Saturday, February 28, 2009

Diversion is the way forward...

Missing the carnival in Lanza... wish we were there.... oh well.


The beautiful hearts are of course Katie girl's from the Hearts and Flowers Kit, available from the lilypad

Have a nice weekend bloggers.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some things have to be done...

...but why are they always the things we don't want to do.... eh???

Off topic, but onto Scrappin stuffs:

Just realised I forgot to put my mojoholder LO up last week.... my head's in a dither - senile dementia or stress, I don't know....

Not really sure how I forgot, as this week's designer is an artist I absolutely love, and someone I personally nominated to be featured:

Elizabeth Carney. You can out her awesome gallery here

Sarah's sketch:

The fantastic New Winter release from Magistical Memories is up on the blog and in the store, and if you like chipboard, who have to love these! There's more than just chippies tho, so pop in for a gander sometime.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

weekends are too short.

My weekends seem to just fly by - and i'm lucky than most as every weekend is a long one for me, seeing as I don't work Fridays. Still, i'd love top win the lottery and never have to work again... People say they'd soon get bored - Not me! I'd be quite happy, and I'd find plenty to do... *sigh*... a girl can dream, can't she?

Anyway - 2 posts in 2 days.....!! Crikey!

Today's layout:

Cheap chippie letters from the pound shop, old papers, a digi strip of duct tape from Kate Hadfields i robot kit, and the sherrif's badge is a Magistical Memories chippie: Ranger Star.
The cute kid is my grandson... not for sale anywhere... lol.

Happy Sunday peeps xx

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm a disaster

I'm a fraud...

My banner quite clearly suggests I'm keeping all my balls in the air.... And actually, I'm not.
I CAN'T!!!

Home, helping my dad, blogs, work, worries, facebook, I can't keep up, so apologies to the faithful few who pop on here when bored and have nothing better to do.... and discover that once again, i've slipped behind.

No posts from me in days.... :-(

My news:

My middle dd has been told she is expecting a little boy! Wonderful news!! The newest member of the Walker clan should arrive sometime early July, so small blue bits and bobs are finding their way into shopping baskets all over the world :-) This even's us up to 3 of each now, and hopefully that's it! Babies are fantastic, but expensive - well worth it though, coz Nannie loves the pics... ;-) (and the little peeps, obviously!)

Layout featuring one little peep!

This hybrid layout was made using digi images printed and cut out and the bits can be purchased as a brilliant collab kit by Kate and Kaye at the lilypad.

I robot

Kate has another collab out this week, this time with Jacque, which would be brilliant if you have 50's pics to scrap, or just love the whole Grease thing


So anyway... time to run!
have a fabby weekend bloggy buddies xxxxx


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

We made the Mag covers! Lol!!

Sure as hell wish it was that warm and sunny right here, right now....

Ha Ha!! Carlo's face was a picture! Bless him he thought they were real...!!

So, everyone's opened their cards and pressies now so I can add in the pic of Carl's treat.
No money spare this year so no fancy gifts... but I did make him this - Cupid Poop! ;-)

Yum Yum!

Hope everyone has a lovely valentines day whatever you have planned. Us? We're just staying home. We'll cook a nice dinner... surf and turf I think, and maybe get a film. Too blinking cold to go out anyway!

Happy Anniversary to Jazz and Erk who are celebrating in Fuerteventura... with the kids in tow :-)

Happy days guys!

And i'll leave you with my mojoholder layout from last night:

And Sarah's fab sketch

with LOVE

Friday, February 13, 2009

The little things that get you...

