Friday, January 05, 2007

Carl's Birthday yesterday

Happy Birthday to my Carlos Fandango for yesterday. The poor old fella's still on his antibio's so can't even have a celebratory drink this weekend... He's been really unwell for a couple of weeks, and now has another mouth abcess to contend with on top of everything else.

I think we need a holiday...
Somewhere warm and sunny and sandy and fun.... Carnival 2007 maybe? Lol!

Yeah.. I really do you know.... I think we need a bit of that :-)


domestic goddess said...

oh i love those shoes, great LO babes

Dawn said...

Oh such cute wee shoes.
She is such a wee dolly so pretty.
When is carnival time in the canaries.

Paula said...

Oh how gorgeous is this. Those shoes belong to me they really do, spots are my love!!!

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