Monday, January 01, 2007

She's on a roll.....!


Hope you all enjoyed your celebrations, or quiet night at home. We had planned a big party at my DD's house but with everyone being ill and injured it had to be called off, which is a great shame as we've had some fun times on New Years in the past - especially when my sister had the house in London and we'd all pile up there for a massive hoolie - fireworks, champers, decorations - the lot. Still, illness and bad luck can't be changed so it was a quiet one for us after all this year... No Matter! A new year dawns and to be truthful, I'm not sorry to see the back of the last one - even though I hate the speed at which the years are starting to fly by.

Talking of flying, I seem to be flying a bit myself in the scrapping stakes. Not normally one to be very productive unless I have a reason to be - deadlines etc, I have been happily making lots of layouts and altering bits and bobs these last couple of weeks - with no promting at all. This has to be good as my hoard of photos and stash grows ever larger... I never even seem to make a dent in the pictures, and the stash...? well, with all the sales about you know.... you have to indulge a little, don't you?

I leave you with a couple of layouts I did for scissor sisters
Tall ships, and {baby} you can drive my car - and now I have the words of that beatles song running round in my head lol!

Have a nice day everyone - we're having roast beef and all the trimmings for dinner, and then trying to wade though this mountain of goodies left over from Christmas.... who am I kidding? hee hee!


Sprogpaws said...

(((huge hugs))) Happy New Year hun!!! Hope it brings all sorts of love & laugher to you & yours.

Loving those layouts, btw, especially the car one - thanks for sticking those lyrics in my head now, grrrr!!! :oP

We're doing roast beef and all the trimmings too today, and I've got to say I'll be glad to see the back of roasts - 4 in 8 days is just too much! Am in need of a curry instead!

Hope you are all feeling better soon. Try brandy applied internally - it may or may not help, but even if it doesn't you won't be quite as bothered about feeling rough!

Ali said...

Ha! Ha! Snap to the roast beef and trimmings! We have all managed to avoid the lurgy this year - makes a pleasant change! Hope you and yours have a good new year, and feel better soon.

Paula said...

Love the tall ships LO & the cars one is good too. I love seeing tall ships they look so elegant don't they.
Them words are going round my head & will do all day, Baby you can drive my car, if you wanna be a star.
Well ain't got no car but you sure are a star!

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