Sunday, December 03, 2006

So Excited!!

Yay!! Today's the day!

Picking Jazzabelle, Erks and Lil Rubie up tonight from Luton Airport... and yeah, they truly are being wafted here from Paradise... (said in me best Luton airport accent! ( Lorraine Chase for those too young to remember Lol!!) but even though they are leaving behind sparkling seas, beautiful beaches, fiery mountains and the warmth of the sun... they are actually looking forward to their visit as much, if not more than we are! ;-) Crazy eh?

Lanzarote vs Luton?
Luton vs Lanzarote?

no contest man!

All the same, Jazz does miss home and us guys a lot, and wants to make sure Ruben knows his English family here in the good ole UK too, so here they come - for 10 days - just hope they don't freeze in the ghastly weather.


Cath said...

How wonderful!
Have a fabulous time with your family sweetheart!

Irene said...

Have a great time Jakey. I know you always put your family before anything else so can imagine how wonderful this is going to be for you.

hayley said...

lol love the pic of rubie the sheer concentration anyway have a great time with the fabbley's lots of pics love ya xx

hayley said...

sorry forgot to mention the pogues dont know when i turned into the most ,hormonal,soft,pathetic person i have become these days only takes 1 thing lol..... tears for the past !! "memories the very beat of my heart"xxx

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