It doesn't take a lot to make me cry.... I'm a cry-baby and freely admit it. Weepie films, a sad ending to a book, poignant stories in the paper about kids, or oldies, or animals... bullying of any kind. Don't offer a kind smile or a friendly hug when i'm teetering, or uh-oh... the tears will flow. Even music turns the taps on if I hear the wrong song at the wrong time. I guess I'm just hopelessly over sensitive, but tbh, I've never been any different. My kids crack up that I sob at cartoons... Ice age, Nemo, even Lilo and Stich! I walk out of every West End show in floods of tears with the emotion of it all... But if you're like me and easily moved, you'll understand. You know what it's like... Having said that, I like to think I laugh as much as I cry, even if I do tend towards melancholy a bit too often ;-)

Anyway, this week there have been tears of happiness in our house! :-D Yay! And all because I got my fireplace back. Backtracking to when the back boiler was fitted many years ago, I lost my beloved real fire. With several small people in a freezing house it was the price I had to pay for modern central heating which warmed rooms where previously ice had appeared on the insides of the windows, and little folks shivered in pj's and dressing gowns and coats. I had to accept a butt-fugly gas fire which I never used, never wanted, and hated with a passion. The radiators may have kept our bodies warm but the heart of our house lost it's ambience and soul.

But now it's GONE!

Oh Happy days!

New central heating, no more back boiler... the fire gone... and in it's place a pretty little stove, which could throw out a bit of heat if we wanted it to, but who's main purpose is to bring COSY back into our living room. Yes, I cried. I cried with absolute bloody joy!

Told you it didn't take much to set me off, didn't I?
(and forgive me if it looks like a shrine - It IS! Lol!)

So here's my little fire... my pretty little fireplace all bedecked out with candles, just as cosy and snug as can be :-) Hah! No one's crying now!

Other things:

I've been making a few cards as most of my scrappy stuff's been packed away to allow the above works to take place.

Digi images:

Kate Hadfield and Lili at the Lilypad

Lots of valentine's.... coz i'm feeling all lovey lovey what with the new fire and all :-)

And an update on the green tea busines - Twinings sent me an apology - and £5 quid's worth of vouchers - result!

Oh but guess what? We still have snow here... it just never goes away. It was snowing again last night, and today is bitterly cold. My dd and I wanted to go shopping today and couldn't, so we're getting really hacked off with it now. Playing in it's fine - but not at the expense of a shopping trip, eh!!!

So, because snowmen get lonely....

(snow) man's best friend :-)

ha ha!! Cute ain't he?

Scrappy goodness! Magistical Memories have released their new Winter 2009 designs - and WOW!

As a DT member I get to play with this stuff and all I can say is it's FAB! Check out the blog
forum and store for ideas, chat, and special offers on stash. We always have competions where you can win chippies and the boards are a nice place to hang out. C'mon over :-)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Green Tea Tales...

I went to Morrisons....

Alright girls - before you start...
I know I go there a lot. (my kids think I live there - I don't! - it's just that it's on my way home so I often pop in and always seem to be there when they ring me after i've just left work...)

So, I went to Morrisons and I bought some flavoured green teas. 25 sachets in a box (nice box, alterers... ;-) ) 5 sets of five different flavours. At least there should have been... but no, out of the 387 boxes on Morrisons shelf, I pick up the only one that has no citrus flavour and two lots of orange and lotus leaf. Which obviously, is the one flavour I find I don't care for!

Aint it the way?

Carl on the other hand, went to Tesco's - which is on his way. He went for onions, bread, a 2litre carton of milk, a block of cheese and some peppers. He came home with a scruffy half dead onion and a semi squashed pint pot of milk - the last pint of milk in the shop I might add! The Co Op was worse... rationing bread - one loaf per customer - people in there with 5 kids... one loaf each...

No deliveries! No food! 6 inches of snow and we go to pieces! England grinds to a halt while society breaks down all around us.... yea Gods! How the hell do Canadians get so big??? LOOK AT THIS!!!!

Now, that's what you call a snowfall eh?
house is under there!!
And you never hear about Canadians starving to death in their own homes do you... No.
You don't.

People take note.

Friday's mojoholder - a lift of Mara May
Sarah's sketch

My LO:

Carlo and Vin several years ago in Mevagissey, Cornwall. It never stopped raining the whole week we were down there! In August! Lol... gotta love the great British weather eh?

