Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bye Bye Boogie Boy....

The family have gone.

Donzo took them to the airport this morning, and tho I said I wouldn't cry this time , I couldn't help but shed a few tears when I had to say goodby to Jazz. It's been nice having them here, even tho we've all been on top of each other, but it was great to have a girly around the place again. She helps with the dishes... Shops with me... Buys me trash mags, And she's made me get my hair cut - told me off for letting it get so bad... coloured it for me - caramel and chocolate if you don't mind, and has got me straightening it again - which I will admit does look better, but i'd got lazy and in a rut... and well, you know how it goes....

We - me and her - plan to diet between now and Christmas coz we've been very naughty and had cakes and treats and drinks and all sorts of things we shouldn't really, and neither of us can do our jeans up anymore! After just 12 days!! Lol!! So a few days of temperance is in order, before the next big blowout - well, that's the plan anyway ;-) and then I'll have the new year to make a new start and get myself sorted out before our next visit out there :-)

The boogie boy has left the place looking like a whirlwind has blown through - I wonder if I'll ever find all my fridge magnets again???? They've been posted here there and everywhere.... in guitars (Shock horror!!) out the cat flap, under the fridge/freezer/couches/beds/ in the toy box... and erm.. well, just about everywhere really.... still, I guess each time I unexpectedly find one as i'm tidying round in the next few weeks I'll smile and think of him, and of them and of the fun we've had these past 12 days.

Hasta la vista mi amigos x x x
You will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Big hugs Jake. I knw the feeling of an ampty house when visitors have gone.
We are having our Spanish visitors tomorrow but only for 2 days

Caroline x

Anam_Kihaku said...

glad you had a fabby time. I feel for you cos ians mum goes through the same same - right down to the fridge magnets.

Anonymous said...

{{{hugs}}} you shall fill your time scrapping those gorgeous grotto photos, then we can see them & you can have lasting memories until your next visit.
Paula minibook pixie.xx

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