Sunday, September 30, 2007

The baby is born


The baby is born and it's no coincidence I'm writing in PINK!!!!

Ok, so we knew she was a girl - well the doctor said it was going to be a girl, but you can never be sure til you see, can you? :-)

Anyway, of course I haven't seen... but i've heard her voice! Yep! Erks was holding her and said "say hello to nannie", and i heard her little wimper and then she started to cry and I heard her good and proper - and trust me, she may be tiny, but she can yell alright! I can't wait to see her, and hold her, and fuss her.

She was born at 12.56, and is about 6lb 8oz, and they are planning to call her Jenna Leigh. There's a story here, but not for today. For another time maybe.

Hayley said she's the image of Ruben, with gorgeous skin, and not much hair - though she had a hat on so she can't tell really, and she has teeny little dainty blue feet! Crikey, hope she has some booties on now :-)

I will post pics as soon as I have them - Mum and babe are in observation for 2 hrs, and after that she can keep the baby with her in her room - My, how things have changed in 3 years ;-) . No photo's allowed yet, as another Mum is in there too, but I expect i'll have plenty by tonight.

Such a relief that baby is here and they are both ok after everything.

My girlie is absolutely fine apparently, and according to Hayley and Erkin, looks like she's just about to go out for dinner.

How Jazz is that! ;-) Lol!


Saturday, September 29, 2007

keeping my mind occupied...

Ok, nothing to report on Jazz. Still at the hospital, and we're hoping maybe today is the day. If she were having the baby here in England it would be here already, that's for certain, but they do things differently in Spain, and even more differently in the Canaries.... :-(

I must try not to worry, but with the situation, her history with this baby, and being so far away, it's impossible not to fret.


Other things.
This is my Mojoholder layout for last night:

We lifted Emily Falconbridge this week, and you can see her page and the other DT takes on the layout here

Friday, September 28, 2007

waiting and worrying.

Jazz has gone into the hospital today.
I'm worried sick. Hope I can post happy news very very soon.
Those who know me well, know why i'm so worried. Please keep us in your hearts and prayers this weekend.

jake x

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No strings attached......?

.....No, quite the opposite in fact. 12 strings - as opposed to six.....

Yep. Vin has a new guitar. I know I said no more... there are 5 in the house already... plus an assortment of other stringed instruments like a mandolin and a mini harp thingy etc, but this was a bargain - and he's never had a 12 string - and he paid for most of it himself.

So, it's here :-)

His dad chipped in a third (foolishly assuming vin will now allow him to have a go... er.. I doubt it matey. Not if I know that boy!) and we went and picked it up last night.

He absolutely loves it. And it does have a very beautiful sound, and there's a lot worse he could be doing than making music, I know.

Her name (they all have names) is Frances Bean. No prizes for guessing why.... the others are called Layla (first love) Black Betty, Violet, Rubie-guitar and Terry. No idea what the mandolin is called.. er.. mandy? just a guess.. lol!

Anyway - Here they are:

He is no longer am emo kid btw... and has now morphed into total grunge a la his hero Kurt. At least those flannel shirts are cheap enough in the charity shop - when you can find one!

Rude Awakening...

Today wasn't so bad, but yesterday was awful.

For the last 12 months I've been woken with a cup of coffee and a kiss by Carlos, just before he set off for work. But yesterday he started a new job, with a much earlier start, so I had to resort to a more traditional means of waking, and let me tell you a shrieking alarm suddenly clanging in your ear is something of a rude awakening compared to what I've been used to lately.

Particularly as yesterday was about as wild a morning as you could imagine anywhere. Black thunderous sky, howling wind, torrential rain.... I couldn't see a thing out of the window as the rain overflowed the guttering and came across my windows like a waterfall.

Later Jazz text me from Lanzarote: "Mum! Are you guys ok? I saw tornadoes hit Luton on Sky News!!"


First i'd heard of it :-D Took my dd, all those miles away to let me know! But no, we were fine. Slightly damp but fine.

Today's weather is sunny with a blue sky... only in Britain, eh?

Using up scraps

I don't know about you, but I can't throw stuff away.

Especially not scrapping bits... scraps of paper... ribbon ends... BG paper... :-)

You never know when you might need them.

So, sorting through some plastic drawers earlier, I spotted a pile of Hang 10 scraps, and thought I'd put a little mini book together to make use of some of the millions of holiday snaps I took which will probably never make it onto a page. I cannibalised a 10 pence carboot sale notebook, which I bought because I liked the see through covers. I actually considered making a transparent book with it, but that would have defeated the object of using up my BG scraps! lol!

(So, I'm still to make my see through book.... one day Lemon. One day.)

