Sunday, December 31, 2006

'04.... the year we broke the baby....

...well, strictly speaking, we didn't break the baby at all - the baby broke herself.

At that time she, Isabelle, was the baby - the baby of Donna and Jon's family at any rate, though at 28 months not really a baby any more, but 'the year we broke the toddler' doesn't have quite the same ring, does it?

This was the year Isabelle had just turned two and Vinnie was 12. He'd had some weights for Christmas, and on Boxing day when all the family were round and we were playing games, Izzy had got bored and wandered off to play in Vinnie's bedroom. We'd checked on her several times and she'd been fine, just playing with her dolls and toys and watching a video.

But suddenly, there was a thump and a shriek and she was crying... She'd fallen off the bed and hurt her arm - because she'd been holding one of the dumbells when she went down...

She wasn't too distressed after a cuddle with Dad, and they decided to see how it went, but a few hours later her wrist was badly bruised and swollen so off they trooped to A&E. Yep a hairline fracture, so little Iz ended up with a cast on her arm, and we all had the awful guilt of the knowing the baby got injured while we played..... hence the '04, the year WE broke the baby title! Lol!!

I made the layout using lots of gorgeous embellies from one of Caroline'z Jarz. I think it was the Autumn one which I received in a DT package a few weeks ago, but they matched my patterned Christmas papers and these photo's perfectly :-)I can't believe how much Izzy and Vin have changed in just 2 years... time flies eh?

Happy New Year to you all !!

jk xx

Saturday, December 30, 2006

They say they want a Resolution....

... So, I've been thinking about mine...

I found last years list which I think I posted up on scrappad or somewhere, and guess what - this years is still pretty much the same! Looking back, I feel I failed at damn near everything - well I must have if I still need to set all those goals again, eh? Perhaps I just wanted too much change... Or maybe my expectations were simply too high?

Anyway, I will try again - nothing if not a trier, me... Lol!

I remember the year before's too - I made a little playing card book full of them for Scrapbook Magic.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'll have to oik it out of the drawer and have a flick through... But what's the betting we already know what's in there.... :-)!! Heehee!

I'll leave you with a clever little quote I like on the subject:

A New Year's resolution is something that goes
in one year and out the other.
~Author Unknown
Oh... how very me!

Happy News Today

I got a mail last night from the girls at Scissor Sisters - I got another year on their DT!!! I'm dead chuffed - it's nice being part of their team :-) Guess i'd better get busy with the sweet bella blooms then!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Not again...and erm... not again...

Can hardly believe it but Donna and my boys have come down with a bug. Well, actually, Donna, Jazz and my boys... coz Jazzabelle rung home last might, and she has it too. Her and Donz have terribly bad sore throats with the shivers and the chills, and they both sound as rough as anything. Carlo and Vinnie have wretched colds, and sinus/head pain.

Arrgghh....!!! Someone is always blumming ill in our family!!!

I'm actually ok, just fed up of food and drink and indigestion, and looking forward to things getting back to normal next week. Made some hot hot chilli, with wedges and wraps and salsa tonight - that'll sweat it out of them eh? Lol!!

This is a layout I put together earlier using last years BG Blitzen papers. I haven't had the cash to splash out of any of the scrummy new BG christmas lines... and I've still got Soooo much of this range kicking around... but apologies if you hate the stuff - I know it wasn't everyone's cup of tea....It's just that I feel I need to use a least a little of it!

You gotta admit tho... it's a cute picture of these little fellas, isn't it? And just begging the title!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fighting for a space...

.... on the PC these last few days.

Carl's big pressie was an 8 GIG Sony MP3 player - and that takes some filling up let me tell you :-)

The boys have invaded my scraproom and commandeered the computer while they play and juggle around with albums and playlists and whatnot. It took us ages to work out the software and how to use it initially, having always used media player before, and now we're all hugely embarrassed to realise it's as simple as ABC! We had such a laugh tho, and the whoops of triumph and victory dance when we finally clicked were quite comical :-) Honestly! What are we like? 3 farts....! Heaven help us if we ever had to work out anything hard!

Vinnie got his SG. Oh Yeah! The one he's had his heart set on, and it's black! Not blue!

It's a proper 'big boys' guitar, and has a great 'Rock' sound. He's in his element, tho a trifle covetous of Dad's new toy.... But he had loads of pressies as usual, the spoilt little snake, and is planning on spending his money on a new amp, fit for the superstar guitar.

He had a couple of PS2 games - Fifa 2007, and Smackdown 2007, loads of Emo clothes, new football boots, some interactive dvdvd games, guitar stands, a 20 question thing which appears to read your mind (!!) And lots of other bits and bobs, so he's well happy.

And I got my new camera and I love it to pieces!

Last year I wanted the Fuji S5500, but in truth I find it big and clumsy and i've never really achieved the results I'd hoped for with it, the worst drawback being it's size and bulk. I want something I can slip into a pocket or handbag. I want a little camera I can rely on for great snaps (cos i'm not a photographer- just a scrapbooking Mum) and this one - the Fuji finepix F30, seemed to be everything I needed.
Tipa awarded it the Best Compact Digital Camera, 2006, and although I haven't read TFM yet, I know I'm going to have fun with this baby. I've already taken more photos in the last few days than I took in the whole year I owned the monster Lol!

