Friday, August 04, 2006

I'm having a baby!! - YES! I am!!

After watching Big Momma's house 2 last night which features the adorable Chihuahua Poncho, Carl has finally relented, and said I'm allowed to have a baby of my own!

He always tries to pretend he doesn't, but I know he misses Minniemoomoo (Jazz's chihuahua) as much as me and Vin do, and after just having had two weeks with her, and then seeing the cute pup last night... well, he gave in!

So we're having a baby! How exciting is that!!

Jazz will find us a doggie from Sara's Adopcion de Perros's en Lanzarote, the Islands pet rescue centre and will bring her home for us when she next flies out. This is where Lanza's abandoned dogs are likely to find themselves.... well, the lucky one's anyway. Here they are injected, chipped, nuetered and given a clean bill of health before being found a new loving home. They even get a pet passport so they can travel with their new owners to the UK :-)

Minnie wasn't rescued from there, but Jazz did save her from a horrible home when she went to work for some people who had decided she was too much trouble and no longer wanted her. At the time Jazz was pregnant, full of hormones, and just longing for a small bundle she could dote upon and care for. I guess they found each other at just the right time, eh?

So... shall we have a white one?, A black and tan? Or maybe fawn...? And what shall we call her? I'll have to start thinking of names - Im so excited! We don't really mind what she looks like but we do deffo want a girl - and we hope she has as much personality as Minnie, cos she is a dog and a half - even if she does only stand 8 inches high!


Anonymous said...

That's some cute baby there!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new arrival

jake said...

Aw... sadly, she's not here yet but we're looking!
Fingers crossed eh?

thanks jk x

Suzanne said...

oh how adorable, no wonder you are excited! And names, ooh there's a task!

Irene said...

Oh I'm so jealous Jakey. Those little creatures look divine and you've made me want one too now. I can't have a pet though so I'll have to make do with a fake one - one of those tamagochi-like things. The little one has been badgering me for one for a while so he might just get his way.

Anonymous said...

OMG Jakey, I would so love one of those ... what an absolute baby. Good luck with finding just the right one for you. xxx Boo

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