Friday, December 08, 2006

Cool Yule Y'all!

Jazz's best mate Ruth drove down from Derby this morning to visit while they're here. Ruth is just like family and is always around for family parties and events. Most of the time she spends her life flitting between the UK and Lanza working here or there and now and again taking off on adventures to Egypt or Thailand or other places afar, and well... why not? You're only young once eh?

Anyway, when she arrived she came in laden as always, and as usual at Christmas, she brought a yule log to our home. This is a very special gift because it's something her and her dad make together every year whenever she is home. It's one of their family traditions and goes back generations... Ruth's Dad can remember his own Dad and Grandad making and lighting the yule log with the family, and burning it on the fire on christmas night.

The ones she brings are always so lovely and so lovingly made - I'd never have the heart to burn them at all... But she says that is the general idea really :-)

So, as it's so lovely and christmassy, I thought I'd share. Here's to christmas traditions! And long may you enjoy yours too!

Fanks Rufus for sharing with us all, Merry christmas to you and your family xxx


Paula said...

Don't think I could bring myself to burn such a lovely log either. How beautiful.

Anonymous said...


You say lovely things. Thanks for having me this weekend, I had a great time!!! As always!!! I'll look forward to seeing you all soon.

Love always


Anonymous said...

I like reading about other people's traditions, and the things they do that make christmas truely 'Christmas' for them. In my family we all make a different dish and meet at Mum's house to eat together and swap small hand made presents on Christmas eve before midnight mass.
Thanks for sharing Jakey!

melly xoxox

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