I also got some scrapping goodies, including rubon lettering, glittery embellies, alphabet stickers (mad on these) and 3 sets of stamps - a love set with hearts and kisses, lips etc; and two from Autumn Leaves, which are hearts and stars and the snap frame alphabet. Plus a book - The Amazing Page from memory makers, which is nice as I rarely get books nowadays. Oh, nearly forgot! Vinnie got me the new Creature Comforts dvdvd....!!! ( sorry - I find it impossible to just say dvd anymore... thanks to Peter Kaye!) My boy always buys me creature comforts bless him -coz he knows I love them :-)

Donna gave me some gorgeous scrummy 70% cocoa chocolates to bring home the other night.... The choc's are fab, dark and almost bitter, but it was the box I was really after ;-) Lol...! All I need now, is a little TIME!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's been lovely seeing everyone, but we seem to have been doing nothing but eating and drinking for weeks now - I'm def going on a health kick in the new year.

I managed to sneak away from it all earlier and knock up a very quick little LO just to keep my hand in... lol! One of our family traditions is that I make the magic reindeer food for all the kids and hand it out on Christmas eve afternoon after church. I make it for all my own family - Grandkids, Neices Nephews etc, plus all Donna's friends kids, and even the little girl in the local shop! (there's getting to be more and more to do every year!) But it's a fun job tho, and one I really enjoy. So here's my LO featuring pics of the magic stuff itself, and the poem in case you don't know it:

On Christmas Eve when all is still,
If on the lawn, these oats you spill…
This magic glitter will shine so bright…
that Rudolf will see it through the night.
Straight to your house, Santa’s sleigh he’ll steer -
Sniffing this snack for the hungry reindeer!

Hoping to get some more scrapping done tonight - especially as a DT parcel arrived today from Scissor Sisters containing an assortment (16 scrummy packs!) of their gorgeous new blooms, two dinky tins to alter, and a chip board album. Wow - I love these girls!

I'm still waiting to hear if I get another term on their DT... we should hear sometime soon - before the end of the month anyway, they said. I know there have been a lot of entries; most of the current DT tried out again plus quite a few hopefuls, so I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed.

Happy scrappin gals!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

We had Donna and Jon the kids round yesterday morning. It was lovely to be together to open our presents and share the kids excitement.

Isabelle came in her new ballet pumps and obligatory dress up outfit, and Sollo in a new Luton Town top from uncle Nicky. Vin had his emo uniform of a too big stripey top and very long stripey scarf on... and I was in my pj's.... well, what else?

The baby had a Christmas suit... but fell asleep over her daddy's arm, so you can't really see it. She is a litttle doll, but not very happy, coz since Mummy's car accident she's had to take to Dad, and she's not too impressed with recent events. Poor donna is in a bad way, and has so much pain in her back she can hardly walk. She's back off to the doc's as soon as they open after the holiday, as she needs something stronger that he prescribed. I'm a bit worried really, coz as Carl pointed out when we walked home from theirs earlier this evening, Donna is not one to moan about pain. Of all the kids, she's def not nesh. Neither her nor Jazz ever complain actually, apparently having a fairly high pain threshold. Jazz broke her arm at JuJitsu when she was 12 and never even cried, and both girls suffered very difficult labours without complaint, so I know if they are saying it hurts, you can be sure it does. I really hope it eases off soon, she's honestly struggling with the 3 little'un's and hardly being able to move right now. Thank goodness Jon's there. For a man he's not bad at coping at all.... ;-)

It's a wonderful life

Ok, I could do with a few spondoolies in me back pocket... a bigger house... new oven and a bit more sunshine... but all in all, it's a wonderful life.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
We are having such a lovely Christmas here, so please forgive my sentimentality but I really do feel blessed today. We had a smashing day yesterday too, in which we followed all our little traditions, spoke to everyone we love; either in person or over the phone, opened some fabtastic presents, saw the grandkids, ate a scrummy dinner, watched a bit of Charles Dickens (Katie? Boo? you catch it too?) and basically just hung out with our new things in the warm with the lights down low and a lot of love in the air. I know it sounds corny, but it was just perfect and later when we were turning in, Carlos wrapped his arms round me and said "I've had a wonderful day today, I love you so much" and I thought my heart would burst. God knows, We've got nothing... not like most people have, and he had to work so hard and for such long hours for months and months to give me and Vin the things we wanted, and make sure I had enough left over to buy nice things for the family too...and there's him thanking me...

After 20 years of love with my fella, even if I'd have got nothing in my stocking, I'd still be one lucky girl really...And this I know.

Hope you are all having a love filled Christmas too, full of family and fun and joy.

Best wishes to all for a fantastic 2007
big christmas hugs from me
jk x x x

Sunday, December 24, 2006

there's no time!

I have not found time to blog at all!

