Thursday, December 07, 2006

Putting up the decorations tonight :-)

Jazz plans to bake today while I'm at work, and then when Carlos gets home we'll put on the christmas music, set out sausage rolls, cheese straws and mince pies, pour drinks, and get ready to step into christmas! We have always done it like this - baking with the kids in the day, the same old christmas cd's, and everyone involved in putting up the lights and tree and decorations. I've bought cadbury's square chocolate tree decs, some caramel bells, smarties baubles and of course the peppermint candy canes we always have - coz it wouldn't be christmas without them!

We've had our fairy for years. She's always the last thing placed on the tree and the youngest gets to do this, lifted high, holding the precious fairy who's going to look over us all between now and Christmas eve to make sure we are all being good.... Any misdemeanors will need to be righted by saying sorry to the fairy, and hoping she will not tell Father Christmas we have earned a black mark by our deeds. She and the two Robin's who watch from the mantlepiece are clearly quite benevolent however, as no one has actually ever come down to find ashes in place of presents... but you know, the possibility is always there :-)

In spite of the excitement, I actually feel a bit unwell today, so I hope this doesn't spoil the fun later. I was sick last night - probably just too much going on and too much of everything in quantity, but having been ill this time last year - we all were, with some vile tummy bug, i'm praying it's just a blip and not something that's going to fly though us all again.

And now, I must sign off - hope everyone has a lovely day, and continues to enjoy the season.

jk xx


Paula said...

Step into Christmas indeed.
I want that for my blog music & it won't play!!!!
Sounds like a fun time is going to be had.
Me, I feel rather sick, I kinda kept shovelling choccy biscuits in my mouth while reading my mail & checking up with the blogs!!!! I've had at least sickxx!!!

Ann(i)e said...

oh hope you are feeling better dear!!
your christmas evening sounds wonderful!

Paula said...

Hope you feel better by now.

Yummy traditions!

jo said...

Hope you feel better now Jake!

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