Anyway, this lil book cost absolutely nothing to make, because everything used is an oddment left over from other stuff, and took no time to make either - so I feel all virtuous tonight, and happy I had a go.
I even managed to get all the piccies together nicely without tearing my hair out.. don't ask why or how, but something must have finally clicked. There is hope for me yet, perhaps :-)

Book dimensions - 4" x 4".

Saturday, September 22, 2007

a load of hot air

Andy Harrison, easyJet's chief executive, said the other day: "Air passenger duty has got to be scrapped. If there is going to be an environmental tax it has to be an intelligent one." The suggestion being that it's the aircraft making emissions... not the passengers Hmmm..... he's clearly never travelled with my boys, who are not too shy about sharing a few emissions of their own with their fellow passengers...! phewie! ;-)

Happy Birthday to Donzo for Thursday. My big girl, my firstborn, had us all round the other night to celebrate with drinks, pizza, snacks and some gorgeous rhubarb and apple crumble, which I greedily had with ice cream, cream AND custard!! But that was ok, coz so so did Great-Grandma, and if it's good enough for her... well it's good enough for me too! The pud was a real family affair with Rhubarb from PeePee's garden and apples from ours. Donz supplied the crumble top :-) and we all scoffed the lot! Naughty naughty!

You can keep your hat on....

This weeks Mojoholder layout was made a bit tongue in cheek. Recently I was talking to a friend on Msn, and at the same time, sending Jazz our holiday photos to look at.

I was telling Jazz how hot it had been walking round the hippy market at Punta Arabi, and how I'd spotted this fab cowboy hat and talked Carlos into treating me, even tho it was loadsa dosh ;-) so I uploaded a snap of me on the balcony wearing the new headgear, so she could see if she liked it... Only I sent it to Irene and not Jazz! Got my windows mixed up, didn't I..? And don't tell me you've never done that. Lol!

Anyway... Irene, oblivious to the other convo going on, was like "Whaaa??? Good God girl! Have you got any clothes on??? You look like you're stripping off!!"

Pmsl.. and yeah, I guess it does a bit :-D

Might not sound funny now, but well, it cracked me up... and jazz and irene, too.

So obviously the title for this week's scraplift layout came easy...
You can keep your hat on!

You can see the other DT girlies fabulous scraplifted layouts on the page by Kimmy here Plus a brilliant sketch by Sarah, to help you put your own version together in a snap. Don't forget to share your work with us by putting a link in the comments section as we love to see your takes too, and there's a chance to win the monthly RAK.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another year rolls by....

On All About Eve, our theme was a glimpse of the past or future, and this set me reminiscing; particularly as this week, yesterday in fact, marked the 10th anniversary of the day I kissed my little Ma goodbye for the very last time. On that day, it had been barely 6 months since I'd also sat with my sister and watched her slipping away from us too.... I was still reeling, in shock, and no way prepared to lose my darling Mum too. But that's the way it was, and I did. Both lost to the same disease. But somehow I managed to get by, thinking of them everyday...until today. Because you never stop thinking of them and yearning for them, as anyone who has suffered like me will tell you.

I almost did a layout using a picture of my Mum, and me, Sanna and Jen Jen, laughing at a party, a rare photo of the Walker women together...though by no means a rare event. A glimpse of the past... us in pleats of laughter (God only knows what at, coz I don't remember now) all dressed in daft eighties clothes - suits with big padded shoulders... big hair... but in the end I just couldn't do it. Although I fixed the picture up as best I could in PSE, and while i'm no expert and it's still a poor pic, i'm glad I did it.. maybe one day i'll scrap it after all.

In the end I blew up a little photo booth snap, taken on one of my many excursions to London when I was a teen. Actually, I was 16 here, and a proper poser. All my gear had to be bought in London, and I'd go up on a cheap day return, and come home laden with bags, from Carnaby st, Oxford st, South Molton st, Camden Lock, Portobello rd, the King's rd... sporting such names as Naff Naff, Biba, Topshop and Chelsea Girl.. those were the days. Shopping was EVERYTHING! Only eclipsed by going up the Cali that night and showing off my new clothes/shoes/bag/make-up, and dancing the night away with a gang of mates.

Couldn't post this yesterday when the challenge went up, as I just didn't feel like it. No matter how many years roll by it still hits me just the same.

RIP my best girls. Love you still, Mosh and JJ.
jk xx

Friday, September 14, 2007

Major Mojo

What you reckon Woody... think anyone'll notice the Chicken Pops?

Oh, go on...Get over there and see for yourself...

Week after week, my awesome teamies truly amaze me - they do. And that's a fact.
Usually, I walk off the blog on a Friday night wondering how I even hold my place, but somehow I seem to get away with it, so do check us out.

