Friday, December 29, 2006

Not again...and erm... not again...

Can hardly believe it but Donna and my boys have come down with a bug. Well, actually, Donna, Jazz and my boys... coz Jazzabelle rung home last might, and she has it too. Her and Donz have terribly bad sore throats with the shivers and the chills, and they both sound as rough as anything. Carlo and Vinnie have wretched colds, and sinus/head pain.

Arrgghh....!!! Someone is always blumming ill in our family!!!

I'm actually ok, just fed up of food and drink and indigestion, and looking forward to things getting back to normal next week. Made some hot hot chilli, with wedges and wraps and salsa tonight - that'll sweat it out of them eh? Lol!!

This is a layout I put together earlier using last years BG Blitzen papers. I haven't had the cash to splash out of any of the scrummy new BG christmas lines... and I've still got Soooo much of this range kicking around... but apologies if you hate the stuff - I know it wasn't everyone's cup of tea....It's just that I feel I need to use a least a little of it!

You gotta admit tho... it's a cute picture of these little fellas, isn't it? And just begging the title!


Paula said...

Its just not funny being ill over holidays. Two at work have kids with Chicken Pox & Im told her hubby has got Shingles!!!!!!!!!
Well keep the darn thing to yourselves I say!!
I love that LO. The page just screams Xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amber jane said...

Sorry everyone has the dreaded lurgy hun - it sounds awful (((group hugs))) and I actually love Blitzen myself and love the layout.

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