Saturday, September 30, 2006

Quote of the day

Rainbows apologize for angry skies.
~Sylvia Voirol
Very strange weather here today.... Rain, wind... then sunshine, and rain again.
And a rainbow.
I do love a rainbow


Liverpool lost.
I think they need a new goalie. Pepe's had it...

Michaelmas day

Feast Of Michaelmas
Michaelmas \Mich"ael*mas\, n. [Michael + mass religious service; OE. Mighelmesse.] The feat of the archangel Michael, a church festival, celebrated on the 29th of September. Hence, colloquially, autumn.

Michaelmas, Christian feast of St. Michael the Archangel, celebrated in the Western churches on September 29 and in the Eastern (Orthodox) Church on November 8. In the Roman Catholic Church, it is the Feast of SS. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, archangels; in the Anglican Church, its proper name is the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels.

Michalemas Daisy.
Def: North American perennial herb having small autumn-blooming purple, pink or white flowers; widely naturalized in Europe . The Michaelmas daisy is a September flowering plant which attracts the following butterflies: Comma, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White

How come I always manage to find something to do with feasting or eating... huh? HUH?? Think there's a pattern there? :-)

Speshal dare # 22

Week 22 of the Spesh dare challenges.

This week we were given the title.... "He said..."

Hmmnnnn... not so easy eh?

I almost did a layout using a picture I took of Ruben last time we were out there. We'd taken a box of Yahtzee out for the guys and of course the little man had had to investigate. He loved the dice! Played with them for hours and GramGram Carlos was showing him the numbers and he was copying him, saying them.His favourite by far was number six - probably coz everyone cheered and clapped if he threw one....

Later, he came and pulled Carl by the hand.. "GramGram... up!" Carl allowed himself to be led along to where Ruby had been playing. He pointed to the wall "Gram Gram... thixs?"

Carl adores him, and just loved the way he said six with his little lisp... he'd lost one of his dice in the picon and Gram Gram had to find it. Clever little boy he knew there should be 5 dice and he only had 4! He needed his Grandad to find his favourite number six! Lol!

Carl said his heart just melted... and I so nearly did that LO - but I wanted to use the scrummy papers and flowers my lovely friend Lemon had sent me as a cheer up pressie the other week so I did the one below instead.
Just as well I didn't - Clare did a gorgeous LO abouit her little boy Tom - using those very words! What are we like? Lol!

She said she thought I might have some pictures to go with them...

Erm....only about 800 Darlin!

They looked just perfect for Pool Shots of which I have plenty... and I love this action shot of Vino being flung through the air by Carl, in Lally's pool. I have to admit my heart was in my mouth when I took it - he looked horribly close to the pool edge, but him and Carlo and Erk's play this all the time and they haven't brained him yet... but you know, I'm a Mum.. it's my job to worry!

Friday, September 29, 2006

looking for scrapping quotes?

Someone asked me about scrapbooking quotes the other day - I googled, and came up with a few listed below.

Lisa Bearnson is apparently quote mad, - as I am myself.... I have included some she loves along with a few others you might find useful here. Please don't forget to credit the author, where noted, if you decide to use them in your work.

Any excuse....

According to my mate Nic...

{and she knows about these things... ;-)}

Today is: Confucious day....

What a perfect excuse to forget the kitchen, and phone out for a chinese take away tonight....!!!

Confucious says...
Take plenty - And Enjoy!
And have a tiger beer for me while you're at it ;-)

Quote of the day

Just think how happy
you would be if you lost everything
you have right now,
and then got it back again.

~Frances Rodman
There is nothing like thinking you are about to lose everything...
to make you appreciate what you have - however little it may be.
This I have learned.

Happy Friday Folks!

My fave day of the week!

Got a huge heap of things to do today but I'm happy and feeling good so won't mind cracking on.... I'm working from home as I have to make a start on the monthly newsletter I produce for the Nursing Home. Should be fun coz we've had a busy time lately with everything I've organized, so I have plenty of news and interesting chat to stuff it up with.

I also have to get on with my Spesh dare for tonight... Lordy, it's a beast of a title for me this week, and after having a very silly thought about it last night, that is now all I can think of... Lol!

And that will not do!

I also have only a very small bit of time left to get my layouts completed for Scissor Sisters Deadline for Memory Trends.

I'm on it girls!

Then, sometime this weekend I need to start my project for Creative Scrapbooking. I know what I'm doing but need to get thinking about a few things for that.

So, busy busy time ahead - must get on.

Have a super fabby day today everyone, and enjoy your weekend too!

hugs jk xx

Thursday, September 28, 2006

BB update

The babies are now a week old!
They make a fair bit of noise too - those tiny little voices are getting stronger every day and each time they start peeping (I am an informed internet baby budgie breeder you know!) their Mum goes into a frenzy of yelling at Dad to get out there and bring home some grub! The poor fella's always on the go scampering down for food and back up to his hungry wife and crying children....
We still haven't decided whether to keep them or find homes. If there was only one we would keep it for sure.... but two or three...? I don't think we can. They are SO messy and noisy.. it would be impossible. Vin has outright refused to choose who must go and who can stay, so it's probably going to be all or nothing. Anyway - that's a long way off. Hopefully they will go to friends or family so we can keep up with their progress.

I can't imagine us wanting to say goodbye to them for ever...

Quote of the day

Those who have succeeded at anything
and don't mention luck
are kidding themselves.

~Larry King
Sometimes it's just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

Design Teams

Reading something on Anam's blog today about the different criteria for DT's set me thinking....
In the past I've been on lots of DT's - often several at once, and sometimes perhaps too many. But these days I've narrowed it down to just a few, because I find I don't have the time to be committed to so many, and to be honest, it's just not as important to me as it once was.

That's not to say I shirk my commitments or have no interest in the mags, companies or web sites I work for - far from it! I just don't feel it's important now to run after every opportunity that presents itself, and truthfully I think you can get overexposed doing that. So many people have said that they do get fed up seeing the same person popping up everywhere... every magazine, every online store... etc. And I know I often feel the same.

