Friday, August 25, 2006

Quick catch up

Ok, had no time to update for a day or two, but got a few seconds for a quick catch-up now, so here goes....

A corner has been turned! Carlos has finally got the go ahead, and starts at the new company next week - Hallelujah!!

Had a fantastic night on Wednesday - I arranged a Pimms and Swing eve at work and it was a roaring success - picked up a few brownie points there, even if I couldn't move yesterday...

I've had an idea for something I want to do, and I'm quite excited about it - more on that on Monday (!!)

Planning a serious turf out in here - I can't move, can't scrap and it's time to weed out some junk and make some room. I'll probably take a lot of it into work again as they love playing with my castoffs :-)

Had a ghastly experience on the way home yesterday... Police everywhere, and crowds gathering... I was stuck in a traffic jam caused by all this, and by following everyones gaze I soon saw what it was all about....turns out a woman was on the roof of the multi storey threatening to jump! Heavens! All I could think was "Please God! Don't let her fall(jump)!! But if she does, then PLEASE don't let it be while I'm sitting here...." I swear I'm not callous or heartless - I obviously didn't want anything to happen to her anytime - but especially not while I was right there!

She didn't look old, not badly dressed, but she did seem very very agitated, throwing her arms around and shouting, and I was petrified she'd fall... or worse.

I really hope whatever caused her to be in such a desperate state can be resolved. I have no idea if it was drugs, drink or depression... but having lost two dear friends in my lifetime to suicide, I know it does happen - just like that. I clearly remember the pain and bewilderment that is left behind afterwards...even though it is many years ago for me now. I am praying someone can give her the help she obviously needs, and show her a little light and love before it's too late.

Once again, in my circle there is disquiet... hurt feelings, side taking, unhappiness. Someone said this... someone else said that...

I know people can't get on all the time, but some folks do seem to thrive on a drama.

Me? I just want to pursue my hobby, scrap a little, preserve some memories and have fun doing what I love.

The sad thing is - there is room for us all. Life is not a competition.

(Oh, watch me get burned for that!)


Anonymous said...

WELL SAID! I totally agree but don't want to get accused of stirring anything so sorry but I'm posting this anonnymously. Its getting taken too seriously when its just a hobby!I don't know whts happened here but UK scrappbooking is becoming a hurtful place. You don't see X stitch or cardmakers attacking each other... Lighten up, You should maybe all learn to work together?

Anam said...

cool about the job and the works night - all sounds so positive.

the whole situation hurts and is sad but has nothing to do with scrapbooking though.

scrapdolly said...

Jake I am so pleased about Carl's job. Brilliant news hun

I have no idea who has upset you hun, but am so sorry again. (If you want me to I'll go round and sit on 'em! That'll shut them up!)

Paula said...

As a newcomer to scrapping I can't comment but I know a computer forum I joined was downright vindictive & I stopped posting.... Scrapping is therapy so just rise above it, jealousy is a vile emotion & your work is certainly envied by me!!!!
glad to see you featured in a mag again after SB Magic folded..

queenofstash said...

glad the work thing went well Jake!

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