Friday, June 30, 2006

Da Boys...

Blimey, I've been so busy, I haven't had time to visit this place. Better get something posted or Lemon will think I don't want it after all her hard work.... anyway I have some special pic's to put up.

Take a look at these:

Here's 'the boys who make the noise' before they set off for London to meet Dem.

And Erk and Vin, with Demi. Erk's pointing to his pass... This will be important later...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Def the Dude

Yep. That's Vin with his mate Joe.

That is, THE Joe. You know... JOE ELLIOT! Of Def Leppard!

This guy had just finished a sell out concert at the Hammersmith Apollo... and here he was, making a young boy's dream come true before he'd even finished his first drink!

I'm not even sure of the name of this one - Viv somone...he's a guy in the band. Not as nice as Joe, I'm told, but he did pose for a pic so obviously not that bad! Anyway, you can see Vin's backstage pass on his top - before he lost it!

Yeah! LOST IT......! A scrapbookers kid - can you believe it? Luckily Carl managed to hang onto his one til they got home. He knows it would be more than his life's worth to come back without an embellie for my page!

And here's Vin showing Joe the pic he took on his phone... proof for the kids at school was a necessity, of course!

Anyway, the boys had one fantastic night! Watched the show, hobnobbed in the VIP lounge, and then went to the Band's Hotel for the after show party....! That's the sort of stuff a 13 years old's dreams are made of. Mega huge thanks to Erk and Demi for flying in from Lanza to take them up for the show, and the biggest thank you in the world to Dem for arranging it all with his longtime buddy, Mr Elliot.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

waiting for the sun

where has the sunshine gone?

We spent all last weekend in the garden - a sort of mini fest in our own back yard...

Sat and Sun we watched the footy on a tv Carl rigged up outside. We barbequed, we had drinks. In between games we played music and chilled... boules, poker and quizes. We collected wood from the wilderness at the top of the garden, and later when it got cold we snuggled under fleeces on our creaky old lawn chairs and watched the wood crackle and burn in the chimneria, while scoffing cookies.

This is what we do.

When it's nice....

When it's cold and grey we just moan and whine for the sun. Praying for a nice weekend - there's football on, doncha you know :-)

Bloody hell! I cannot believe I am still sitting here! I've faffed around for hours, when I have so much to do.... but what the hell? Tomorrows another day, as they say.

Well, actually, looking at the clock, I see that's actually today.... but I've never been known as the early night girl, so no change there.

I wanted to post this layout before I went to bed.

I've had a bit of a block lately, due to no time, and a million things on my mind, and there hasn't been a lot of scrapping going on, apart from stuff I've done for work, so it was nice to just make something I wanted to make and to make it any way I wanted to. It's about Vin, and for Vin, so i did it in the style he likes best. Ripped and scuffed and grubbied up. That's ma boy! Anyway, he likes it, and that's what matters, but I had a bit of fun painting and stamping and messing about.

Lem sent me some of her new chipboard, which is fabby and also some scrumptious ribbon so that went on there too - if you've got something new, you have to use it. Straight away!!! Everyone knows that! Hee hee!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Here I go again....!

Right - this is Lemon's doing!

I have tried... tried to avoid the blog thingy for quite a while now, mainly because:

1. I'm lazy,

2. I'm uninteresting... and

3. I'm too flippin thick to do it!

She's now given me 15 mins to set it up.. before she rings back.. Lol! So here I am posting and putting up a pic. This is as far as I can get on my own. I want it pretty and looking nice. NOT that I have time to play.... but you know, as long as I'm here, I might as well have a go. I guess if you can't beat them, you might as well join them!

Just trying to get some links.... 'Ooooh Lem's gonna kill me in a minute!

Yay! i think we finally made it :-)

I don't even want to think about how many hours we've sat here - one on each end of the phone - but we've had a good giggle, and this is the best attempt I've ever made so far.

Darling Lemon. What would I do without her, eh?

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