There seems to be a huge difference in how DT members are selected too. Very often an online store owner will pick talented friends to promote their wares - and I remember one particularly nasty outcry recently when someone asked some friends, and offered a few places out for audition too. People reacted as though this lady had no right to just give some places away without people having to try out for them....

Why the hell not??? It's HER DT for heaven's sake!!

On the other side of the coin, it seems some places don't just want your ART they want your BLOOD! I entered a 7 week competition to try and win a place on a USA DT. Quite a prestigious site, and a huge hullaballoo in the build up and throughout the trials. It was fun - but also very stressful, and we were put through the mill. Eventually I and several others got our places and so began our term, which we assumed was for a year, as this had been indicated from the start). After just a few weeks it was suggested that perhaps they'd only keep us for 6 months... and in the meantime we had huge committments to meet - using our own stash and time, as they were having difficulty getting sponsors! Many bailed out, but being loyal I stayed on for a while, feeling terribly let down - loads of people never ever got any product to work with, and eventually, they decided to give us a 'furlough'..... Er Hello??? Surely you don't hold a massive competition to find several designers if you have no idea what you are going to be providing them to work with?

Others I've been invited on, and some I've got a place by submitting the required work.

Some sponsors are so generous and fantastic to work with, and if you find yourself on a DT for them then you know you're lucky. The rewards are great and presumably you'll work your socks off and make it worth their while having you.. Lol!

I've read a lot recently though, about people asking for the actual layouts to be sent in - often non returnable. I don't think I'd ever be likey to apply for a place there! Certainly, a company owner needs to assess your style. And they'll want to see if you are of the standard they are looking for, whatever that may be. I don't think it's unreasonable of them to ask to see several layouts, or pieces of work and obviously, they'll need to know a little about you, if only to see if you'll fit in. But why can't you just send electronic images? Usually I am asked for several pieces of work and a link to an online gallery - surely that's enough?

There was one incident though - and I did make this team, where someone entered a piece of work (electronically) that wasn't even her own! Honest to God...! She submitted a handmade book or something - an image of which she'd nicked off the internet!

How dastardly is that...?? Roflol!! I know we all love our DT work.... but honestly!

That's just naughty!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Quote of the day:

I still find each day too short
for all the thoughts I want to think,
all the walks I want to take,
all the books I want to read
and all the friends I want to see.

~John Burroughs
Don't waste another moment - get to it...

sharing our great news!

Carlos got a phone call on Friday by a guy from a company he'd dropped his CV into when he was out trawling for a job a couple of weeks ago. Ok, I know it's not the fashionable way to do it anymore... People just don't go round knocking on doors and actively seeking employment - but he does. And it looks like it's paid off too :-) Some people may try networking, some might let the job centre do the leg work for them, but Carlos believes that if you get out there and be proactive, someone, somewhere is going to say you're just the person they're looking for - if only out of respect for the fact you've got off you're backside and tried to help yourself.

So, he went for an interview on Monday - Got the job! - and started yesterday!

He was a bit dismayed last night as the place is in quite of a state and will need a lot of sorting out - but he says he knows he can do it - and there's promotion for him if he does.

I am so pleased for him.. for us! And I'm very proud of him too. I'm not sure I could do what he did, and keep positive. I really think this opportunity came at just the right moment though... even he - the eternal optimist - was starting to get down. It must be so demoralising to keep trying and seemingly get nowhere.
Anyway - I kept that green bough in my heart - and now the bird is singing. Things are looking up again... Obviously, it's only a start. It's not as well paid as his last job, and he's more or less back on the bottom rung of the ladder again - but you know what they say about being at the bottom..... the only way is UP!

Wish him luck please - it's time he (we) got a break.

{{hugs - and thanks for all your support over the past few weeks}}

jk xx

Weird stuff....

The rules are:
List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets.Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.

Thank you to Rena fo this lol!!

1.I also have my ears pierced 5 times - 3 in one and 2 in the other Lol!!

2.I'm very superstitious - I'd walk miles rather than go under a ladder

3. When I'm walking down the street, I like to be on the left of whoever I'm walking with - I'll crossover to get there!

4.I never eat butter - unless I'm having cheese and biccies

5. I hate shoes!!! I would be barefoot all the time if I could :-)

I am tagging :

1.Ubergoober Stacy
2. Scrapdolly
3. Maria (scrappad)
4. Suzanne the fruity one!
5. Mad Tallulah

Go girls!

Tagged by the Lovely Lucy - Queen of Doodles to you Lol!

Right - I clearly need some serious thinking time here... I'm getting tagged left right and centre... and now I've got the giggles... pmsl... how can you think when you're in hysterics? Lol!!

OK Lucy said.....

"List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal/blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to."

1. Crazy - Gnarls Barkley - my blog theme tune!
2. Biggest mistake - Rolling Stones
3. Dani California -Red Hot Chili Peppers
4. Mr Moonlight - The Beatles
5. Oh Stacy - Zutons
6. I don't feel like dancin' - Scissor Sisters
7. Superstar - Jamelia

1. Miss Rude Issues
2. Rena
3. Debra
4. Beth
5. Anam
6. Lemon
7. Paula (our Argentine Angel!)


Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I have been tagged by my sweet nutty mate Correna..... cheers m'dears!!

No time to think of weirdness now...and I have a long day at work - won't be home til 9.30-ish tonight - but I'll get to this later or maybe tomorrow depending on how exhausted I am and whether my family let me up here. It might be tomorrow .

Have a fantastic day everyone! I hope I have good news to share later.

I have a Rock & Roll party at work tonight - Yay!

I'll be Be-Bob-A -Hula 'ing everywhere....

Ooooooh.....Go Me!

Quote of the day:

We are made stronger on
realization that the helping
hand we need is at the
end of our own arm.
~Sidney J. Phillips

For my Carlos – who didn’t sit and wait or
mope, but walked and knocked on doors
til somebody answered…
and kept his self respect in doing so.

SO proud of ya babe,
good for you.
(I hope I have more to blog on THIS later!!)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Remember the rescued kitten?

