Saturday, January 06, 2007

Following a prompt on Pixie’s blog, I checked out Ali Edwards Aezine newsletter for 2007. As a life artist Ali is offering her wisdom and sharing her journey this year – she asks if we wanna tag along, and I think I will, in my own way.
Anyone can sign up for the emails here:

To begin with it seems all we each need to do is choose a word which sums up what we want for ourselves for 2007. This will become MY word for the whole year.

Ali suggests giving yourself a little time to think about your word, considering it and weighing up what it might mean for you.
This I have done.
The word I chose was not the first word I thought of, nor even the second, but when it finally came to me - I knew it was THE one.

It was MY word.

Then the weekly challenge is to create something - anything - celebrating your word. Maybe just a blog post, or a layout, piece of art, journal entry or even a simple post it note.
This is my blog post, but I will also be making something and sharing it along with everyone else on 8th Jan . My word is:


I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately, how much I waste, how fast it flies, how important it is in our lives, and how it should be allocated out in an everyday sense… time to play, time to work, time for family….. time for ME.

They say there is a time for every purpose under heaven – well, this is true…. But Boy! Does it try to get away from us! I am hoping to learn to make better use of my time this year, cram as much as I can in... and enjoy every second that I can while I still have it.


Anonymous said...

I am a bad girlk as i haven't read this months letter yet!! to read it now!
Agree about time..boy do i agree!!

Paula said...

There are so many words to choose & time is also one I feel needs taking care of in my life. But I eventually went with happy. My LO is almost ready for Monday. I am tryign a new appraoch to the way I scrap & feel really free like my inhibitions are wiped away.
too often i find myself thinking "will others like the way I have done that" & now I think "I like that my way" cue Elvis!!!!

Paula said...

and I'd also like to learn how to spell!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mum i couldnt have picked a better word my self! I never thought much about TIME until a whole year had flown past and i realised wot little TIME i had spent with you guys...( 8 days to be exact)! but at least in those 8 days we spent REAL TIME with each other, chatting, laughing, crying, eating, playing... not just passing TIME...we didnt have TIME to pass TIME! Lets spend a little more REAL TIME and a little less passing TIME xxx jazz xxx

scrapdolly said...

Fab word to choose Jake
Love it

I have chosen relax as my goodness do I need to learn to do that

Lynne.x said...

This is also a word I though about Jakey, great choice.

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