Thursday, December 14, 2006

Yes, CS has gone.

Looks like everyone knows now thanks to a thread on UKS, so just a quickie to say thanks for the messages and mails girls, and yes it's true, Creative Scrapbooking has gone to the wall - again. Ashdown have decided to pull the plug on this and CCMI, though in the case of CS I can't say it's really any surprise, as I never understood their marketing tactics, and predicted this long ago.... from the very first, in fact. The decision in no way reflects on the quality of the work in the mag or the Editor however, as Mandy toiled like a Trojan to make a success of it and I believe we had a fantastic DT too. I know I felt very honoured being part of that talented group... but Ashdown continually putting the magazine online - free! - before it even reached the subs or the shops was always going to lead to this outcome.

As for me, well, like Dolly, I feel something of a Jonah.... This is the fifth time I've been through this scenario! Talk about the kiss of death..... ; -) Lol!

Of course, while they've all succumbed eventually, and I've had to accept the disappointment ( and loss of earnings!) it does still mean I've worked on them - and had the opportunity to work alongside lots of talented scrappers and I'm grateful for every experience. Even when Scrapbook Magic folded which really broke my heart having been part of it since it was just an idea and then going on to editing and helping to launch it, I somehow knew I'd go on to other things. But this time? I don't think so. I think at least for now, I'll be happy to just take a back seat and scrap for me for a while.

I'd like to thank Mandy for being such a great ED - she's a real star and I loved working for her, and wish all the team lots of luck with whatever they decide to go on to in the future. Their talents will not go unnoticed, I'm sure.

hugs to all - I think I'll go look for the code for another one bites the dust :-)

One of my Layouts from last months mag:


Anonymous said...

Lovely layout... bootiful girls! ;>D

Anonymous said...

Strikes me the i-mag killed the sales. Me, i far prefer a magazine to pick up & refer to time & again.
I think it is stupid, they breeze up with promises of biger & better & yet again my sister has bought me a subscription for Xmas & the gift has gone!!!!!! (she got me SB Magic last year!!)
High time these companies sorted themsleves out. The craft is far from dwindling. SB inspirations is fab but I dont care much for any of the others. I have sort out an american one to subscribe to now...
Sorry for you girls though it takes the biscuit...
Got to post anonymous until I swop to beta which I WILL do but am scared to take the plunge.. perhaps after another cuppa!!!!!
Paula minibook

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