Finally got some pics of her - there have been a lot of problems with lost/ misplaced/broken cameras....This one was supposed to have pics... and then that one... but they never got to ME!

Anyway - they are here now, and she's a pretty little thing.... how could anyone dump her out in the cold and dark... abandoned around the bins all on her own?
As you can see - she's wasted no time in making herself at home at Lally's house... I'm told she's a bundle of trouble... can't believe that, can you?

piccies to share

Jazz just sent me 70 odd pictures tonight!!

I must share a couple - this boy is edible! I just want to scoff him right up... wait til you see him! He's getting so grown up.... Actually, I can't wait til WE see him... which will be in a few weeks!

We've got Lally and Dan coming soon, then Jazz and Erks and Ruby - all before Christmas - and also Donna's new baby on the way - sometime around the middle of next month - Isn't it lovely to have family? I do sometimes feel all sentimental and blessed. I do today.

Here's Ruben George in his new Barca kit! They're off to the park over the road to try and wear him out before bed... He's got boundless energy this boy - I know all little boys are full of it - but this fella just runs on and on... duracell has nothing on him! He's itching to get there... he doesn't want to pose for any more pic's for nannie and gram gram and Vin... Lol!
And he's off!

This park is at the end of Jazz's road, just over the road. They have the mountains behind them and the sea in front... what a lovely place to grow up.

A few more bounces... a ride or two on the roundabout - got a couple of videos of that too - and a game in the ball park... and he's slowing down...

but not for long if I know him! Lol!!

Quote of the day

If I keep a green bough in my heart,
the singing bird will come.
Chinese Proverb
Please send us good luck vibes today.
Job interview - thank you

BB (baby budgie) update

The latest news is there are definitely 2 babies in the box!! Mum let us have a better look today - She's a bit more confidant now they are a teensy bit bigger. She allows us to watch her while she feeds them and baby one was actually trying to stand up! He can't lift his head up yet and of course their eyes are still closed but they certainly can kick! There's all kinds of kicking and wriggling going on when they get fed.

I'm sure most folks would agree they're not that cute yet, but we are enchanted.

So we were thinking of names...
Mum and Dad have good old Aussie names - Bruce and Sheila :-) so we were thinking of maybe Kev and Kylie for the babba's... what do you think? Lol!

There's a funny story - too long to tell here right now, but for months after I first met him, I thought Carl was a guy known as Kevin the Aussie (well... he thought I was married, so there were some communication probs going on, obviously) Anyway - there's that - and of course there's Australia's Kevin Bloody Wilson - so Kev's def in the running for boys name... And well, Kylie... I mean - what else? Lol!!

So, later today we'll be attempting to lower the nest box to remove the unhatched eggs - wish us luck - very scary business!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

This week's Speshal dare

Just wanted to pop this weeks Speshal dare up on here.

We had the theme: I said I would never...
The journalling reads: @ nineteen I said I would never...

Go out without my makeup on

Wear clothes just coz they're comfy

Tune in to Radio 2

Look in the mirror and see wrinkles

Turn the music down

Forget to paint my nails. . .


There were some amazing guests this week - including Debbie Jewell, who is one of my favourite scrappers ever, and whom I've loved ever since the first layout I ever saw of hers. It floated across the top of the screen on UKS late one night, and I was pm'ing her frantically begging her to take it down, because I was editing Scrapbook Magic then and I wanted her layout for the mag! lol!! Trouble is, the magazine wasn't even out - and she took some convincing!
Co-editor Michelle loved it too, and we eventually managed to talk her into joining our DT... way back when.... seems so long ago now.

I love just her snazzy style and really admire her individuality and bold use of colour and embellies. I think she's a star!

Quote of the day

The average pencil is seven inches long,
with just a half-inch eraser
- in case you thought
optimism was dead.
~Robert Brault
That's 'pencil',
you lot at the back!

The birds

So anyway... I have news!

Last Thursday evening Vinnie and I were watching Dragon's Den, when he suddenly sat up "Mum - Listen, I think I can hear babies!"

We quickly turned the TV down and listened carefully by the cage (covered up, coz it was night time...). And there was no doubt about it, we could hear definite tiny cheeps snd chirps... one of the eggs must have hatched!

Of course I had to get a torch and try and look, then it all went quiet and we were terrified we'd done some harm... but next morning we heard them again - we think there are two now, and yesterday we actually saw a chick when Mum popped out of the nest box to stretch her wings and drink some water.

They are so tiny!

I have done a bazzillion internet searches to learn all I can about baby budgies and breeding and nutrition etc, because we so want everything to go ok. We never planned for this to happen and won't be allowing it to happen again, but now that it has happened unexpectedly, we want to do all we can to make sure the chicks are raised safely and healthily.

In a day or so we need to check if they are ok, and remove any unhatched eggs and abandoned chicks, and that's not something I'm looking forward to, but at the same time I can't wait to see them properly.

Bruce - the proud Father - has suddenly become the Harry Houdini of the bird world, and we can't decide whether his instinct to be a great Dad is prompting his constant escape attempts (food hunting) or whether like a lot of new dad's, he just needs a spot of time away from his Mrs and the crying kids!

Either way he's out of the cage more than he's in it right now - Just hope we can keep him and the cat from meeting up!! Henry might be old but he's not stupid, and he's not slow either. It's an anxious time all right.... Lol!

I miss my blog...

Due to lots of things that have happened recently, I decided last week to have a little break from updating my blog. I didn't feel very sunny and it was getting harder and harder to continue to be positive and upbeat. I guess I felt like I was running the risk of bringing others down with me, and didn't want to be spreading doom and gloom amongst my friends. You don't visit someone's blog to read about their troubles and woes - Heck, we all have troubles enough of our own, eh?

But this few days break has done me good. I've had lots of support from some very nice people - and not just close friends either - but people who have visited, and whom I perhaps visit myself; and I thank you all for checking on me here, for the pm's and the emails and surprise chats on msn. It's amazing the power of a friendly word, a kind gesture... just knowing people care and miss you. I'm pretty overwhelmed to be honest - especially as I didn't think anyone even read my blog!