Been SO busy getting everything ready for Chrimbo... first we went to Asda's... er, in the car ;-) And by Jove! if you don't have an accident on the road, you'll almost def have one in the car park! Lots of very busy, irate people about! Found a space eventually, and manoeuvred myself in... Next Vin and Carl had a stand up argument in the road about going to the music shop together or separately... Chill guys! It's Christmas...

Meanwhile, I wandered off into Asda looking for a top.... of course, as soon as I found one and looked like I might go and try it on, they both appear, all sweetness and light and there's no time.. it's a conspiracy, I know.

Went in for 3 things... came out with a trolley full, and £99 lighter - you do the flipping maths there! :-)

Then Vin decided to highlight the whole evenings entertainment on the telly - which two years ago would have left me cold, but this year I somehow find irresistible - and there you go... so, I never made my reindeer food... and I never started the layout I wanted to...

The song 'Just keep swimming...' runs through my head as I type... I am turning into Dory by the day....

Yikes... before you know it, it's Christmas Eve Gals! Onwards and Upwards eh!

Friday, December 22, 2006

I was so sad to read about 'Santa' Andy Robertson, who collapsed and died shortly after handing out presents to kiddies at a children's party. The event was thrown by the bowling club he was a founder member of, and it seems this kindly old gent had played Santa there for years, delighting in his role, and revelling in the excitement and happiness of the Grandchildren of his friends, when he handed them a gift and sent them off with a jolly HO HO HO...!

I'm sure this lovely man will be remembered fondly by all who knew him - and what a selfless way to go - dressed up in a jolly suit and bringing joy to the youngsters he'd watched grow up from babies, while the last thing he heard was the happy sound of children having fun with the gifts he'd just given out.

RIP Santa Robertson.

One for the girls... well, I do have three!

Mulled wine anyone?

We'll be having mulled wine and mince pies round my dd's on Christmas eve after church. If anyone fancies hving a go at making some for themselves, here's an easy recipe for ya :-)

1 bottle red wine
60g/2oz demerara sugar
a cinnamon stick
grated nutmeg
1 orange and lemon, halved
1 dried bay leaf
Splash of sloe gin (optional but adds a great kick! Or some people prefer to add Brandy)

1. Put the wine in a saucepan with the orange, sugar, bayleaf and the spices.
2. Heat gently until the sugar has dissolved.
Do not allow it to boil or it will spoil!
Taste to see if you want the wine sweeter, and add more sugar to taste.
3. Off the heat, stir in the sloe gin if you are using it.
4. Strain into heatproof glasses and serve at once.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A nice idea is to hang a little candy cane from the cup - I do it just coz it looks festive, but some people like the to dip it in as the peppermint adds taste to the wine.

Enjoy, my friends!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A little dog came to our home today....! Right in the middle of our Christmas Party - Yep - Ralffie the schnauser hound turned up with Gwen's family to join in the festivities. He caused quite a stir, dressed in his Santa outfit - and had to be fussed and petted by everyone... and being the gregarious sort of chap that he is, he did his best to wag his tail for everyone there, lick a few tired, but eager old hands, and eat as many sausage rolls as he could before retiring to lie flat out in the middle of the floor where everyone had to step carefully around him - but his suit could be seen to it's best advantage by as many folks as poss!

What a star he was - we loved him... So let's have a big hand for Ralffie please....
oh, and guess what...? I want one!

Don't you?

(that is not Ralffie btw - but a similar looking dog - Ralffie's actually grey and even more cute if you can believe it ! More whiskery - just like Santa!)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Arrgghh... who thought it was fun to tag me when I have NO time to answer dumb ( but such fun!) questions....? :-) Thanks MEL!"

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?
Hot Chocolate, whipped if poss, with choc flakes and cream... mmm!

Coloured lights on tree/house or white?
White this year, but I really like lotsa twinkly colours so probably coloured again next year.

Do you hang mistletoe?
Who needs mistletoe? ;-)

When do you put your decorations up?
Traditionally around here it was the 11th, or nearest friday to that - but these days it's whenever, i'm a lot more flexible now i'm old.

What is your favourite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?
I love veg so any veg medley is good, but we've always eaten Yorkshire pudding with our christmas dinner, and I can't imagine the festive meal without it now!

What's your favourite Christmas memory as a child:
I used to get up very very early and sneak down alone... I'd sit under the tree in the darkened room, lit only by the glowing old fashioned lights and the dying embers of the log fire, and open my stocking on my own.. It was a magical time for me, finding all the things I'd dreamed of having...then I'd rush upstairs and leap into my parents room to show my Mum what Father Christmas had brought me... it was only as an adult with children of my own, that I questioned why on earth they we're not down there with me witnessing my glee...

How and When did you learn the truth about Santa?
I had heard from other kids that Santa wan't real and sorta half believed them, then, when I was about 10 my dad told me for real and I couldn't bear it! It had to be true! the Santa story couldn't be a lie... So I decided to sit up all night and watch the 'Williams' family house down the road.. they had loads of kids.. if Santa was going to come he'd visit there for sure... I woke up in the morning, stiff and cold in the window seat, my head still on the windowsill.... and still not knowing one way or another... but even if I never saw him make it to the William's.. he'd made it to mine.. so what did I care care?

Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?

How do you decorate your Christmas Tree?

Lights first, tinsel, baubles etc, and always a fairy. The fairy.

Snow! Love it or Dread it?
Love it - to look at and photograph..... but hate slush!

Can you ice skate?
Are you kidding?

Do you remember your favourite gift?
no... gifts are a blur, but I remember peeking once and it ruining everything... :-(

What’s the most important thing about Christmas for you?

seeing the kids happy excited faces.

What is your favourite Christmas dessert?

I'm a cheese and bickie girl, myself.

What is your favourite holiday tradition?
Church with the whole family on Christmas eve afternoon

What tops your tree?
An ancient, all seeing fairy!

Which do you prefer, giving or receiving?
erm... receiving? Lol!

What is your favourite Christmas Song?
Me andCarlos's favourite carol is 'In the bleak midwinter', but I always cry when the kids sing away in a manger in church.

What is your favourite Christmas story?
The nativity. I'm a sucker for that every all the little shepherds, angels and lambs....

And now I tag Karen and Pixie!

Great - we so need this....

Well, I have to say I am posting with something of a heavy heart tonight. Today the design team at CS learned exactly just how much we actually meant to our publishers, Ashdown...
And that was, basically... absolutely nothing.

It's a funny thing, but all along some of us have been very wary of the motives of a publishing group that clearly and obviously undervalued it's design team - despite the 100% support of our editor - a scrapbooker herself, who hand picked her team from all over the UK , and continued to demonstrate her confidence in us daily, inspiring and lifting us with every contact. But it's almost as if we knew something wasn't quite right... I mean for example.... it's standard in the industry to receive a copy of any mag your work appears in... yet we never did. Ashdown claimed it was a matter of finance - that is, they were saying they couldn't afford to give us a copy free.... while blazoning their online mag (full of our work) on their website for all and sundry to access free of charge month after month.......!


Then, to add insult to injury - as if it wasn't enough to tell us all a week before Christmas that we were surplus to requirements.... the MD then goes online, on the largest scrapping forum in the UK, to spout his views that rather than homegrown talent being showcased, what we really all need in the UK, is to see more American work in our magazines... coz we apparently need a kick start over here, and evidently, they are the only ones capable of doing it!


Now, let's get something straight right off...

I love my USA buddies. I know I have a lot of readers from the US, and I am, and have been in the past, on the DT of several American sites/online stores.... I love being accepted over there as a talent in my own right, and I accept that they are in the position to be great scrappers, having access to all the fantastic, NEW products - at less than half what we have to pay, and yes, the hobby is HUGE out there and in comparison, we are small fry.... but I cannot accept that we - us Brit girls... have NO talent? and cannot sell a magazine? and need that much help?

Get away....! the man's delirious! Who the hell is feeding him this shite?

I really hope i don't offend any US scrappers here - but do you girls really view us all as the poor relation?? Are we really THAT far behind???

The other huge mistake he made was spouting off on UKS.... What he clearly doesn't realise is, that however BIG UKs seems... some of us... lots of us - the core of UKS, have been around for quite a long time now.... about four years or more.... since UKS was just new and young... and we've all grown in this scrapping world together. Yes, we might slag each other off occasionally, and yes, we might fall out - but we are like a family on there.... let some stranger come knocking on our door putting us down ... and feel that wrath!

What he fails to understand is this... we have history, us girls... We have watched each other's children grow up through our pages... we've seen births, deaths and marriages, divorces and worse....and we've supported each other through good times and bad. We've been there.

We've been there....

Who does he think he is to come in with his size great 9's and his multiple ID's and try and tell us we're no good? Try and fob us off with stories, and patronise us.... try and tell us he knows more about our hobby and our industry than we do?

Silly man! Fancy trying to take on a bunch of hormonal, prickly, passionate women and think he can pull the wool over our trained eyes!!

As far as I am concerned, Ashdown and I are finished. In fact, I am finished with the whole damned publishing thing. I am lucky perhaps, in that I've already been offered work, so I don't have that huge knock to my confidence that some of the girls feel now - and I am talking about girls with mega talent here.... but girls who have been rocked by this whole horrible experience nonetheless.... but I've already decided not to take any more commisions, ever. I'm finished with magazine work... I have nothing left to prove. I have had work published here, abroad, in paper and ezines, books and online. I've worked as an international DT member and still enjoy DT work that fits in around my family. But who knows.. Perhaps he's right - perhaps the UK needs some new blood. So, there you go... my place is up for grabs for anyone who wants it.

But just remember to be very careful of what you wish for... coz sometimes you know, you blummimg well get it.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lordy... I keep trying to get on here to post, and Christmas stuff keeps getting in the way. I expect everyone is just as busy as me right now though, so I doubt my lack of blogging has been noticed! I honestly could do with twice as much time... and I'd still be behind I reckon. There have been a couple of scrapping things I really wanted to do, like enter Becky Fleck's Dec sketch comp, and some blog challenges but time slipped away and I missed them. I had also planned to do the photo a day on Scrapforums throughout December... but I missed that too... no point trying to catch up now. Shame though, I really wanted to do that. Still, at least I'm getting somewhere with my cards and presents, though no where near finished... HELP - I get panicky just thinking about it all!

