Saturday, August 19, 2006

God.. it's good to be home...

Ok, so we're home.

Absolutely shattered actually. Carl and I have got the Mother of all colds between us and feeling rough as hell, we spent more hours on trains today than we ever thought we would or could, in any 24 hour period.

We have decided that gettting to and from Cornwall is no fun at all however we chooose to do it. We don't love the drive....Christ - who does? But we hate the plane ride also. Dunstable - Stanstead is actually about twice as long as the actual flight time, and is usually only the begining of a very bad day... and how we loathe being so reliant on folks for lifts either end... But man - the train may be the worst of all... Lugging all that luggage is just hellish. Guitars, picnic bags, playstations... to say nothing of the suitcases... Are we mad? Why did we take so much??? The whole thing was a major trauma today... an almost certainly a never to be repeated experience.

I have no idea right now how I will ever get to see my sister again... but something will surely come up... Perhaps we'll try a boat next time... or time travel... Anything sounds feasible tonight.... Or of course, she could always come up here.

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Irene said...

Glad to have you home hunny.

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