Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Pandora Inn and Restronguet Creek,

We had a lovely few days in Cornwall last week (travelling home notwishstanding...!) It's always nice to see family, and this time - as we're so skint - we did a lot less so it was more of a relaxing break, than frantically running around trying to fit loads of stuff in. We DID manage a few outings however! One being here to the Pandora Inn, on Restronguet Creek. Dave brought us here as he knows we love anywhere historical and ancient { we fit in and feel at home....! :-) }And we had a lovely time supping Magners on the creek, discussing the old place, the pirates it's famous for and trying to work out exactly where they sneaked up in the dead of night with their ill gotten gains... and how they hid their stash.

Bless Vin - he never gets bored sitting around with us old farts. He just joins right in and never moans. What a boy. One in a million, he is.


Jen said...

Aw, sweet pic of Vin, bless him! Glad you had a lovely time. Hols are luvverly... I don't get enough of them!

Anonymous said...

Who IS tht handsome grown up boy there.... My brother???

Kiss him for me ma.

Miss him so bad,

hayley said...

the ole boy spent his life with growd ups never leaving him alone or putting him down skinny loves life and those who surround him he will go far in life i am certain of that!!(oh so proud sister)xx

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