Thursday, August 30, 2007

Almost the weekend....

Well, it is for me, coz I don't do Fridays. I have done when i've had to, but for the last few years Fridays have become Mydays... my absolute fave days, when I get to stay at home and mooch and slob and do whatever I damned well please, because there's no one else around.

Obviously in school hols, Vin's here, and usually my dad will pop round for a chat and a coffee in the morning, but basically friday is a me me me day when I can shoot to Hemel to shop, slope around town doing the charity shops, scrap all day if I want, read, visit, sit in the garden or do whatever I feel like doing, and oh, how I love that.

Yes, I know I'm selfish... but there you go. Old people are.

Talking of scrapping, I never got picked for the US kit club I applied for, but got an hon ment, which I thought was quite sweet. I also did some lovely stuff which I haven't been able to show until now as it was for Becky Flecks page maps, and I was dead chuffed tonight to see that my LO made the front page of the newsletter - Thanks Becky, it was a pleasure to help out there :-)

It was quite funny actually, coz I made the LO no trouble from the gorge sketch Becky sent me, but then got into terrible trouble trying to scan it... In fact, I got so frustrated, that I just started all over again and made another LO, which scanned like a dream - as did the first as soon as i'd managed the second! So in the end I just sent both - thought I'd let Becky have the headache of choosing which one to use - and it's a nice surprise to see it there now, as at the time she had no idea which one she'd put up.

Here's the other one - the one she didn't use.

You can see the one she did use by clicking
here or going to Page Maps

I so love this pic of my boy emerging from the sea - what a babe (magnet) he's turning out to be... ;-)

Wishing the Fleck family a super chilled out holiday. Nothing like getting away from it all, is there ?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bad bad blogger

I know, I know ... I've been a lazy mare again.

Actually, not lazy, just busy, and when not busy, simply enjoying the sunshine, as you do, when the chance comes round.

This weekend we decorated Vinnie's room and built his new furniture. Tonight I finished painting and put up some voile panels at the window, and now it's almost done. He's still deciding if he wants blinds or curtains, but at least he has something up so it feels more cosy - not as open and cold.

I haven't really had time to get on here and update, but now the work's done, i'll hopefully catch up again.

On Mojoholders last week we lifted a page by Elsie, and here's my interpretation:

And on AAE we did Reincarnation... which for some reason doesn't seem to be as popular as scrapping yer bum - but you know we did say not all the challenges would be easy.... so don't say you weren't warned... lol!

Here's mine:

I wrote about my love of the Sea, and how I've always imagined I was once connected with it in some way... maybe as a sailor, or fisherman... or who knows... perhaps even a pirate? :-)

Haven't got much else to say for now. Got some scrapping to do, and I'm reading the book that's supposed to save my life.. not sure about that, but it has made me smile a bit, so it's a start I guess.

Be back when less busy and more relaxed.

jk x

Friday, August 24, 2007

Class page to download

See here on Mojoholder for a gorgeous downloadable class page from Kylie Tout.
Come play along!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Catwalk Queen! Go me! Lol!

I just got told by a teamie tonight that I made the catwalk on Sistv - hey! go me!

Really, what a fab surprise :-) I've been working all day... got home real late as I had a meeting... Ate my LUNCH at 9.45pm (wilted salad... yuck) chatted to a mate for a bit and then logged on for a quick surf and scan of my mb's... Then I spy a toot for me - and there it is - the news. Really chuffed!

Might not be a big deal for everyone but it sure made my day, I tell ya.

Yesterday was a crummy day, coz the car cost me a load of money I don't have. I've recently noticed a prob with the handbrake which I intended to get fixed when I get paid in a couple of weeks... oh, and the electrics have been a bit dodgy - but I've tried to ignore that, at least I did until Saturday night, when I was driving home and realised that everytime I signalled left, my lights went out!

Honestly! Right out!

Obviously quite funny, as the kids are convinced that regardless of whether I'm on foot or in a car I only ever turn left, thereby spending my whole life going round and round in ever decreasing circles (and it's not far from the truth, I do seem a bit fixated on left turns... Come out of Next, turn left... come out of Henney's turn left.. there's whole avenues of MK shopping mall I've never seen because I never get that far....!)

Anyway - obviously this problem needs fixing, so off I trot to the Auto Electrician/Garage and explain my problems. "Leave it with us" they said, and so I did, and awaited their call. Fortunately for me, the garage is owned by a friend of a friend or God knows how much it would have been.... Seems I was losing brake fluid... Eeek! And cylenders or something had to be replaced, fluid topped up and I needed a whole new switch which was £79.80 + vat... what is it made of... Gold?? Plus labour etc and I get a bill for almost £180 quid. Great. Like I could afford that.

On a brighter note, I can now turn left to my hearts content without becoming invisible to oncoming traffic. Gotta be worth the money.


Monday, August 20, 2007

OK!!! We have a new challenge for ya!

Number five is up!

Please put your backsides away... they are no longer required :-) We have a new challenge going on, so go and check it out here:
All About Eve.

Don't forget to provide a link to your work or email us the layout so we can add you to our readers gallery. We are still scouting for talent for GDT spots!

See ya there!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

tut tut tut....

We was robbed... just ask Colleen....

....who thinks Chelsea are travelling wth their own Ref's now.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Need more time!

Crikey, the weeks fly by, don't they?

Saturday again, and whereas I used to post almost daily on here - sometimes more than once a day even, now I seem to have no time at all, yet not much has changed. Hmmm.... have to think about that one I guess, and see what's going on. I would say it's just summer... but come on...... hardly, is it?Lol!

Donna set off yesterday with her mates for V festival, and was stuck in traffic for many many hours, arriving late They've taken camping stuff, enthusiastic smiles and wellies... heaven help them.