Anyway. The point of this message is to say that I've missed blogging. Whether anyone reads it or not is irrelevant. For a long time I didn't 'get' blogs.... I really did not. Friends used to say to me "have you read so and so's blog today....?" And I would be scratching my head wondering what on earth it was all about - I honestly couldn't understand why anyone would want to blog their life - much less why someone else would care to read it! But after Debbie decided to go live with the Speshal dares, and Clare set up the Spesh blog, I felt a bit left out not having a blog to link to - it seemed like everyone had one but me - so with help from some very good friends I managed to get this place set up... and finally realised what bloggin was all about. Don't ask me to explain, all I can say is I enjoyed being here, and realised it was fun.. til it wasn't anymore.

I wanted a little break and I've had it. I'm feeling a bit better and trying to be optimistic - I've had enough of half empty glasses... I'm looking for half full one's from now on.

Thank you all for being so kind and loving. You've helped me through a very bad patch - just think of all that Karma!

{{Huge hugs}}

jk xx

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm abandoning the blog for a bit...

...So til I come back love and hugs to you all.

Jake xx

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

national wha.......??

Well, isn't this just the sort of thing that I'd be desperately interested in....

National Moth Night - Britain's annual celebration of moths and moth recording...
Coming up.... on Sept 23rd.

Didn't I ever tell you - I HATE the bloody things!

You'll be seeing a lot of ME then! Lol!! :-D

Quote of the day

They say that age is all in your mind.
The trick is keeping it from creeping
down into your body.
Good luck Donz!

Happy Birthday Don Don

Happy Birthday Darlin!

I'm sure you've had better birthdays girlie, and this one hasn't quite turned out to be quite the full of fun milestone one you'd hoped for..... all those plans...!!. Lol!! But never mind - there's always your 40th, eh......? Lol!!


Remember the Atlantic?
Hope you have a lovely day babes - I'll be round to see you later with the boys.
love mum xx

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Talk Like A Pirate.... Aaaraghhh!!

Ahoy me hearties.....!
September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate day.....

So what are ye waiting forrrr... shiver me timbers! Look at this I knocked up in Honourrr of all me sea faring friends.... Aaaraghhhh!

Pieces of eight to be sent to me Stash fund......

Look lively Nowwwww!!!!

Quote of the day:

If your work speaks for itself,
don't interrupt.
~Henry J. Kaiser


Stop the Japanese Dolphin Slaughter Join The International Protest Wed. Sept. 20, 2006

Wednesday 20th 2006 is an international day of protest to urge Japanese authorities to ban annual dolphin slaughters.

Japanese fishermen from Futo and Taiji brutally chase and kill approximately 20,000 dolphins and small whales every year. This is the largest massacre of these animals anywhere in the world, and it is causing a systematic serial depletion of dolphin species. The fishermen say they kill the dolphins as a form of 'pest control...?' claiming that the dolphins eat too many fish, so they are simply eradicating the competition. These hunts are also used to supply a select few dolphins to marine theme parks that pay tens of thousands of dollars for capturing star attractions.

All around the world protests will be taking place - Join a planned peaceful protest at the Japanese embassy in London on 20th September 2006 between 12noon and 3pm. The embassy can be found at 101-104 Piccadilly, London (nearest London Underground station: Green Park).

If you can't get there, your voice can still be heard...

Please visit Greenpeace to sign a petition to stop this slaughter.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Day one of the mmidol contest is up - see the blog here

Fancy your chances.....? Lol!

Erm....Don't think I do!

Bound to be some amazingly delish eye candy on there though...
Can't wait to see it :-)

How badly do i want this book......?



You can read the blurb here at Ideabooks4U but basically the idea is that colour is a powerful tool, with huge emotional connotations. Regular readers of this blog will know that I'm fascinated by colour psychology and will have had a bit of fun with me learning something about it in the past couple of weeks
This looks right up my street, so that's me saving my pennies...
bob-a-job anyone?

Look.....! Mmm.....

Look at these papers.... aren't they delish?

And the package.....

Check out the rest of the their stuff here - it's a French Co, so no idea if they are available in the UK or not..... but they should be - available only to ME!! Lol!!

Quote of the day

If things go wrong,
don't go with them.
~Roger Babson
I hear ya.....!
hanging on here by the skin of my teeth!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

This week I've chosen a song title
Perfect Day
Lou Reed - Transformer (1972)
Everyone must have pics of a day that was great, even if not quite perfect.

Play along if you want to. Use my title or pick a song title of your own
Get scrappin.

The Famous Final Scene

I can't believe it's 9 years since I lost my Mum.

In many ways it feels like only yesterday, and yet at the same time, it feels like forever since she's been gone. I still can't get a whiff of Max Factor makeup without feeling that catch in my chest, Still can't do so many things without imagining doing them with her... and I don't think there'll ever come a day when I can listen to Bob Seger's Famous Final Scene without just dissolving in tears.... It was my Mum's choice to have that played at her funeral. She loved Bob Seger, loved Mainstreet, and Still the Same, and all the other old classics of his, but it was always going to be the Famous Final Scene that was played that day. It wasn't that she was maudlin... it was just it was the perfect song and the little songbird knew that.

She was a right character, my ma. Tiny and funny and adorable. She was loved by everyone who knew her... and everyone - everyone - was her 'very best friend'. She saw the good in all people and all things. My family was in the Pub trade, and Moshie - for that's how she was known to everyone, was loved by young and old alike. We had a lot of pubs in those days, and wherever she went she'd be instantly surrounded, and hugged and cuddled and fussed over by customers and staff. She never bought a drink - she wasn't allowed to! You'd see her sitting with a gang of bikers - all tattos and hair and piercings, and grimy leathers and jeans... and she'd be laughing, and they'd be asking her to dance... or you'd walk into a bar and some huge punk with black lips and liberty spikes would run up and swing her round and drag her off to meet his mates... Scary people, gangsters, business men in suits, hippies, trendies, workmen and dossers... you name it - they knew my Mum, and loved her.

