Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm not here!

Not supposed to be here anyway.... but just wanted to say I got my kit from Scrapping Angels today and it's bloooooming gorgeous my petals!

Still waiting on my crop-o-dile, but i know it's been despatched, and i have to say Happy Scrapper are nice peeps - great communication, which is what we love eh?

Still waiting on Artbase... hmmm....

Just bought a very cheeky shag pile rug for my bedroom... Lol! Chocolate brown and hugely chunky - Reminds me of the carpets we had in our first house many moons ago when I was but a teenage bride, heehee! My living rooms then were brown and beige with orange accents... isn't it funny how things come back round?
Much like this one here - only brown :-)

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