Saturday, May 31, 2008


One piece of news is that Carl's dad has just rung me to say that the results of his CAT scan are good. Thank the Lord for that. Carlo's been quietly worried, but like most men doesn't say much. As Tim is due to be married in June, we were even more anxious, because we really didn't want anything to mar their happy day - any more than all this has anyway, iyswim. So, that's a real pick me up today... and all I can say is what a relief.... and we'll see you at the wedding later in the month Tim and Ally :-)

I have another piece of family news but that's still under wraps at the mo... shhhh... all very secret squirrel.... who said that!

Last night's MOJO was a cracker. I love my LO which is unusual for me, and it reminds me of a very beautiful place... one I'll be seeing again real soon :-) Woah, i'm going to Ibiza!!

IACW turns one this weekend - make sure you pop in to the blog tomorrow to join our celebrations - and maybe bag yourself a prize too!

jk xx

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Been a bad blogger again.

It sucks to admit it, but the fact is, I just don't have enough time. Where people get the time to be online all the while, work, eat, make layouts, and see their family often enough to be recognised, I do not know... I can't do it myself tho, and that's all I can say about it.

I've bumbled a few bits together this week, but other stuff's had to go by the board in order for me to do that. I'd love to be one of those highly organised domestic beings who manages to fit three weeks into every 24 hours but i'm not, and never likely to be given that I'm never going to see my young years again and from here on in it's probably downhill all the way :-)

So, along with my dream of winning the lottery, rediscovering my waist, and getting a chihuahua, that wish is also placed in a jar next to my bed, and i've screwed the lid on tight.

One thing I did do this week - and it's something i've wanted to fit in for a while now, was the colour combo challenge, which you can see
here* and it was great fun. I used a picture of me and my Bro In Law, Daave, which I reckon could have been taken just for this challenge!

Anyways, time to fly - don't want to miss Britain's got talent!

At least I won't have to endure the cheeky monkeys again until saturday.... I'm off the wine, so really don't need any more cheese, thank you very much!

jk x

Saturday, May 24, 2008

weekend warblings

We've been out. And yes, that is such a rare thing for us that's it's deemed blogworthy, lol. Only went into town for a meal and a few drinks but it was nice. Managed to get a table outside after our meal and we sat and watched the comings and goings and all the action in the park, before strolling home through the trees. Just the two of us. I suppose we'll be doing it more and more now that Vin's growing up. He seems to have suddenly become a 'big' boy in the last few weeks, and spends more time hanging out with his mates and stuff now, though he was actually working last night - his first proper piece of paid work, and bless him - he's got it spent already :-)

I've made a few layouts this week, but most are for inspiration blogs so can't go up yet, but here's on I did for Mojoholder, last night :

Got the family coming round tonight for a Wii night, so I'd best go and tidy up. Only doing a lasagne, salad and garlic bread so hopefully that won't take long. If there's no post tomorrow, that'll be because I can't move..... those Carnival games really take it out of you ;-)

jk xx

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Old friends

It's always nice to see an old friend, eh?

It's not that you forget people. Of course you don't - but unless you see them frequently, or have some sort of contact on a regular basis you kinda lose touch - without even realising it's happening. Some of my mates (particularly cyber buddies) I only have contact with through emails these days, and some just over the phone. Some, I've realised today, I have no contact with at all, and that's quite sad when it's people you've chatted to, if only on forums, for a number of years.

But today, I've caught up with a lot of old faces - thanks to UKS, and whatever the moaners wanna say, (and I'm sure therte are some who will find fault) I'm going to say I think UKS have done a good thing :-) I've enjoyed catching up with old friends, and i'm sure over the next few days and weeks I'll rediscover more pals out there that i've lost touch with, and I hope they are as happy as me to be back in contact. I don't think it'll mean I'll be rushing out the door to meet up with these girls or trying to relive the past... it just means a quick 'hello mate, how are you doing... what's happening in your world?' kind of thing.

Nothing wrong with that is there? :-D

The only downside I can see is the inevitable saddoes who will surely indulge in the "I have more stash than you..." "well I have more FRIENDS!" mentality, but come on...who takes them seriously... ? not me for sure.

And a quick update on this little miss!

Jenna Leigh now weighs around 7 kilos! So while she's still pretty tiny for a baby of 8 months, being at the very lower end of the weight charts; she's now gaining steadily and is certainly not slow in her development, as you can see.

trying to crawl...

And pictured here with her daddy... testing the water - not sure she's too impressed tbh! Lol!
Hugs Blogettes!

jk xx

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The end of summer?

Well, it was nice while it lasted! We're back to grey and grim here.... and flipping well cold too! Gah! Gimme Sunshine!

Two layouts today:

1st one, is for Mojoholder, where we lifted Jolene, and this is my interpretation:

And this one is my first layout for Scrapdragons - Vin took the picture last week.

In the garden i've been driven mad by squirrels this week, as they've ripped up, dug up, eaten, and strewn about loads of my pots , tubs and baskets which I spent all last weekend putting together. I was so angry when we discovered them I could hardly speak. I was on the phone to poor Jazz at the time, and she can bear witness to my fury. In the end I had to put the phone down... I just could have cried. Nasty hateful destructive little beasts.

I can think of a better B word for them... but it's a family blog, y'know?

But does anyone else HATE squirrels like I do?

At least Old Henry kept them off the patio when he was alive.... some of these pots were on the house wall! Right next to the back door!!!

How very dare they??

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blimey, time flies...

Vin informed me yesterday, that today - Friday - is is last day of compulsory school.

Getaway....! Where's the time gone???