At the church service after her cremation, the Vicar likened her to Princess Diana - indeed, she shared her birthday with the Queen of Hearts, July 1st, and one of the last things she ever asked me to do for her was to place flowers on the Town Garden Gates following her tragic death in the tunnel in France. Moshie refused to go into hospital until she had seen all the news that day... She loved Diana, and I know Diana would have loved her too. She never came home from the hospital again.

The church was packed - unusually so for an elderly lady, and many grown men wept openly.
When they played the song - her song... everyone went to pieces. I asked for them to play the whole song and for everyone to remain seated to the end. I wanted them to hear it all - to make sure she had every moment of her famous final scene...

Words and music by bob seger

Think in terms of bridges burned
Think of seasons that must end
See the rivers rise and fall
They will rise and fall again
Everything must have an end
Like an ocean to a shore
Like a river to a stream
Like a river to a stream
Its the famous final scene
And how you tried to make it work
Did you really think it could
How you tried to make it last
Did you really think it would
Like a guest who stayed too long
Now its finally time to leave
Yes, its finally time to leave
Take it calmly and serene
Its the famous final scene
Its been coming on so long
You were just the last to know
Its been a long time since youve smiled
Seems like oh so long ago
Now the stage has all been set
And the nights are growing cold
Soon the winter will be here
And theres no one warm to hold
Now the lines have all been read
And you knew them all by heart
Now you move toward the door
Here it comes the hardest part
Try the handle of the road
Feeling different feeling strange
This can never be arranged
As the light fades from the screen
From the famous final scene...

God Bless you Mosh.

Quote of the day

Gone - flitted away,
Taken the stars from the night
and the sun from the day!
Gone, and a cloud in my heart.
~Alfred Tennyson
There's not a day goes by when I don't think of you.
I 'll never stop missing you, Moshie...
My dear little Mum
Taken 17th September 1997.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tagged: 10 Things that have terrified me (in no certain order)

Ok, I've been tagged - I'm tagging Beth and Debra!

Things that have terrified me

1) The Exorcist – the book even more than the film I think

2) Moths flying about in the dark in my bedroom

3) The monkeys paw, when I was about 11.

4) King Kong – when even younger – not the film, but my brother’s DC comics

5) My Dad

6) Vampires

7) The thought of someone hurting my family

8) The ‘mad mouse’ at Rhyl

9) Being in a huge crushing crowd at night in London, and almost being separated from both my child and partner

10) Looking in the mirror and seeing all those wrinkles!

Bad news and a nice thing.

As if things weren't bad enough around here, I got some really bad news yesterday from my Dad. I've booked an appt on Monday for the GP, and we'll take it from there. It knocked me for six yesterday, and coupled with the fact that it's the anniversary of the date my little Mum passed away on Sunday, I had quite a tough day.

I'm off to take some flowers down later, and will probably have a quiet afternoon after I get back from my eye test in town.

Why is it things always come at once....? As if you're not down enough already, along comes another blow just to make sure your face really is in the dirt?

I promise you mate, mine is. I don't need anything else to bring me down. I can taste the grit.

One happier little note - I got a pressie today. This has to be from one of my lovely friends on the Pad. Thank you so much you sweet thing. Some of my fave gorgeous zingy colours and some flowers I suspect are angel kisses!

I also had lots of kind, supportive, cyber hugs last night when I crashed a bit under the weight of all my woes. Thank you to everyone. I hate all that 'you know who you are' stuff... but in this case, you do. You're all angels.

jk xx

Spesh dare # 20

Didn't feel up to posting last night, so this never made it onto the blog. It's my Speshal challenge LO - you can see the others here . We had a very talented guest last night, Hannah - her layout was too brilliant, and raised a few smiles among the gang, Lol! Do have a look, it's clever and simply gorgeous.

My own layout here, is made with papers from a brand new paperline from Jenny's Creations (Craft Creations Ltd) designed by Creative Scrapbooking's ex Editor Jenny Cocks. Jen left editorial, but stayed on with CS as part of team, and is now designing along with us girls on Mandy's new DT. She very generously sent us all a couple of packs of her gorge new papers to have a play with, and they're very very nice indeeed!

I had this cute pic of Ruben at DisneyWorld, looking terribly serious on his first flume ride.... all I could think of was the old expression.... 'Why so Glum, Chum...?' lol!!

I love the addition of that one fat bubblegum pink brad - and the sparkles round the edge of the {ubiquitous :-) } circle are pink too.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Something vs Nothing

Prompted by Debra's 'Keen' entry on her blog, I've been thinking about this Jamie Oliver School Dinners thing....

Like most Mums, I'm concerned about the amount of junk food my kids eat. Though TBH, I never really had this worry with the girls. They were happy to take a packed lunch in, or to have a school dinner - which those days wasn't all sausages and burgers and chips - they did offer 'proper' cooked meals too, which thankfully my girls enjoyed.

Different story with Vin, unfortunately.

At just 14, he refuses a packed lunch - I guess it's not the thing to sit at lunchtime with a wholesome sandwich, an apple and a low fat yogurt when you're trying to look cool and escape being singled out by the mob for any reason...

Last year was no problem as he took money in and bought food from the cafetieria, but the new year saw the start of JO style catering and while I applaud their efforts in introducing more healthy options, I think it's all been a bit too much of a sudden switch for some of the kids.

Whereas Vin might have bought a slice of pizza (protein from the cheese, carbs from the dough and vit C from the seived tomato sauce) or a burger - again some protien, carbs and maybe some vit C, or even a portion of chips - fried I know, but some vits and carbs all the same - he now eats nothing.

From 7.30 when he eats his breakfast at home - til almost 4 when he gets back here and makes himself some cereal or eats whatever I've left for him, he survives on fresh air.

He has a decent breakfast, yes. And a good evening meal, but all day while he's at school trying to learn, and playing sports and walking the journey there and back.... he has nowt. And that's not good is?