I've been playing with Kate's Feb BYOC. The place is upside down in prep for the new Central Heating (yikes!) and much of my craft room is packed up in boxes, so I had a go at a digi LO. I'm crap I know but everyone had to learn, and anyone who knows me knows I won't read the FM so I have to learn by my own mistakes. One day maybe I'll learn to read a tutorial or something, who knows.....

Here it is:

LONG way to go springs to mind... ahh well.

Have fun people!

Faking it

A simple layout I made for It's A Creative World.

Pre-made embellies from the £ shop and fake stitching:

One of my fave scrapping tools is my dressmakers wheel - I've actually got three - all with a different sized wheel, and they're great for adding faux stitching.

If you want a straight line use a ruler, otherwise freehand is ok. Run you wheel along and it leaves a little row of stitch holes, then go over the line very lightly with a fineliner. I use Steadtler triplus fineliners 0.3mm, which come in a rainbow of colours.

Still loads of snow around here which frankly, ceased to be fun long ago... tho it's pretty enough I suppose.

Oh well, plenty to do today so i'd better scarper now.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 06, 2009

snows still falling... but the clouds have lifted.

Despite the fact that nothing's changed - if anything, stuff's worse - I feel a little brighter.

Maybe it's because I've actually made something?

See, I had to make my mojo LO..... I love this team and i'd never let them down, and funnily enough, everyone in the team feels the same... I know it's not an important DT in the greater scheme of things, but it's my fave of all time and because I love it I made myself make it - and it got me doing again, instead of all that hand wringing, which I hate. And that's the thing.

So then that spurred me to make something for my post on IACW, due on Saturday....
ooer, tomorrow! And again it's not so hot but it just feels good to be making anything at all!

And then, in an odd moment today, I made a quick card for my darling for our anniversary.
(digi goodies from Queen Kate obviously, lol)

I haven't been able to get to the shops, so no pressies this year. Our show got cancelled because of the snow - oh bum. And we've nothing special in as we thought we were going out, but Carlo's cooking and he'll make something nice, I know... so we're spending our anniversary with 3 teenage boys because Vin was having his buddies round to keep him company while we were out and we haven't the heart to tell them it's off now....

Lol. At least I can smile. last week all this would have broke me.

happy weekend bloggy babes.
luvy'all - stay warm!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

It's just not workin....

All my waffle about being positive?
Well, it's just not workin.

Between you and me, i've had a shit week.

I can't concentrate, I can't settle.... Good God.... I can't even sleep.

I've sat in this scraproom for hours... do you think I can scrap? Can I hell....
Ok, ok, I know there'll be plenty out there saying... hush girl... you know you never could... but the fact is, I can't even try.

I don't think being positive is really me. It's just too alien. I'm a cup half empty kind of person... I just don't look on the bright side. I never did.
I'm... well....melancholy. Moping's what I do best.

So today I gave up....trying to be postive, that is. Just thought "oh to hell with this shit" and wallowed. Thing is, I had to do a layout. Had to do it for tomorrow night and I had like NO mojo... I'm crap, and I feel overwhelmed...

But I did have a go. And it's not that bad. So maybe that'll be my new mantra... have a go... have a go... have a go....

I've followed on with this thought pattern and had a go at a bottle of wine too (still having a go as we speak, actually), and I tell you, the world looks a better place than it did this morning...
I'm positive MY kind of medicine is doing me some good tonight :-) Sooo... here's looking at you, kid...

And, here are some piccies (that made me smile) from an appallingly BAD week:

Evidence of my little early morning visitors... how cute are these sweet footprints!?

Jon-Boy Brown after a splattering from the kids

What I saw when I poked my nose outside the door this morning


...Because we have a lot of eskimo's round here, obviously...
(oh, remember the days, girls?)


And run...!!!

And Sollo... innocently re-loading :-)

So tomorrow, maybe i'll be back... who knows?

It's our anniversary Friday and we're off out ( assuming we can get a taxi in this weather) We're going out for some nosh and a show - the Counterfeit Stones... allegedly better than the real thing... Mind you - that was according to the Guardian.... so um.... well. You know....

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