The kids are going to see High School Musical tonight. Vin has (reluctantly) agreed to go with Jon to help. He is not expecting to enjoy it. I wonder why ever not ;-)

Mojoholders went up last night and this weeks layouts are absolutely gorgeous - our best week ever I think! We also have a new addition to the DT - Sandie - who's work is really lovely, and we're all very glad to have her accept our offer of becoming part of the team. We have some new ideas too and will be letting you know about those once we have stuff sorted out.

I ordered my holiday snaps last night from Snapfish (been too busy and too skint to do it before) but had to get a move on as they have a 25% off offer on til the 31st, and I had quite a big order. I still like 7x5, although I realise the trend has swung back to smaller photos. I haven't followed trends for years tho, so I get what I like - but don't they cost!

I've done a couple of layouts I can't share yet, and I absolutely love them both, and I have some stuff to do today which I may enter into something later. More news on that if I get anywhere ;-) Lol!

Other than that, not much going on, so I'll be back when I have more to report.

WHOOPS!!!!! Nearly forgot! Been trying desperately to catch up and have only managed to get to a few blogs I usually read, but have had no time to visit recently. Just popped onto kelly's to find she's tagged me as a Rocking Girl Blogger... WooHoo!! That I am kelly, girl. That I am ;-) lol.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So thanks me darling - I'll add the button and pop back later with my own rockin girlies - howzat?

jk xx

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's my girlie's birthday!

It's my baby girl's birthday.

Not that she's a baby any more of course - in fact she's about to have a baby of her own, but she's my youngest girl - the youngest of three - so in that respect, she'll always be my baby I guess.

She tells me she's had a lovely day, and I'm glad. It's not much fun being very pregnant on your birthday, is it? I was just a month away from my due date with my second baby on my 21st, so I know it's not that great....But she's been spoilt and had a fuss made of her,and she's content now, having had lots of pressies this morning, breakfast out with Erk and big sister Hayley - and balloons and cake and everything all before 10 am! They've been swimming, to the beach, lunched, visited Erks Mum and Dad and sisters; and been showered with more goodies from friends and family - and now they're home and she's relaxing with Ruben and meemee, while Erkin cooks them a romantic 3 course dinner.

A charmed life indeed, eh!

So,here she is:

Happy Birthday Jazzabelle!

Enjoy the rest of your day darling!
Birthday hugs
ma xxxx

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Challenge number 4

Ok... ok. I admit it.

I guess it was my idea lol!
(But they didn't need much persuading!)

I know some of you are wondering... and I honestly can't say how or why it came about in the first place, but I do remember it seemed awfully funny to us at the time, and we had such a laugh thinking up crazy ideas round the theme... and even when someone said "yeah, but we're not really gonna do it though.. are we?" I just knew we had to!!!

Women are obsessed with their bums!!! Too big, too small, too flat, too round... Wobbly, bony, dimply or just plain peachy.... it might not be all that... BUTT - it's yours!

So here's your chance to show off your sense of humour - a reason to let your rear end shine.

Just grab your camera, rope in a mate, partner, or kid.... have a giggle and put the spotlight on your derriere - go on. When will you get an opportunity like this again.... :-D

We can't wait to see the response to this one!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

catch up time....

like I said, after the holiday there's a fair bit of catching up to do, so i'll just try and get back on track with some bits i've done and fill in with snippets of news as I go along.

I love this pic of me and the boy on the fantastic lawn chairs one of the beach bars had outside their place. We were only steps from the sand here, and it was wonderful to just kick your flip flops off and relax sipping sangria, while listening to the waves lapping on the shore so close by...

it's maybe not so hard to understand why we felt we could have stayed forever..... ahh well, all good things come to an end, as they say ;-)

I did my mojoholder layouts before I went and the girls uploaded them along with their own at the relevant times. Our new DT is in place now, and their work is really something else - better pop over for a peep if you haven't already, as it's all looking pretty damned good from where I'm sitting :-) Way to go there, ladeeez!

Here's my two:

Rubie being the sausage that he is in our garden last time they were home....

And me and fandango doing what we do best... making an absolute fool of ourselves - all in the name of fun ;-)

Now, these two I did for Creative World, to illustrate a li'l tutorial I knocked up for them a couple of weeks ago. The entire thing seems a bit jinxed, coz it was supposed to have gone up before it did, but the flipping floods put paid to that - a long story, and not mine to tell, so suffice to say I was simply scuppered, and that's about all you can say that! Lol!

Cheapie Poundland Canvas

Layout featuring our Isabella, who is a girl like no other!

The tutorial did go up - while I was away - but for some reason, the artwork never went with it, and I've not got round to hassling anyone to find out why, lol.. i know, I know, I am just so lazy... but as it didn't get used, I'm sure the girls won't mind me putting it up here and linking back instead. So if anyone wants to see about making these transparent letters - here you go: The so easy tutorial is here: at Creative World.

Thanks girls for letting me join you on site - it was great fun :-)

Right! I have a couple of things in the pipeline to get sorted, so better go and get on as I'm all behind again, (no pun intended there... lol!) but be sure to check out our cheeky All About Eve Challenge which went live tonight.....

Ah...yessssssss..... I see you baby!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

We're home!!

We're home... Fat, brown and knackered......

But God, I love Ibiza :-) Never again will I mock people who go there.... Really - there's a lot more to this gorgeous lil island than San Antoni and the club scene. It's lovely, and we had a wonderful, chilled out, laid back holiday. I was so sad to leave yesterday, and think I just may have to go back - if only to pick up the little bit of my heart I left there this time.

No time to blog now although I do have a mess of catching up to do. Maybe later, when the sun's gone down.

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