Thursday, December 21, 2006

A little dog came to our home today....! Right in the middle of our Christmas Party - Yep - Ralffie the schnauser hound turned up with Gwen's family to join in the festivities. He caused quite a stir, dressed in his Santa outfit - and had to be fussed and petted by everyone... and being the gregarious sort of chap that he is, he did his best to wag his tail for everyone there, lick a few tired, but eager old hands, and eat as many sausage rolls as he could before retiring to lie flat out in the middle of the floor where everyone had to step carefully around him - but his suit could be seen to it's best advantage by as many folks as poss!

What a star he was - we loved him... So let's have a big hand for Ralffie please....
oh, and guess what...? I want one!

Don't you?

(that is not Ralffie btw - but a similar looking dog - Ralffie's actually grey and even more cute if you can believe it ! More whiskery - just like Santa!)

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