Saturday, December 30, 2006

They say they want a Resolution....

... So, I've been thinking about mine...

I found last years list which I think I posted up on scrappad or somewhere, and guess what - this years is still pretty much the same! Looking back, I feel I failed at damn near everything - well I must have if I still need to set all those goals again, eh? Perhaps I just wanted too much change... Or maybe my expectations were simply too high?

Anyway, I will try again - nothing if not a trier, me... Lol!

I remember the year before's too - I made a little playing card book full of them for Scrapbook Magic.

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I'll have to oik it out of the drawer and have a flick through... But what's the betting we already know what's in there.... :-)!! Heehee!

I'll leave you with a clever little quote I like on the subject:

A New Year's resolution is something that goes
in one year and out the other.
~Author Unknown
Oh... how very me!


Anonymous said...

Mary i HAVE to have this new album! me , erk and rubie are dancing round like wild things! please burn for me! Hanks!!! x

Paula said...

I remember that little book. In fact I only saw it last night while flicking through the old copies for some inspiration!!!
My resolutions remain the same, its the world that has to change!!
I want to live comfortably without worrying about paying the bills.
Not much to ask you'd think!!

Happy New Year to you,

domestic goddess said...

fab news on the scissor sisters hun, love that quote
happy new year

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