Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fighting for a space...

.... on the PC these last few days.

Carl's big pressie was an 8 GIG Sony MP3 player - and that takes some filling up let me tell you :-)

The boys have invaded my scraproom and commandeered the computer while they play and juggle around with albums and playlists and whatnot. It took us ages to work out the software and how to use it initially, having always used media player before, and now we're all hugely embarrassed to realise it's as simple as ABC! We had such a laugh tho, and the whoops of triumph and victory dance when we finally clicked were quite comical :-) Honestly! What are we like? 3 farts....! Heaven help us if we ever had to work out anything hard!

Vinnie got his SG. Oh Yeah! The one he's had his heart set on, and it's black! Not blue!

It's a proper 'big boys' guitar, and has a great 'Rock' sound. He's in his element, tho a trifle covetous of Dad's new toy.... But he had loads of pressies as usual, the spoilt little snake, and is planning on spending his money on a new amp, fit for the superstar guitar.

He had a couple of PS2 games - Fifa 2007, and Smackdown 2007, loads of Emo clothes, new football boots, some interactive dvdvd games, guitar stands, a 20 question thing which appears to read your mind (!!) And lots of other bits and bobs, so he's well happy.

And I got my new camera and I love it to pieces!

Last year I wanted the Fuji S5500, but in truth I find it big and clumsy and i've never really achieved the results I'd hoped for with it, the worst drawback being it's size and bulk. I want something I can slip into a pocket or handbag. I want a little camera I can rely on for great snaps (cos i'm not a photographer- just a scrapbooking Mum) and this one - the Fuji finepix F30, seemed to be everything I needed.
Tipa awarded it the Best Compact Digital Camera, 2006, and although I haven't read TFM yet, I know I'm going to have fun with this baby. I've already taken more photos in the last few days than I took in the whole year I owned the monster Lol!

I also got some scrapping goodies, including rubon lettering, glittery embellies, alphabet stickers (mad on these) and 3 sets of stamps - a love set with hearts and kisses, lips etc; and two from Autumn Leaves, which are hearts and stars and the snap frame alphabet. Plus a book - The Amazing Page from memory makers, which is nice as I rarely get books nowadays. Oh, nearly forgot! Vinnie got me the new Creature Comforts dvdvd....!!! ( sorry - I find it impossible to just say dvd anymore... thanks to Peter Kaye!) My boy always buys me creature comforts bless him -coz he knows I love them :-)

Donna gave me some gorgeous scrummy 70% cocoa chocolates to bring home the other night.... The choc's are fab, dark and almost bitter, but it was the box I was really after ;-) Lol...! All I need now, is a little TIME!


Anonymous said...

Wow some brill pressies Jake...I want a new camera too :)
have fun playing with it

Sprogpaws said...

Love, love, LOVE Vinnie's t-shirt - as a very long term Def fan who's married to a Def fan and responsible for another generation of Def fan, I'm with him all the way! Maybe in years to come it'll be Vinnie I'm watching on tour!

Paula said...

Fabulous pressies were had by all!!!
I got a DVD of Party of Five, which was on TV, like yonks ago! & I bought my sister the entire programs of 2000 acres of sky. So we all have plenty to watch during the lul of Xmas progs..ha ha!!

Sprogpaws said...

Cough cough splutter splutter!!!

Going green?!?!?! Hun, I'm positively dayglo green, I'm surprised you can't see my green-ness shining like a beacon in the night. *throws herself at Jakey's feet whilst chanting* "we're not worthy, we're not worthy"

*goes for a lie down somewhere quiet and dark whilst trying to comprehend knowing someone who knows a rock god!!!*

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