Monday, January 01, 2007

Todays layout... from a Becky Fleck sketch. January 2007, which I collected from PageMaps today.

Just a quickie, but as I'm in the mood for scrapping I thought I'd take advantage and get another wintry one done :-) I'm dreading going back having had over a week off, but I return to work tomorrow, and I know it won't be so easy to find time then.

This is my dear old moggie, Henry (or Hamish, as my mother always called him). I dunno if it's coz he's getting on a bit now, but I seem to be scrapping him a lot lately. Maybe it's just coz I love the old green eyed devil, eh!

I do know I'm never going to get him back on the Whiskers super meat or tinned sardines/tuna that he usually eats. He's got far too used to scoffing prawns, roast beef, turkey, baked ham etc etc this past week. He'll turn his nose up at everything for days, I know he will, fussy thing! Unlike me... who can't wait for ordinary food to return to our table, so I can put the alka seltzer back in the cupboard!


Paula said...

Stunning, I love the colours.I love cats.
Being new to scrapping ( I don't count minibook pages as scrapping) I like to use sketches to get me started & I set myself a challenge of doing all the weekly challenges on UKS. but they get really hard!!!!
It's back to wrok for me today (2nd) & I know I'll be bored, bored, bored!!! Roll on 3.30pm!!!

Jackie said...

Gorgeous layout, I love the patterned papers,
Happy New Year
Jackie (UKS - craftymum1971)

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