Got an entertainer coming in today at work, and it was the Christmas quiz yesterday - that was a great laugh. Then on Thursday my lovely peeps have their Christmas party.... and that's me finished til the following Wednesday (though Carlos is trying to talk me into taking next weds and thurs off too, to be at home with him... hmmm decisions decisions...what shall I do?).

Vinnie is off to the theatre in London today with his Drama class at school - I always worry when the kids go off anywhere like that, but I do hope he has a great time all the same. I feel terribly sorry for whoever gets the seat behind him tho - Many spikes in the hair today... he looks like a cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and Lucas Rossi. I just hope they are v-e-r-y t-a-l-l whoever they are... Or they've got no chance ;-)
That's it for now folks! Have a fabby day, jk x x x

Sunday, December 17, 2006


....That man of mine is some piece of work, isn't he?

We're in the supermarket, shopping, and he decides to pop something into the trolley, which I didn't see...

Later, loading the bags into the car, I notice something in the bottom of the cart. "What on earth is this?" I say, and he grabs it from me with a dopey grin and says "You're not meant to see that!"

But I have seen it, and it's a red envelope... The penny drops...

"Have you just let me buy my own Christmas card...??? " I splutter.

"No", he says...." it's worse than that - I've just let you shoplift it... I forgot to pay!"

Whaaaa???? For heaven's sake! What is he LIKE?

So, then we're stood there in the car park, giggling hysterically like two idiots, not believing what we've just done.... But I had the last laugh girls... I made him go back - red faced, to cough up. That'll teach him Lol!!

Sites with free Christmas Fonts & Dings

Santa's Name around the world

So, who are we all waiting for.....?

Argentina - Papá Noel (thank you Paula!)
Austria - Weihnachtsmann, Nikolaus
Belgium and the Netherlands - Black Pete, Christkind, Noel and Saint Nicholas
Brazil - Papai Noel
China - Che Dun Lao Ren
Denmark - Julemanden
England - Father Christmas !!! (YAY!!) Not many sleeps now....!
Estonian - Jouluvana
Finland - Joulupukki, Old Man Christmas
France - Pere Noel or le Petit
Germany - Weihnachtsmann, Nikolaus
Holland - Kerstman
Iceland - Jolasveinn
Italy - Babbo Natale
Japan - Santa Kurousu
Lithuania - Kaledu Senu
Mexico - San Nicolás, Santa
Norway - Julenissen
Poland - Star Man or Wise Men
Russia - Grandfather Frost (Ded Moroz), Dedushka Moroz
Serbo-Croation - Bozic Bata. Sveti Nickola
Spain - Three Kings
Sweden - Jultomten
Switzerland - Saint Nicholas, Chriskind

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Aw.. look....

I got my angels at last! I wanted some lights for the fireplace... and I knew what I wanted but I couldn't find them... I loved the snowmen I saw last week,,, but they weren't quite right.. not quite what I really wanted - then the other day as I strolled through yet another garden centre - I found them!

Perfick! Frou Frou wings, beady limbs and all!

Carlos helped me put them up today - which was no mean feat in itself, as it involved moving the telly and dvd, PS2, digi box etc, and getting underneath it all into a sort of wood and brick built in thingy so he could re-arrange the wiring as we had no sockets left....anyway - tis done - and I am in love. Look at them - saucy things... ! Aren't they delish?? :-)

You know what they say about little things pleasing little minds...? Yeah...? Well, that's me! One happy bunny tonight! :-)

Quote of the day

In the old days, it was not called the Holiday Season; the Christians called it 'Christmas' and went to church; the Jews called it 'Hanukka' and went to synagogues; the atheists went to parties and drank. People passing each other on the street would say 'Merry Christmas!' or 'Happy Hanukka!' or (to the atheists)
'Look out for the wall!'
Dave Barry

Fender Bender

To complete my poor daughter's recent run of bad luck, yesterday some idiot ran into her from behind. She was heading through the crossroads in town, going for her and the baby's six week check, and she noticed to her right some incident being attended by fire-cars and police - a RTA of some kind - but she drove past ignoring it, and stopped a few yards further on for a red light. The woman behind however, chose to rubber neck, failed to see Donna - understandable perhaps, as she was only driving an enormous people carrier... and slammed into the back of her crunching up the rear so badly that she can't even open the boot to get the pram out!

The woman was driving a fiesta and her car had to be towed away - a complete write off.

Donna and Tildy are ok, but Don's very shaken, and pretty upset as the baby screamed blue murder and she was obviously terrified she'd been hurt. Fortunately the police came and assured Donz that the accident was entirely the other party's fault, but her car's a total mess, which she's gutted about, she's sore and stiff as hell from the whiplash... And worse than that, she's now haunted by the thought of what might have happened if anyone had still been on the crossing when she was pushed forward from the impact...

