Saturday, January 06, 2007

Been trying on Fancy dress stuff this morning.... :-) And having a root around on ebay too!

We know what we are going as now, and I just can't wait... Carnival is SO much fun!

We're all gonna go as the same thing this year, Jazz and Erk and the babby, and Lally too I think.

The Canaries carnivals are actually pretty big affairs and they take it very seriously out there, the costumes are fantastic and the atmosphere and colours just brilliant. The whole town will be involved and it will last all day and into the night-time - hope we manage to stay up for the fireworks this year - we were all so exhausted last time we had to go home early! Jazz won't let us start so early this year... it was me haunting to go, as I was terrified of missing anything... then we just wilted in the heat after about 6 or 7 hours Lol!


Paula said...

sounds fantastic!!!!

Anonymous said...

shivvver me timberrrsss!!! grrrr!

scrapdolly said...

Can't wait to see you all dressed up together - I feel a few pages coming on there

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