Monday, August 07, 2006

Izzy's turning 4!

Tinka's 4 this week... where does the time go??? She had a lovely dress up party at the village hall - well, what else would she have....? That girl lives in dressing up clothes! Plenty of super heroes and princessy type girls everywhere, and too much balloon bursting, which terrified the two tiny babies who came in their car seats, to say nothing of Great Grandma - and me and Jane! Donna's 30 weeks now, and seems quite well at the mo, so even though she's still seeing the Rhuematologist, we have our fingers crossed that all is ok at least for now.

GRRRRR..!. Now this makes me ANG!

Nearly got crushed by some idiot in a 4x4 on the way there... the prat was right up my butt all along the lane, so close in fact that I was unable to turn right into the grounds for fear of him actually hitting me! What I did do was indicate and pull over on the left to let him pass. As he went by I suggested in no uncertain terms that he was a less than coureous driver... at which point he slammed his brakes on in the middle of the road and started yelling at ME!!! Just sat there challenging me like we were going to get out and square up to each other.... Silly me - I'd forgotten people like him OWN the road.... I must try and remember next time.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, what an utter tw*t he was, glad you are ok though Jake, there are some right ignorant gits out there eh?.....glad your lil princess had a fab time..xxAnitaxx

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