Saturday, August 12, 2006

Long Distance Love....Speshal layout #15

This is the layout I made for The Speshal Challenge, 15 tonight.

I faffed around all day and left myself no time again.... (Clare - you're partly to blame!! :-) Lol!!) So... actually managing a LO I quite like in such a tiny amount of time is quite a feat!

Go Me!!

I've had this pic for ages, taken soon after she moved into the new house, but it reminds me of much earlier days too... before she lived here, when she'd scrimp up her tips to go to the call box from Princessa Ico and ring home every evening.. even if it meant no money for dinner... or at least no money for wine...

The words that accompany the Lo are :

My girl Jazz on the end of the phone to me... all those many miles away.

She's not so bad nowadays, but there was a time she was on the phone everyday, telling me how much she missed me and just wanting to hear my voice. Sometimes we'd pick up the phone and there'd just be sobbing... she couldn't even speak... And we'd stand there, hugging the phone while she wept, wishing it was her in our arms, instead of a dumb old cold piece of plastic....

I'm glad to say she's much happier now, and the sad, tearful calls come only very infrequently... Most of the time now it's the happy, bubbly, effervescent Jazzabelle we all know and love who calls up just to say "Hi Mum, guess how much I miss you?" And then we chat... and for ten minutes, she's right there in my ear... and I guess I don't need to tell her... she's always in my heart.


suebaru said...

Stunnung Lo Jakey!

Suzanne said...

Gorgeous page and such tender and loving sentiments Jake. You have such a special relationship.

Anonymous said...

I love your layout mum but i love you

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