Sunday, August 20, 2006

Speshal Dare no 16 my favourite things

I got home too late to get this in on time, but I understand Clare is planning to slip it into the Everyone's Speshal blog with the others when she has time. Had a bit of fun with this..... I'm not actually a plonk.... OK, maybe just a little, but after a week with my sis& bro-in-law and THEIR amazing wine rack... well, it just seemed to be appropriate somehow! Hee heee!!!

Take a look here - at my teamies and our speshal guests


Yizz said...

Ok you asked for this - you are tagged. Go see my blog for the 25 questions.

jake said...

Lol! I guess I did, didn't I?

Right - I've answered Missy - do I just go looking for a new victime myself now?

jk xxx

SS xx said...

All that wine so little time. Now, who said that.... Lol!

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