Poor kid.... it's just one thing after another for her lately. I really hope this is it now and she has a great Christmas, and a better new year.

But why can't people just be more careful on the roads? Eh?

Scissor Sisters DT

Just about managed to get my application in last night for the Scissor Sisters 2007 DT call. For some reason I had the 18th in my head as the deadline, I think I'd got it mixed up with the date of Creative Scrapbooking's deadline for this month... and it was only when I checked where the girls wanted it mailed that I realised it was actually midnight on the 15th - And it was already the evening here.... Eeeek!!

Talk about panic! Lol! At least one piece of work had to be made using SS products, but I had hoped to combine my entries with my monthly DT comittment and make everything with SS stuff... but it was never going to happen, I'd run out of time. Soooo, I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed now that the girls like the other stuff as well, and give me another shot, eh? ;-)

here's a li'l sneaky of some of the stuff I put in:

I just LOVE this one.. shame all the glitter and sparkle doesn't show up here. That lizard is way TOO funky! Lol! And a fairly serious looking layout...well, for me, anyway. This one's pretty cute - much like the boy himself :-)

...and a couple of DT layouts I made for their stand at Memory Trends, whenever that was.

Friday, December 15, 2006

wanna email Santa....?

No... ? :-) but I bet the kids would like to, eh?

They can send an email
here and will even get a reply - how sweet is that?

(I checked it out - it's ok, honest!)

Quote of the day

Like snowflakes, my Christmas memories
gather and dance - each beautiful,
unique and too soon gone...
Deborah Whipp

Oooh... look what Pixie showed me!

Found this on Pixie's blog - Thanks darl - I just had to have a go!

You are The Empress

Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation.

The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents,
beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home
decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful.

The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bye Bye Boogie Boy....

The family have gone.

Donzo took them to the airport this morning, and tho I said I wouldn't cry this time , I couldn't help but shed a few tears when I had to say goodby to Jazz. It's been nice having them here, even tho we've all been on top of each other, but it was great to have a girly around the place again. She helps with the dishes... Shops with me... Buys me trash mags, And she's made me get my hair cut - told me off for letting it get so bad... coloured it for me - caramel and chocolate if you don't mind, and has got me straightening it again - which I will admit does look better, but i'd got lazy and in a rut... and well, you know how it goes....

We - me and her - plan to diet between now and Christmas coz we've been very naughty and had cakes and treats and drinks and all sorts of things we shouldn't really, and neither of us can do our jeans up anymore! After just 12 days!! Lol!! So a few days of temperance is in order, before the next big blowout - well, that's the plan anyway ;-) and then I'll have the new year to make a new start and get myself sorted out before our next visit out there :-)

The boogie boy has left the place looking like a whirlwind has blown through - I wonder if I'll ever find all my fridge magnets again???? They've been posted here there and everywhere.... in guitars (Shock horror!!) out the cat flap, under the fridge/freezer/couches/beds/ in the toy box... and erm.. well, just about everywhere really.... still, I guess each time I unexpectedly find one as i'm tidying round in the next few weeks I'll smile and think of him, and of them and of the fun we've had these past 12 days.

Hasta la vista mi amigos x x x
You will be missed.

Yes, CS has gone.

Looks like everyone knows now thanks to a thread on UKS, so just a quickie to say thanks for the messages and mails girls, and yes it's true, Creative Scrapbooking has gone to the wall - again. Ashdown have decided to pull the plug on this and CCMI, though in the case of CS I can't say it's really any surprise, as I never understood their marketing tactics, and predicted this long ago.... from the very first, in fact. The decision in no way reflects on the quality of the work in the mag or the Editor however, as Mandy toiled like a Trojan to make a success of it and I believe we had a fantastic DT too. I know I felt very honoured being part of that talented group... but Ashdown continually putting the magazine online - free! - before it even reached the subs or the shops was always going to lead to this outcome.

As for me, well, like Dolly, I feel something of a Jonah.... This is the fifth time I've been through this scenario! Talk about the kiss of death..... ; -) Lol!

Of course, while they've all succumbed eventually, and I've had to accept the disappointment ( and loss of earnings!) it does still mean I've worked on them - and had the opportunity to work alongside lots of talented scrappers and I'm grateful for every experience. Even when Scrapbook Magic folded which really broke my heart having been part of it since it was just an idea and then going on to editing and helping to launch it, I somehow knew I'd go on to other things. But this time? I don't think so. I think at least for now, I'll be happy to just take a back seat and scrap for me for a while.

I'd like to thank Mandy for being such a great ED - she's a real star and I loved working for her, and wish all the team lots of luck with whatever they decide to go on to in the future. Their talents will not go unnoticed, I'm sure.

hugs to all - I think I'll go look for the code for another one bites the dust :-)

One of my Layouts from last months mag:

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

here we go again....

Deja Vu anyone?

The night before Christmas.... Spanish style - for Ruben

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the casa,
Not a creature was stirring -- Caramba! Que pasa?

