Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lost in transit?

I sent some photos to my brother out of the blue. Our only usual contact is a christmas card once a year. We never see each other or speak on the phone... we never fell out. Just never really got on in the first place. He was about 15 I think when I was born, and joined the Army at a very young age and lived abroad a lot of his life. After leaving the service he took jobs on oil rigs, and in the meantime I grew up - and we just didn't know each other that well, and never became close. Carl and he worked together for a while and they were friends then, but me and him never saw eye to eye, and it's been no loss to either of us, as far as I know.

But last week I sent him some photos of our Mother. I know he has none, and I all too few. Maybe I should have sent them years ago... but for whatever reason a couple of weeks ago I decided to do some pics for the family - some for my girls who loved their nannie to pieces and who have none, and I thought I'd do him some too. It's thanks to
anam I have anything to send actually, becuase she fixed up a badly tattered one out of the kindness of her heart - I'd never have had the cash to get this done in a shop.

So I sent - one of those and another one too, with a small note and some explanation of the pics.

I didn't expect a gushing reply and mega thanks... but I guess i must have hoped for some sort of acknowledgement as I am now feeling bewildered and sad because I haven't heard a word. Just a simple thanks on a post it would have been nice... you know?

Maybe he's not well, maybe away.... maybe they're lost in the post... guess i'll never know, but I hate the thought that pic's of my little Ma are out there somewhere lost and alone.

I kind of wish I hadn't bothered now.

Oh well....


Paula said...

Unfortunately some people don't hold things dear to them like others. Perhaps begin a man he doesn't see it as a big deal to have a photo of his mother wheras we girlies will weep upon recieving such precious cargo through the post waves!!

Sprogpaws said...

Paula is right, hun, on both counts. And regardless of whether he says thank you or not, you've done the generous thing by sending them, if he can't appreciate what a precious gift you've given him then it's his loss. What matters is that you've now got some very precious photo's which you treasure.

Anonymous said...

Loving your little book - all for a bit of recycling!
I have a very similar relationship with my brother,althougha lot nearer in age.Just don't have anything in common with him - minimal contact.He doesn't remember the boys birthdays etc then out of the blue sent them a little parcel the otherday!Better remember to say thanks.

Debbie said...

((hugs)) Jakey .. I think what you did was lovely hun, and altho' he may not appreciate it now ... there will be a time when he does. I think very often we are prompted to do something out of the ordinary and the reason is only made clear at a later date.

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