Friday, January 19, 2007

Oh no.... Please.... not again....

I got the phone call today that every mother dreads...

"Mrs Walker? This is Ms Taylorson. Vinnie has been involved in an incident of bullying in school..." Agonising pause... "and he was the victim..."

Well, of course he was - he's never gonna be the perp is he?

He's in year 10 - managed to get through year nine without incident.. but this is the call I've dreaded since he left middle school - where some of you will remember he was tortured on a daily basis... and his lower school which was no better - and in fact, where we moved him from at the end of year 2 because of the very same thing.

His tutor was beside herself... 'gutted' was her term.

She loves Vin - they all do - coz he's a great kid. He's respectful, decent, kind, warm and funny. Too witty for the bullies who hate his clever way with words and his brain, but also quirky and zany and full of personality which makes him both popular and hated at the same time.

I knew something was amiss... he'd come home with hurts two days running and something about the way he reported the incidents rang alarm bells. We asked, of course... he's 14... what more can you do? But a concerned buddy told today, and tried to get Vin to share - and though reluctant; eventually he opened up to a TA. Thank God for TA's eh?

His tutor is really lovely; she was genuinely heartbroken and wanted to let me know asap but unfortunately, she got the brunt, and I'm terribly ashamed right now. I did apologise for my reaction... and she said she has teenage sons herself and would be no different in my place, but I mean to make amends next week. Heaven knows the school has too few good teachers now - one must always remember never to shoot the messenger,eh?

I later spoke to the new head - drafted in from a tough inner city school as we were placed on special measures last term. Poor guy - he's had a very eventful 11 days in post I gather. He's a scouse - and a hard man, and means to sort this place out and I have every confidence in him and told him so. My boy is concerned however, about repercussions, and doesn't want to be seen as a snitch and lose respect from the older kids. But the thing is, this was premeditated - happy slapping - and I want to kill the little shit that filmed it more than i want to kill the guy who actually did the crime.

I am furious that a 6th former - yes, a 6th former - would hurt and humiliate a kid, barely fourteen.. who looks up to them like they're special... for a fecking laugh. For sport. For fun.

GOD! I am wild.

But I'll give the head a chance to get it right... not for this little snot's sake - but for my son's. And for the new headmaster who so badly needs our support in tackling this chaotic hell hole that calls itself a school.


Laura G said...

Could you just kill some kids?? Filming it? FFS!! So sorry this happened to Vin- hope thet get kicked out on their arse's!!

Anam_Kihaku said...

**huge hugs** sorry he's been targeting for being too cool for his time :( ian says to remember school is only for another 2 to 4 years (a small percentage of his life) and then he can go and do his own thing while those bullies will still be 16/18 for ever and never get anywhere in life cos they suck. **hugs**

Paula said...

Oh Jakey, poor you. Go nurse your baby & show him he's very special.x
Sod these little swines, they need locking up.

Sprogpaws said...

((((((hugs))))) for you, and for Vin, and some more for you. You've done such a great job in dealing with this, hun, Vin is fortunate to have such an amazing & supportive Mum. You've reacted like any other mother would, and is entitled to, but more than that, you've thought it through in a reasoned way too, which is more than most of us would have managed to do. Proud of you, babe, and proud of Vin too for telling you. Hope the little sods that did this are happy slapped all the way to being expelled.

domestic goddess said...

oh hun this is awful, big hugs to you all, i hope things get sorted

Gillian Hamilton said...

Terrible news Jake... {{Hugs}} to you... I hope all resolves quickly and safely for your babe..

Anonymous said...

Big ((HUGS)) hun

Caroline xx

Irene said...

This is so outrageous. No wonder you are seething and hurt. I hope the little bastards that did this get expelled and their mobile phones shoved up their arses. You know that you're right - they're picking on him because he's smart and funny but it doesn't make it easy to take as a parent. {HUGE HUGS}

Maria said...


Hugs to you & vin, I'm sorry there are such little shits around, I hope they get expelled and that Vin can enjoy school again

suebaru said...

Oh Jake, I am gutted for you..I hope the school get it sorted asap.

ali said...

Jakey honey i am so sorry...hope Vin is ok-if it is any concillation most kids actually despise bullies these days-and anyone who stands upto them-by ANY means-including ''telling''-which is what is drummed into them to do-becomes a bit of a cult hero..heres hoping your new head can sort it out

scrapdolly said...

Huge hugs hun
I am glad we had a chance to chat

Thinking of you all and especially tomorrow, Monday

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