Saturday, July 31, 2010

Canal Festival

We popped along to the Canal Festival today. I wouldn't say we are exactly moping with Vin away at Sonisphere... and Don and all her lot out in Lanza with the girls...but the idea of a colourful fun afternoon surrounded by water and boats was a welcome break, so we jumped in the car and shot down the bypass after our jobs were done.

Apart from the barges, there's a lot to see. Loads of country crafts, stalls and entertainments. Carl loved the little boats powered by candles, and I loved the bright rag rugs and basketware. We walked along the tow path for a while looking at the narrow boats, and stopped to pet daft dogs excitedly running the length of their boats barking at everyone in a very important way :-) We had our lunch there too from the hog roast... hot pork rolls with apple sauce, crackling and coleslaw, and Carlo had a highly potent scrumpy while I sipped a delicious fruity Pimms.

There were birds of prey, and I snapped a lovely photo of an owl who had the most beautiful orange eyes, and we cracked up at the tractors who all bore a sticker proclaiming them Old Farts... made us feel quite at home, that did!

Anyway, here's a few pics from our day out. I might even shake myself into making a mini book of the event - such a colourful day out deserves recording. Just hope I can hold that thought.... fingers crossed anyway.

anyway, enough for tonight :-)
More soon

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's been awhile....'s been several months in fact since I blogged.

I haven't blogged because I've really not been doing anything crafting wise, I've been busy outside, have felt pretty down on and off...and also because I got too caught up in facebook - which sucks a lot of time if you let it... and I confess I did.

In the months I've been away I closed the blog down to visitors, but I had an emal recently asking if I'd like to become part of a new project - which really interested me - and so out of the blue I got the kick up the bum I needed to get back to crafting, and as a result, hopefully, blogging :-)

As I have nothing creative to show, I'll show you me being an idiot, along with with my nutty sister and my darlin Carlo, last weekend at the British Music Experience if you haven't visited this expo at the O2 yet, you should. It's a fantastic place, stuffed with music memoribilia, costumes, instruments and info - you can also dance the decades! Which as you can see, we did ;-) But where is my son and his friend... who we took to celebrate his 18th birthday....? Hiding, obviously! Oh the shame... mum dad and godmother/auntie doing the twist in front of hundreds of tourists.... ha ha - bet he was glad there were plenty of places to lose yourself inside!

British Music Experience Video Removed

more soon!

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