Los ninos were tucked away in their camas,
Some in long underwear, some in pijamas,

While hanging the stockings with mucho cuidado
In hopes that old Santa would feel obligado

To bring all children, both buenos and malos,
A nice batch of dulces and other regalos.

Outside in the yard there arose such a grito
That I jumped to my feet like a fightened cabrito.

I ran to the window and looked out afuera,
And who in the world do you think that it era?

Saint Nick in a sleigh and a big red sombrero

Came dashing along like a crazy bombero.

And pulling his sleigh instead of venados

Were eight little burros approaching volados.

I watched as they came and this quaint little hombre
Was shouting and whistling and calling by nombre:

"Ay Pancho, ay Pepe, ay Cuco, ay Beto,

Ay Chato, ay Chopo, Macuco, y Nieto!"

Then standing erect with his hands on his pecho
He flew to the top of our very own techo.

With his round little belly like a bowl of jalea,
He struggled to squeeze down our old chiminea,

Then huffing and puffing at last in our sala,
With soot smeared all over his red suit de gala,
He filled all the stockings with lovely regalos --

For none of the ninos had been very malos.

Then chuckling aloud, seeming very contento,

He turned like a flash and was gone like the viento.

And I heard him exclaim, and this is verdad,
MerryChristmas to all, and Feliz Navidad!

5 People

I've just finished reading 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven' by Mitch Albom - a book that left me with golf ball eyes and a pain in my heart, but also a feeling of hope and wonder. If you spot it on the shelves at Oxfam next time you're in town, grab it... it's a wonderful book.

It starts with the death of Eddie, an old war veteran and amusement park maintenance man who dies on his 83rd birthday while trying to save a little girl from a falling fairground cart. Eddie had once nurtured plans for studying engineering and making something of himself, however the scars left by an alchoholic father and the trauma of war meant he never left Ruby Pier, and considered himself a failure in life. In heaven he meets a series of people who show him that nothing in life is random, and all lives are connected - each of the 5 people he meets had their life impacted both in good ways and bad, and they, in turn, impacted upon Eddie's life. Throughout the book Eddie continues to ask whether he managed to save the little girl...

Even without having lost people in my life, I feel I would have been deeply moved by this little book, because it's just a beautiful story, wonderfully written, and because Eddie is human and real, and you can't help but feel his pain. However, having been bereaved myself, and knowing the bewilderment you feel, and the ever aching why why why.... I feel comforted by the message that while life has to end, love doesn't... and that I may get my answers one day, in heaven.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Aw.... go on... have a go :-)

Your Elf Name Is...
Freckles Twinkle Wink
Pictures of the visit to Santa's grotto....

...And a lesson on how to get ALL the kids looking in different directions... Lol!!

No matter - THEY loved it and that's all that matters :-)

Monday, December 11, 2006

We had a lovely morning yesterday up at the Garden Centre. They've done it up so beautifully this year....the lights and decorations were fantastic and there was a Brass Band playing carols so it was quite festive as well as pretty.
Jazz bought some little cottage ornaments that light up to take home with her to Lanzarote, and I toyed with the idea of a set of snowmen lights to go across the mantlepiece ... they're really gorgeous and twinkly, but quite expensive, so i'll have to see how the money goes I think - and anyway - it'll give me a good excuse to go back for another look and a little browse round 'Craftability' while I'm there eh? ;-)

I was actually quite restrained in the craft shop, but I couldn't resist some clear button stamps by Hampton Arts, some Alphaletterz by ProvoCraft and some Christina Cole Stand-Outs, which were shockingly overpriced.... but irresistable. The other bits i got was a reduced stamp - 99p! maya rd ribbon, PP's (obviously) matching card, and one set of rubon's. I was looking for a particular giant punch too, but they didn't have it so my search continues. I know I've seen it somewhere!

The little one's loved the reindeers, but it was very crowded so I never got any great photo's, and I'm hoping Jazz got some good pics on her camera when they visited Father Christmas as I couldn't handle the crush and missed it altogether. We'll have a look later when they get home from visiting Erks family in Essex.

Have a fabby day today - less than a fortnight to go now! Anyone getting excited? Lol!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yay! Off to see Reindeers this morning!

Will be back later with pics and tales of our adventures, hopefully! Brr!!! it's frrrrrreeeeezing tho!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Cool Yule Y'all!

Jazz's best mate Ruth drove down from Derby this morning to visit while they're here. Ruth is just like family and is always around for family parties and events. Most of the time she spends her life flitting between the UK and Lanza working here or there and now and again taking off on adventures to Egypt or Thailand or other places afar, and well... why not? You're only young once eh?

Anyway, when she arrived she came in laden as always, and as usual at Christmas, she brought a yule log to our home. This is a very special gift because it's something her and her dad make together every year whenever she is home. It's one of their family traditions and goes back generations... Ruth's Dad can remember his own Dad and Grandad making and lighting the yule log with the family, and burning it on the fire on christmas night.

The ones she brings are always so lovely and so lovingly made - I'd never have the heart to burn them at all... But she says that is the general idea really :-)

So, as it's so lovely and christmassy, I thought I'd share. Here's to christmas traditions! And long may you enjoy yours too!

