Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Not for you?

Since I've put up links a few times to free digi kits/elements, I've had a few girlies tell me that while they love the look of digi, they don't want to DO digi... Well, all I can say is, me neither!

I have great respect for the real digital artists who create beautiful pages - some so gorgeous, you can barely tell they're not trad paper Lo's, but I can't say I've ever felt I wanted to attempt that myself. I do however, often cheat a bit and use printed out digi elements on my real paper layouts! This makes a sort of hybrid page and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not the first to do this - I'm sure lots of peeps do - and why not? You can size the images, recolour, add texture with buttons, brads, bling, glitter, by crumpling/ distressing / inking... whatever!

So next time you think "oh they're nice, but no good to me..."
Have a re-think - perhaps they are ;-)


Yes, woke up to a white world - I'll be taking my camera in to work this morning!!
(The bad news is, I have to go out now and scrape off my car.... hate that job!)


Paula said...

I've tried my hand at digi, but i don't get the same buzz as I do from paper layouts. But, like you I do use digi elements for my work & the cross over is great. My software is hard work & I refuse to fork out dosh I just haven't got for something I maybe won't use all that much.
A friend of mine in cyber world does stunning digi stuff as does our very own Dolly.I haven't enough patience.!!!

scrapdolly said...

Third time of trying

Bless you - but my digi stuff is dead basic

and anyway I am not speaking to you cos you had SNOW and I DIDN'T

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