He says he's fine. He doesn't like what they offer and doesn't want to take sarnies. And he scoffs plenty when he gets back so it's not like he's starving himself.... but all the same. I still wish he'd have something at lunchtime.

You worry if they do.
And you worry if they don't...


Agggh.... Budgies!

Ok peeps
I need help here big time, regarding the budgies.

Everything seems to be going ok with the eggs so far. Mum is sitting in the nest box , dad brings her food and helps out in there so it's all good...

He now keeps trying to escape the cage!

He's managed to squeeze his body through the bars twice now, and after flying around for a bit and sitting on the curtain pole etc, he then goes back into the cage (usually tempted by millet) But why is he doing this?

We've taken them outside into the garden before and he's never tried to get out of the cage.....We're terrified our cat will catch him if someone accidently leaves the door open and the moggie wanders in. He'd be killed for sure then.
Does anyone know if this is this normal behaviour in breeding birds? He's never done it before. Apart from netting , how can we stop him?

Looking for a smaller cage now BTW.
It's a terrible worry.

ahead of myself!

My Speshal dare was actually done and uploaded - last night! First time ever.. Lol!

I'm working on some stuff for Scissor Sisters now - and almost got one of those finished too - even while having a great laugh with some mates over a few cyber Port and Lemons.. Clare did you ever get that applewood?

You just know I'm gonna have to nip down to Tesco's deli later on now, don't you!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The course of true love...

I took a delightful old couple out to lunch today. It was their wedding anniversary a few days ago, and later this month, Bert has a special birthday, so we thought a nice little outing right in the middle of the two dates would be the thing to do.

We were collected and taken to a very old country pub, somewhere the young Bert had taken his pretty girlfriend Ann to, to do a bit of courting in the old days. On the way they remarked upon all the changes to the surrounding countryside - and told me what used to be where, and chatted about how much development there had been since they days Ann rode the country lanes on the back of Bert's motorcycle - something which had then to be kept a secret from Ann's strict policeman father... if she ever had any hope if his agreeing to the wedding Bert had asked for.

Ann's dad had given Bert an audience, and allowed him to ask for his daughters hand, but gave him a set time to save up enough to get a home together - or else that was that. In the event, Bert did whatever he could to raise the cash - and was rewarded for his endeavours not just by getting the girl - but also by the father doubling Berts money - to give them a better start.

Seems he wasn't wrong in placing his confidence in Bert to do the right thing by Ann though....

These two have just celebrated 68 very happy years of married life together - and you can believe me when I say I have never met such a devoted couple. They still hold hands as they sit side by side in the lounge. If we have a sing-a-long, Bert will turn to Ann, and with a twinkle in his eye, sing to her as though they were the only people in the room. And today... today, we spied Bert giving Ann a little kiss as they waited for the community bus to come and take us home... ah.. you can't beat true love.

By the way....Bert's 90 next week, and still tells his lovely wife how beautiful she is every time she walks in the room.

Congratulations to Bert and Ann - who got it right.

Now you know why I love my job.

Scissor Sisters and Memory Trends

Just heard from the DT coordinator at Scissor Sisters that we have to get some tip top layouts done for our booth at Memory Trends in October - this is where all the new lines will be launched, so better get down to that..... They are looking to showcase their own products obviously, so we can't use any other stuff - nothing at all!

And they want super dooper photo's too, so might have to get out and get snapping!

Well, that's a kick up the bum for me - busy weekend ahead I think :-)

Scrap & Stamp

I wouldn't mind getting my mitts on a copy of this... might have to see if it's available through WHS - I'd like to see what it's like.

Quote of the day:

Friends are kisses
blown to us by angels.
~Author Unknown
Know your friends,
and love them.

not sorted yet

Apologies to all bloggin buddies - still having probs posting comments. I know I'm not alone here so I assume blogger will get fed up of complaints and get it sorted soon. Hope so anyway.

jk x

Have you noticed?

How many more books on the subject of scrapbooking Amazon are stocking lately? This is fab for me as I often get Amazon vouchers for Christmas as I have a lot of family living away, and it's an easy to give gift for them.

This one above is on my wish list there - not exactly about scrapbooking - just about having more fun, being more creative and getting MORE out of your life.

Here's a synopsis I read:

Remember those childhood days spent running in your bare feet, playing make-believe, and most of all, living life with wonderment? That youthful enthusiasm and playfulness are key to discovering who you are and what you love to do. "Living Out Loud is the perfect prescription for a creative jump start to your life. Included are games, projects, activities, crafts, postcards, and playful ideas that will send you off on an exciting adventure, where you'll discover inspiration around and within you.

Sounds like just what the doctor ordered.... a bit of harmless fun eh?

Anyway - back to Amazon - I've seen quite a few books I want so if you haven't looked for a while - and I hadn't - you might be pleasantly surprised to see a bit more on offer than 6 the year old creative lettering and 515 ideas of late.

They've even got a pile of new stuff due for release in 2007. Worth a look.


Flipping Heck!

There's a mother of a storm going on out there..... loudest thunder I've ever heard!
And rain just coming down in sheets. I heard gales are on the way too... oh joy.

Quote of the day

The difference between
try and triumph
is just a little umph!
Marvin Philips
And I think we've plenty of that!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

At Last! Mandy's first issue... out!

Yep! You can get a peek at the i-mag online at the mo - but it'll be in the shops any day, and you can't beat holding the real thing in your hands, can you?

We're all so excited here, and can't wait to get some feedback from you guys! :-) I'm glad to say Ashdown have not scrimped on quality at all - the magazine has a great feel to it, but it's the content that's gonna blow you away!

As part of Mandy's newDT, I can tell you I'm in the company of some pretty amazing talent. It's fantastic to be working alongside Debbie (70), Clare and Karen (Scrapdolly) again - my old muckers from Scrapbook Magic. So if anyone's been missing us, you can see us back in print in Creative Scrapbooking from now on.

The cream of the old team are still there of course, plus a host of new girls - People who's work you all know and love - and we're all fired up with enthusiasm to bring you stacks of inspiration and ideas every month.