This week we lifted a piece of Kimber McGray's gorgeous work, and my lift is below. I wasn't too happy with the way it scanned tbh - it's actually much nicer irl, as anyone who has these papers will know...

...But, the layout does tell a tale, and I guess it's safe to say I'm known as a scrapper who uses my medium to document our life stories, as opposed to someone who does wonderfully glorious pages about the bug they picked off their boot today, or the incredible flower they spotted on their way to work . So as far as I'm concerned, the boy's childhood illness is noted, and really... are his grandkids honestly gonna worry if the paper was slightly off colour for the photo's??

I'll just have to hope not, is all I can say. :-)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Well, we did it.

Euro 2008 qualifier:
(Kept up the standard and beat the opposition, that is!)

England played fantastically well and walked away with a well deserved 3-0 win over Russia. Michael was man of the match and so nearly had a hat trick too - man, that boy's on fire!

But hey,.... Go Rio - Lol! Brilliant goal, even if his shimmy was off... pmsl...!

Woo Hoo!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am!

Congratulations also to Scotland, who finished 1-0 up on France, and commiserations to N. Ireland who lost tonight.

Monday, September 10, 2007

not another green layout!!

I do not know why this is happening!!! Eeek!!

I just seem to be stuck in green mode lately... lol :-)
Time to hunt some girlie pics out I think!

My boys messing about doing their usual swimming pool shark attack game. I could watch them playing together for hours :-)

I just hope they'll always be the great friends they are today.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Not all bad

If you're someone who's spent any amount of time around the world of scrapbooking, you might be forgiven for thinking that sometimes it can be a pretty prickly place. There are frequent spats, accusations, and trampled feelings. Some scrappers appear so ambitious as to show no regard whatsoever for their fellow artists, and ruthless is a word I've heard in connection with this hobby all too often...

....And all of this in a pastime based around family memories, paper and glue!

But you know, it's not all bad.

Along with the me me me types you also come across some totally selfless people in scrapland. Girls who never push themselves forward, never seek the limelight and never ever promote themselves at the expense of others. They're kind, helpful and sharing. But you rarely hear about it - because that's just the way they like it. Any gestures made are private and not blogged about and flogged to death to aquire hits, or kudos or whatever.

I experienced this for myself this week - and from someone who has not always been treated very kindly by the self appointed big guns in scrapping.

I know she wouldn't want me to make a lot of this so I won't. But let me say one thing: I 'm very humbled and grateful for her kindness. TBH, I'm amazed. Why on earth I deserve it I don't know, but I guess I'm just lucky in that I have some lovely friends. Good people. Nice people to be around. And while it's true that I haven't got much else - that in itself makes me better off than many.

Sponsors are coming in for All About Eve!! We've been contacted by several companies wishing to offer sponsorship - which is great news for you guys taking part in the challenges! Not only can you join the fun group of girlies who regularly play along, but you get the chance to be picked as guest designers - AND/OR possibly win some awesome stash or scrummy kit!

This week there's a fantastic kit up for grabs from :
Amber's ScrappingEdge

But you know what they say, don't you? You gotta be in it, to win it ;-)

Go check it out!

YEAH!! 3-0!!

Let's just hope we can do it again on Wednesday :-)

Come on the boys......!!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Me & Carlo's fave song of the moment

Loving this SO much right now

Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's


Here's my layout from Mojoholder this week. I love being on this DT. The girls are fantastic - so very talented, and a great bunch to chat with on our lil forum.The one thing I do find hard to understand, is why more peeps don't take the challenges with us. We lift some top designers, and try to go for a wide range of styles, yet we don't always get a whole lot of of entries - maybe people should take another look? We have a monthly rak for our faves too.. so c'mon guys, give us a whirl!


These photo's make me smile... we'd just walked miles and miles round and round, and up and up, to the top of the d'Alt Vila in Ibiza Town. The cathedral at the top was a wonderful reward... cool and beautiful, but after we'd looked around we set off back down to the bottom. The dazzling sun hit us again the second we stepped out of the door, and we again regretted having brought no water. It had been a huge trek up in such fierce heat, and forgetting the water bottles, a terrible mistake. So we set off, helping an elderly lady whose shoes were slipping on the ancient flagsones worn shiny from hundreds of years of sandalled feet... we couldn't go fast, because the poor woman was terrified of slipping over and Carl had to literally walk in front of her with her hands on his back :-) He's such a gent, but sometimes I wish he'd not be quite so chivalrous!

Eventually we reached a point where the floor was less slippery, and the old couple took off on their own. Rounding a corner we spotted a traditional Spanish bar tucked away in a pretty courtyard, and dived in. The proprietor was the grumpiest old man i've ever met! Shunning his offer of a table inside we opted instead to sit in the shady courtyard and pressed our backs against the cool white wall.... ah.. heaven. He got us back tho with the most innocent tasting, but devilishly potent Sangria, which he placed grumpily in front of us on the table. BOY! did it have some kick! Lol!

