Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Arrgghh... who thought it was fun to tag me when I have NO time to answer dumb ( but such fun!) questions....? :-) Thanks MEL!"

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?
Hot Chocolate, whipped if poss, with choc flakes and cream... mmm!

Coloured lights on tree/house or white?
White this year, but I really like lotsa twinkly colours so probably coloured again next year.

Do you hang mistletoe?
Who needs mistletoe? ;-)

When do you put your decorations up?
Traditionally around here it was the 11th, or nearest friday to that - but these days it's whenever, i'm a lot more flexible now i'm old.

What is your favourite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?
I love veg so any veg medley is good, but we've always eaten Yorkshire pudding with our christmas dinner, and I can't imagine the festive meal without it now!

What's your favourite Christmas memory as a child:
I used to get up very very early and sneak down alone... I'd sit under the tree in the darkened room, lit only by the glowing old fashioned lights and the dying embers of the log fire, and open my stocking on my own.. It was a magical time for me, finding all the things I'd dreamed of having...then I'd rush upstairs and leap into my parents room to show my Mum what Father Christmas had brought me... it was only as an adult with children of my own, that I questioned why on earth they we're not down there with me witnessing my glee...

How and When did you learn the truth about Santa?
I had heard from other kids that Santa wan't real and sorta half believed them, then, when I was about 10 my dad told me for real and I couldn't bear it! It had to be true! the Santa story couldn't be a lie... So I decided to sit up all night and watch the 'Williams' family house down the road.. they had loads of kids.. if Santa was going to come he'd visit there for sure... I woke up in the morning, stiff and cold in the window seat, my head still on the windowsill.... and still not knowing one way or another... but even if I never saw him make it to the William's.. he'd made it to mine.. so what did I care care?

Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?

How do you decorate your Christmas Tree?

Lights first, tinsel, baubles etc, and always a fairy. The fairy.

Snow! Love it or Dread it?
Love it - to look at and photograph..... but hate slush!

Can you ice skate?
Are you kidding?

Do you remember your favourite gift?
no... gifts are a blur, but I remember peeking once and it ruining everything... :-(

What’s the most important thing about Christmas for you?

seeing the kids happy excited faces.

What is your favourite Christmas dessert?

I'm a cheese and bickie girl, myself.

What is your favourite holiday tradition?
Church with the whole family on Christmas eve afternoon

What tops your tree?
An ancient, all seeing fairy!

Which do you prefer, giving or receiving?
erm... receiving? Lol!

What is your favourite Christmas Song?
Me andCarlos's favourite carol is 'In the bleak midwinter', but I always cry when the kids sing away in a manger in church.

What is your favourite Christmas story?
The nativity. I'm a sucker for that every all the little shepherds, angels and lambs....

And now I tag Karen and Pixie!


Paula said...

Hey there, Jakey, I consider myself tagged. Can think about my answers today at work & whack 'em on the blog this afternoon.
right now my backside needs removing from this chair & out the door!!
Have a fun day hun.xx

scrapdolly said...

Loved reading your answers hun and I have sooooooo much spare time at the moment! (LOL)
I will do it later - it looks like fun
And the postman has just been - bad girl (And no it is not opened .... I'm a good girl!)

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