Mandy's worked so hard, and she's a doll. As far as editor's go - she's an absolute gem, and is totally committed to us, her team, and to her new mag.... Her baby! Having been with Michelle every step of the way in setting up SBM, I know exactly how much work is involved, and how she's feeling right now.

I just want to say here:

Mandy - thanks for everything - you rock girlie!
And to my teamies - WTG girls! You are bloody amazing - every one of you! And to Kate - hiding in the wings - you all wait til NEXT month, when we unveil HER unbelievable digi talents!

Don't forget now! Don't settle for an online look - get out there and buy it! It's so worth it.

Some really big scrapping news coming soon!

Oh yes there is.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Blog Prompt: Fashion Police

Fashions come and go - But bad taste is timeless, as they say.

Well... have you ever been a fashion victim? Was there any fashion that you loved - but shouldn't have worn, or did you find the fashions of one era outragious or just plain silly - what's the daftest get up you've ever been out in?

I lived through the 60's 70's 80's 90's... and I'm still going strong .

I remember Mini's being the new thing, and going into Town on the bus with my Mum to get my first mini dress to wear to a party. The girl's Mother was horrified and kept telling me to pull it down all afternoon! But I thought I looked fab with my green belted mini and white PVC kinky boots! Wish I had a photo!

Next came Loons, Budgie jackets, Hotpants - and Tank Tops, Platform soles and Oxford bags. Then Trevira suits, DM's and a skinhead haircut. In the early 80's it was Root Perms, and slashed, zipped vests and dungarees with huge belts - Oh....very Dexy's Midnight Runners.

This was followed by flourescent pinks and greens, and acid yellow - I have photo's of me and Carl on holiday - we must have looked like a pile of Radioactive sick! lol!!

Even in the 90'sI didn't escape the fashion disasters.... Oh no.

Look at all that HAIR!

I look like a rabid poodle!

Those days I stomped about in black leggings with big flecky socks and huge boots - usually topped with a ratty levi shirt. I clearly remember knocking things over in shops in my huge duck down puffa jacket... but thankfully - even I - mistress of no taste at all managed to see that really - a shell suit was probably not the best idea for an obviously totally unsporty mum of four!

(if it wasn't my clothing sweeping everything from the shelves, it was probably my hair...)

It seems that only with the new century have I apparently stopped being a victim and developed any sense of style.... Now I wear what I like - which at home is usually PJ's ,or shorts and a vest!

In the 'real world' though, when I have to venture out, I pick soft, comfy, casual gear- jeans, flowing gypsy skirts, sandals or baggy boots. Nothing tight, nothing fashionable or indeed old fashioned - just my own sort of boho hippy type look...

So, at last - I am free.


But free.

Yummy papers!

Just had a sneaky peek of Scissor Sisters new papers!

Yum! Can't wait to see them IRL :-) and there's more.....
If you didn't start out the
day with a smile,
it's not too late to start
practicing for tomorrow.

So, what's keeping you...?
Go on - Smile!
(even if you're feeling as annoyed as hell - like me!)

Bloggin Beta!! Grr......!

I thought having the latest thing - *!bloggin#! @*beta#!! - was supposed to make everything easier... faster..... better.....?

Yeah, well it might do if it worked properly - or if everyone else had it too maybe...

As it is, I've never found a way to get round the difficulties I have posting comments elsewhere, and now I hear people saying they can't post here either!

All I want to say is... Sorry I don't post many comments anymore - beta can't decide if I have a valid password, if it matches my name or if it will let me use it at any given time. And sorry again if you try and comment here and it won't let you - I don't know what the answer is, except try switching yourself - but then why would you if you're just gonna experience these probs as well...?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Blog prompt:

What is an outdoor aroma you particularly like and why?

Ahh.... So many.

I love the smell of fresh cut grass, and the way everything smells clean after the rain.

I love the smell of woodsmoke in the Autumn

Love how the tantalising smell of folks Barbequing drifts across my garden in the Summer and the crisp scent of a glass of iced Pimm's with cucumber and mint.

Love Bonfires in November and the smell after a sparkler goes out....

But most of all, I love the smell of hot tar on the road on a blistering day.

We used to sit and pop tar bubbles at the side of the road when I was a kid. And go home with your index finger all black and tarry... and it wouldn't come off, however hard your Mum scrubbed! Lol!

I still LOVE that smell.

Quote of the day

If you're not helping,
You can't watch...
Too bloody right!
Thank you Irish Annie, for that one.

I am knackered....

I slaved long and hard at work last week....

With Fandango now redundant, I've had to up my hours ridiculously, and i'm flipping well worn out. Lucky for me my employers are happy to give me extra hours or I don't know where we'd be.

On top of that I've had both magazine and DT deadlines to meet, and they've proved far more time consuming than they ever have before. Particularly as something had to be re-done through no fault of my own. Oh yes, there's been a lot of work involved, and writing's hard when it's 2 am you're falling asleep at your desk.

I feel like I've had no break at all this weekend because it's all just been work work work... and I'm still going to have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to go to the PO before leaving for the drive to work.

Anyway, my main projects are finished and written up finally, and that's such a relief.

I've got to crack on with my Scissor Sisters stuff now, as they've been badly neglected and they're such great people to work for, I feel horrible about that.

Jazz sent me a magazine through the post today and some scrappy bits she bought me when in the USA a few weeks ago. Bless her. Can't wait to snuggle up under the duvet with that later. BH&G Scrapbooks etc!! Wicked!

Picked up a wee pressie today for a friend I owe one too. Nothing much, but hopefully, she'll like it. I would quite like a lot of it myself Lol! - but it all seems to have passed me by due to the current circumstances..... and will have to stay on the back burner for the forseeable future too :-(

Well, that's it for today. Might pop back later with a blog prompt or quote if I can stay awake long enough.

TTFN bloggers
jk xx

Today's blog prompt

Thinking back to your childhood, was there a teacher who had a huge impact on you? Either in a good way or a bad way....

