
is the English way
the time has come, the song is over
thought I'd something more to say...

Let's hope I manage tomorrow's time a little better.


Paula said...

Love the quote.
I love the concept of time but it is a very scientific word for many.
I bought some clock faces & clock paper with the idea of using them on heritage pages. I have yet to find some tiny hands for them!!!!

You got your fairy on!!! I did too but I tried to delete the blog button & it won't go away!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow thats powerful words. Like the beads idea.

Debbie said...

Jakey hun ..when you figure out how to manage time please would you post a few pointers my way ... I seem to be running late for everything these days and it's exhausting!

Sue said...

I am supposed to be doing this!! not even started yet!!!
Want to know what your prediction is LOL?????
I know what you mean about the cropodile..i want one now too.

Elizabeth said...

Jake it's SO good to see you again and I looked at all of your work and just thought simply amazing girlie!! You are rockin' the house with your designs!!!!

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