Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thanks Andrea!

My friend Andrea - a digi artist - asked for a few piccies to work with a little while ago... So I sent her some of Ruben, that I'd received from Jazz on Msn.

Look what she did with them - gorgeous eh?

We did have a bit of a laugh tho. .. she nearly wrote 'The cutest cow in town - til she realised he was a dalmation!

I'm going to have to do some serious scraplifting I think, esp of this one :

Thank you Girlie - I think his Mama will love them :-)


Paula said...

How gorgeous is that little boy!!
He is a fab subject for a page & hasn't Andrea done him proud.

Debbie said...

Jake those pages are as gorgeous as the lil' man on them!

joanna said...

Ooh, aren't they lovely! Such gorgeous photos, and beautiful layouts :) xx

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