Sunday, August 20, 2006

Uh-oh! Someone's got a new baby - and it isn't me!

The kids were having a barbie last night. Quite late, they heard a kitten's voice, mewling in the dark.....seemed like she was crying for help. Now, there have been a couple of feral cats around recently, and they had kittens which the girls know they can't touch. However, this was coming from outside the complex, and on inspection, they found a beautiful little white kitty.... only a few weeks old and very distressed... obviously abandoned, and shaking just outside their gate. They checked all the houses and apartments nearby, but no one claimed her, so they thought they'd better take her in for the night, and try again today. Meanwhile my son in law falls in love with her - it seems to have been a mutual attraction - and as no one has come forward yet they have adopted her rather than take her to Sara's for re-homing. Their own cat is less than thrilled... but she was rescued herself and was used to other cat's company before, so they are hoping for the best.... will post pic's as soon as we have them.... Ahhh.....

What is is with my lot that they are so soft....? I don't know where they get it from... it's not like they ever saw me bringing home animals and telling Carl we found them abandoned so we'd have to keep them..... :-)

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