By the time we left he grudgingly smiled at us - I think he was amazed with our drinking prowess... I doubt anyone had ever managed a jug of the stuff before! Either that or my appalling Spanish made him laugh - heaven knows what I said when I thought I was complimenting him on his lovely garden lol!

Anyway, it was a wonderful day, a wonderful memory - and a very cool wall.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

An anonymous comment on my blog...

... made me smile today :-)

Usually you see the anon, and think uh-oh.... and today was no different.... but when I read it I had to laugh, so I've put it up here in case you miss it.

It is in response to my jokey post about how hard I work being the hobby therapist at an elderly people's care home...

'lol! Mary! I know just how you feel! I spend my average day working hard too! Singing, cutting and sticking, swimming, nap time, baking, jumping, hopping, dancing, reading, laughing, rolling... the list goes on!

Man i love my boss!

Employer: Ruben George Walker Halil, Age: nearly 3 !!'

That would be my grandson she's talking about then!!!! Lol!!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

AAE - A day in the life....

...of me.

Wow. Rivetting.

This one's gonna nail em to the floor....ain't it?

But then I started thinking about average.

Average days.

Yours... mine... and I got to thinking that even the queen must have average days sometimes... probably even an astronaught... I mean, let's face it, if you're circling the moon for 18 weeks or something, I bet even that becomes sort of average after a while, eh? Like maybe after the fourth orbit....

So. I decided to have a tongue in cheek look at my average day. And to keep it focused, I chose a working day.

A working day for me starts when I get there... and I do mean that. I have no set hours - I do as I like, when I like... And that's not easy, y'know...

But then, once i've had my first coffee, it's a whirlwind of activity... I mean, real hard slog. Bingo, Dommies, Sing-a-long's... It takes it out of you mate.. ! And then as if I haven't done enough already, I might decide to take a couple of people to the theatre, or out for a pub lunch... I tell you - it's all go. Sometimes we have crafts...and you know how challenging that can be, playing with paper and glue... and then there's the flower arranging, exotic fruit tasting, reminiscence chats, and the never ending quiz's.... it's no wonder I go home exhausted....

And there's my man, the love of my life, offering to cook and pouring me a nice glass of wine... and i know it's all been worth it. All the hard work... another difficult day over... I can kick off my shoes, and relax... well, until tomorrow....

Ahhh....another day , another dollar... eh?

All About Eve - challenge number 6. See the blog for details of our fab sponsorship prize for this challenge!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Coming a blog near you...

New All About Eve challenge coming later today girls... keep an eye on the blog ...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

They said that about Me???

Found this on Emma's blog and just had to have a go....


Good to know Paris will be thinking of me... if no one else...
This is Anfield......

{and if you're not sure where that is, just ask the people of Derby County... they're not likely to ever forget :-) }

6 NIL!!!!!!!!

What a result!

Go you Reds!

Becky Flecks September Page Maps

This is the layout Becky chose to use - Gotta love those Lelli's!

WOW!!! Check this out!!!

Color Your World

How me is this....?? I just have to find time to play along with these rockin chickies!

wtg girls!
I'm expecting some great pictures to be coming my way very soon :-) Donna and Jon are taking the kids to Ireland for Jon's brother's wedding, so should have lots of gorgeous pic's of the kids in their wedding outfits, and as they're staying on the beachfront, quite a few casual ones too. The baby's an absolute poppet, and so cute with a lil dimple when she grins, that I'm going to have to take the tripod round soon and try a photo shoot with her. NOT that I'm any good - certainly no photographer, but with a subject that sweet, I have to get at least a few good shots I reckon ;-)

Plus, today Jazz and Erk are going on their last little holiday before the baby comes. Obviously, the girl can't fly any more but they're taking the boat over to Fuerteventura this morning, and as they'll have the car they can drive down to the sand dunes and spend a bit of time exploring as well as having a relax. Rubie's very excited and it's a treat for him before he starts 'big boy' school in a couple of weeks. It was his last day at nursery yesterday and Jazz cried. His teachers gave him a gift and a letter about going on with his journey now he's a 'big boy'.. bless him - he's not even three yet!

I remember the day he started... the photo's of him on the path with his big new school bag... I posted them on my blog here - just can't believe he'll be at proper school so soon.

Here's my
Mojo layout from last night. The boy himself on his second birthday - and that's birthday cake on his nose, btw! Lol!!

Aplogies in Advance as the title of the layout is likely to have you singing the Kaiser Chiefs fab anthem of the same name, all day.... ( I know, coz I was singing it all night last night!)
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