I went to a small village school from age 5-11 and while most of it was ok, there was one teacher in particular who terrified the life out of me. Her name was Mrs Hester and she was dreadful! Just say that name... Mrs HESTER.... Urgh....!! Even her name sounds horrible! Like a nest of vipers!

I really can't imagine why she disliked me so much. Perhaps she was nasty to everyone, I dont know. I was actually a pretty quiet child, reasonably clever, not much trouble... but she made my life hell, and I'll never forget her. I was so afraid of her that I actually wet myself in school one day - too scared to ask if I could go to the toilet. I was five. I had to choose a big girl to take me home, so I chose Sylvia Scarle, who's garden backed onto ours. I knew her sister, and I knew my Mum knew hers... so even though I was mortified by the accident, I felt a bit safer with her than anyone else I could think of. She marched me home in silence, and the minute I saw my Mum I threw myself at her sobbing. My Mum gave Sylvia sixpence for bringing me home, and she trotted off back to school quite happy. Sixpence bought quite a few sweeties for a girl of seven, back then.

After calming me and getting me clean clothes, my Mum stormed down to the school to sort Mrs Hester out. Lol!! My little Ma was less than 8 stone and stood barely 5'2", but she was a spitfire where her kids were concerned. I don't remember much about it all, but I know she gave them hell.

I'm sure Mrs H had her revenge though, coz she never got off my back til the day I left. Amazing how one mean old teacher can colour so many of your school years.... oh, and Sylvia never fails to greet me as pissy pants if I ever run into her in town.

Somethings you are NEVER allowed to forget!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Quote of the day

One must be a little foolish,
if one does not want to be even more stupid.
Michel de Montaigne
Oh, yeah!

Sunday Music and Me Challenge!

Ok – what have we here then. . .?
A bit of Sunday silliness – for the challenge :-)

This week I chose this song -

A Little Less Conversation... by ELVIS

A little less conversation, a little more action please
All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
Satisfy me baby

Baby close your eyes and listen to the music
Drifting through a summer breeze
It’s a groovy night and I can show you how to use it
Come along with me and put your mind at ease

A little less conversation, a little more action please
All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
Satisfy me baby

Come on baby Im tired of talking
Grab your coat and let’s start walking
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Don’t procrastinate, don’t articulate
Girl it’s getting late, gettin upset waitin around

A little less conversation, a little more action please
All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
Satisfy me baby

Plenty of Action here, as you can see...

My Carlos – doing what he does best…
…acting the fool with a few sherberts inside him.

Interpret this as you will…! I did!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Don't forget....!

... To pop in tomorrow for the regular Sunday Music Challenge - got a corker lined up here - well I think so anyway! Roflol!

Today's blog prompt

If you could be given any surprise.... what would it be?

I guess it would be an open ended ticket to anywhere... a ticket that meant I could travel whenever and wherever I wanted. I have people all over the place... I know I'm lucky that I have internet access, a telephone, a web cam etc etc... but there are days when I need to hold someone's hand or give them a hug - or maybe I need one myself....

I'd love to think that if I needed to - I could just get there... wherever there might be.

Quote of the day

I don't like to say I have given my life to art.
I prefer to say art has given me my life
Frank Stella
That old Frankie just had to have
been a scrapbooker, eh?

Browned Off... with colour

Today's colour is
Like it or not, Browns are all around us... Mother Nature abounds with Brown!
So let's have a look at the Colour Psychology here.....

Solid, reliable brown is the colour of earth and is abundant in nature. Also often associated with leather, trees and wood. It represents conservancy and humility. Next to grey, brown, in one of its many shades, is one of the most neutral of the colours. It is useful in balancing out stronger colours, and works particularly well with orange, Pink, and surprisingly, blue. Brown has several lighter relatives including beige, taupe, cream, and tan all of which make great backdrop colours making other colours appear deeper, brighter, and richer. Used in the home, brown makes it feel comfy, warm, inviting, and honest. Puce, khaki, ecru, coffee, cocoa, terra cotta, oak, liver, brunette, chocolate, russet, nutmeg, auburn, wood, sienna, bay, sand, cinnamon, tawny, fawn, mahogany, bronze, toast, oak, copper, umber, hazel, and ginger are all considered to be in the brown family.

Because it is one of the most predominant hues in nature, brown brings us a sense of familiarity. Light brown confers genuineness while dark brown is reminiscent of fine wood and leather.

Men are more apt to say brown is one of their favourite colours.

Should you seek brown, you are conscientious, steady and dependable. Your inner security, honesty and high virtue show that you take life seriously….

….Erm... did someone say ‘boring brown….’ There? Lol!

Psychological Effect:

Brown is the colour of the earth and ultimately home.

This colour brings feelings of stability and security. Sometimes brown can also be associated with withholding emotion and retreating from the world.
Brown is a natural colour that evokes a sense of strength and reliability.
Brown can also create feelings of sadness and isolation.
Brown brings to mind feeling of warmth, comfort, and security. It is often described as natural, down-to-earth, and conventional, but brown can also be sophisticated.

As with any colour there are both positive and negative aspects to the colour.

Good brown includes a brown bottle like the ones used for beer…. Lol!! Brown related to cooking is good, and brown also stimulates the appetite.

Brown in the bad sense might be “brown nosing” - as in kissing ass to get yourself ahead, and “brown out” - as in not enough power to go around, so the system crashes and burns.

"I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colours. I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns."

--Winston Churchill

Colour is an essential ingredient in our environment. It communicates emotion, creates mood, and affects your energy. Colour has an emotional impact that can thrill you or distress you. It’s practically impossible to separate the seeing of colour from the "feeling of colour" because so much of what you see is based on what you feel.

Colours evoke both pleasant and unpleasant emotions. Your reaction to a particular colour will be influenced by your personal experiences. Certain colours will remind you of certain people and events. You may even associate colours with certain scents.

Think about the tantalising scents of Brown…..Chocolate; Nutmeg; Coffee; Almond; Fresh wholemeal bread; Roast beef….


brown: any of a group of colours between red and yellow in hue that are medium to low in lightness and low to moderate in saturation

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