Doesn't seem five minutes since I was fretting about him starting nursery... and now he's about to leave school for real. Unbelievable... because please don't forget this is my 'baby' we're talking about here.....

Obviously, we hope he'll be returning to school next term - a new school anyway, for A levels, but the truth remains, apart from the rest of his exams... his time in compulsory education is over. There were times I thought he'd never make it out alive I'll admit, but fingers crossed the bad days are over, and he has a happier future to look forward to.

He took a picture of me and his dad last weekend, enjoying a quiet evening in the garden... it seems so long since we've sat out there watching the flames leap from the chiminea late at night, in the dark. It was a bit poignant really, coz the old cat used to love to snuggle up with Vin on his lounger in the heat of the fire... and of course, he's no longer here. But it was nice all the same. A small pleasure we've missed throughout the cold wet winter.

The photo was for a challenge - my first as a member of Scrapdragons CT, and it's a great theme. Do hop over to check out the challenges on this fab fun blog. It's due for update imminently, so keep checking til the new challenge goes up :-) We have prizes too!!! Now there's an incentive eh?

And also, I had time to do Mojoholders last week and this is my interpretation.

Just some old piccies of us guys playing in the pool on one of our little Mediterranean jaunts. Vin looks so young, yet it was only a few years ago. Time surely does move, don't it? I rarely scrap old photo's but I think it's something I need to do more of - not that I'll ever catch up... but it's great reminiscing while you do it! Lol.

New Mojo holder challenge going up tonight too - and it's a goodie! ;-)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

it aint arf ot mum...

...never one to moan, I am soaking it up with a smile.... And it looks set to stay for a few days more. Oh happy times... I so love the sun :-)

Two quick lil layouts to catch up with. These are part of my 6" x 6" A-Z Art journal with It's a Creative World which is all about the things I love. I'd fallen behind but am now caught back up, which is always a relief. It was getting the BT Vision box that did it - I discovered LOST, got hooked, and couldn't leave it alone. I still haven't seen all of them, but I'm happy to report that my rate of consumption has slowed down - and of course the nicer weather makes all the difference too!

6" x 6" H for holidays - well, who doesn't love them!

and6" x 6" I, which celebrates my love of all things Inky...

You will find the DT's and guest's J pages on the IACW blog on Saturday, and there is also a gallery for readers who are taking part in the journey too.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Funny Old World...

Boy, am I glad yesterday is over. I know it'll take us a while but I'm very thankful it's a holiday weekend so I have one more day here with my boys while we come to terms with losing old Henna. I bought Vin some new grey skinnies yesterday, to sort of soften the day for him. Poor lad, he's never lost an old friend before and he took it hard. He also went out to a gig last night and met some kids from the school he's hoping to take his A levels at so that was good.

I spent most of the day scrapping and crafting up in my room here. My hobby's my therapy, and I had a lot to get on with. I made a file folder class for IACW, and you can download the class instructions on the blog if you wanna have a go. Totally simple to make, it could be the perfect little gift album and I did it all in one afternoon by keeeping it pretty basic. Unfortunately, my mind was distracted so the pictures are pants... forgot to put the macro on can you believe... but I hope I'll be forgiven under the circumstances.

Then this is my MOJO layout for the week. This week we lifted Anam, and her page ws totally gorgeous. See the other girls lifts here.

And I have news!! I am now officially one of the new Scrapdragons CT - check out this fab blog here! I can't wait to get to know the girls and start joining in the fun. You can nick the blinkie from my page here if you wanna support us :-) and please come on over and take the challenge when you get a chance.....!

Right - signing off now... might take a drive to the car boot sale - first one of the year, and there could be bargains to be had. I always dream there'll be a crafter selling up lock stock and barrel... There never is! Lol!

jk x

Saturday, May 03, 2008

goodbye old boy...

Carl and I have made the decision, after months of fretting and putting it off... that it is time to say goodbye to our dear old cat. No one wants to have to say it, but there comes a time when you know you're just keeping them going for yourself, and not for them. And that's not fair, is it?

Henry is very old... over 18 and his health is going rapidly. He's always been a beautiful boy with incredible big green eyes, and to see those eyes looking so dim and weary... well, we just can't take it anymore. He's so thin and frail, he's been poorly for over a year and we keep rallying him round, but it's got to the point where we know it's not right anymore. So, he's going today, to the vet, and we're bringing him home to bury him in his garden, a place he loves. I can hardly believe i'm writing this, he's been with us such a long time... longer than any pet we've ever had, and we've had a lot over the years. Vinnie's never known a time when he wasn't around and he's very upset, as we all are. I told the other kids yesterday, and also my sister who loves him to pieces... and while they're all very sad, they accept that it's time for him now because they've seen him recently and agree that it really is time to do the kindest thing. I cried all day yesterday, and i'm crying now. In a minute I'll go and give him some prawns for his breakfast, they're his favourite food and I expect he'll manage a few. Then we'll sort his basket out and then we'll go.

Anyone who has lost a pet will understand how I feel today. How we're going to do it I dont know... Carlo will stay with him tho, because I can't, and really he is his cat as I bought him for him long long ago... when he was a pretty, funny, part siamese kitten, with too much to say for himself and as naughty as could be... in fact at the time the kids thought he was a girl! and named her china... Came as quite a shock when the vet said she wasn't a she but a he! He's been called many things since... (some of them unrepeatable, because he's always been a lad...) but my Mum used to call him Hamish... To me, he was always my treasure on a tiger island... Sanna calls him henna, wee hen... and Vin, just kitten face. But Carl only ever calls him Henry. So that is his name.

Anyway, enough... I'm going now. Please think of us today.

jk xx
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