Fanks Rufus for sharing with us all, Merry christmas to you and your family xxx

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Putting up the decorations tonight :-)

Jazz plans to bake today while I'm at work, and then when Carlos gets home we'll put on the christmas music, set out sausage rolls, cheese straws and mince pies, pour drinks, and get ready to step into christmas! We have always done it like this - baking with the kids in the day, the same old christmas cd's, and everyone involved in putting up the lights and tree and decorations. I've bought cadbury's square chocolate tree decs, some caramel bells, smarties baubles and of course the peppermint candy canes we always have - coz it wouldn't be christmas without them!

We've had our fairy for years. She's always the last thing placed on the tree and the youngest gets to do this, lifted high, holding the precious fairy who's going to look over us all between now and Christmas eve to make sure we are all being good.... Any misdemeanors will need to be righted by saying sorry to the fairy, and hoping she will not tell Father Christmas we have earned a black mark by our deeds. She and the two Robin's who watch from the mantlepiece are clearly quite benevolent however, as no one has actually ever come down to find ashes in place of presents... but you know, the possibility is always there :-)

In spite of the excitement, I actually feel a bit unwell today, so I hope this doesn't spoil the fun later. I was sick last night - probably just too much going on and too much of everything in quantity, but having been ill this time last year - we all were, with some vile tummy bug, i'm praying it's just a blip and not something that's going to fly though us all again.

And now, I must sign off - hope everyone has a lovely day, and continues to enjoy the season.

jk xx

CC @ Carolinz this weekend!

We're having a fun little Christmassy Cyber Crop this weekend at Carolines - pop over if you have time - all welcome!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Finding Emo II....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

.....just in time for Christmas....well, if you're gonna be getting a cool cool rockin SG..... (you hope!) You gotta look the part, right?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

festive fun

It's been lovely having the kids here, but i've still had to work and try to shop for Christmas, and cook etc and with everything going on, there hasn't been much time for blogging or scrapping lately. However, I did find time to make a little altered cd and case - just coz i felt like doing something small and fun and festive!

My first attempt at this - yes, I know you've probably all been doing it for yonks - but you know me... always behind with everything :-) Must say I really enjoyed it and will be making more as soon as I get a chance. This was a Portugal football cd free with Vin's magazine - He's very impressed with what I did with it.... I did try to tell him others have been making stuff like this for years and years.... but he was having none of it...bless his heart - guess we'll just have to let him think his Mum's awfully clever and original then, eh? Lol!!

Got the day off tomorrow and we're going Christmas shopping, then I'm hoping to wrap some pressies and write out some cards. It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas!!!! Yay!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

what's going on??

I have lost my wysiwyg!!

I can't add pics, change font colour/size or anything!!


Any clever bloggers out there?

jk x

YAY!! IRENE! - She's mended me again - What a Star!

So Excited!!

Yay!! Today's the day!

Picking Jazzabelle, Erks and Lil Rubie up tonight from Luton Airport... and yeah, they truly are being wafted here from Paradise... (said in me best Luton airport accent! ( Lorraine Chase for those too young to remember Lol!!) but even though they are leaving behind sparkling seas, beautiful beaches, fiery mountains and the warmth of the sun... they are actually looking forward to their visit as much, if not more than we are! ;-) Crazy eh?

Lanzarote vs Luton?
Luton vs Lanzarote?

no contest man!

All the same, Jazz does miss home and us guys a lot, and wants to make sure Ruben knows his English family here in the good ole UK too, so here they come - for 10 days - just hope they don't freeze in the ghastly weather.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's all about percentages....

You know what they say.....

'it's 50% what you've got - and 50% what other people THINK you've got' ;-)

Yeah, yeah, I know, value yourself, and others will value you too....

...and while I'm all for boosting self worth if you're the sort who can... I do draw the line when it's more like 5% that you actually have - and 95% that you're trying to convince them you have!

Gotta laff ain't ya?

Friday, December 01, 2006

2 pieces of news

1. Laura, Ria and I have two new teamies to play with at Carolinez!

After some lovely entries came in from lots of talented ladies, Caroline finally decided on
Dolly and Pam (Scrapdolly and Sprogpaws) as her new additions to the DreamTeam. We now can't wait to see what lovely classes and projects they come up with :-) Initially, we were looking for one replacement, but in the end she couldn't pick, and so we now have two! YAY!

Congrats Karen and Pam - Welcome to the Team girlies!

Anam and some friends have started a fantastic new business venture over in Canada, and the great news is - they will be shipping to the UK! You can read all about it here. Roll on January, I say and let me get ordering! Lol!!

Good luck Anam, Mona and Lea!
Getting excited now! I bought some new decorations for the ceiling, and also some for the tree yesterday. The tree decs are gorgeous, gold coloured glass dangly downs - like chandelier glass... I'm sure there's a proper name for them but if there is, I don't know it.

As someone once said - "I don't know much about Art, but I know what I like!".

That's me :-)
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